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  1. Enjoying the VIDS, thanks. My hands are in tatters as charlie seems equally as interested in mouthing hands as he is in retrieving toys.
  2. 12v batteries in parallel = 12v output 12v batteries in series = 24v output It's never a good idea to connect charged and discharged batteries together. You could fit a switch to isolate the depleted battery from the cct when you wanted to use the backup.
  3. Hacksaw and washing up liquid to lube the cut also works.
  4. Damn that's a fine cod to catch from the beach!
  5. The go pro site has a simple import tool to download for free. There are plenty of guides on the web and YouTube to walk you through it. Good luck
  6. Kinks are working fine for me, lovely looking things they are to.
  7. Hi matt, I'll take one of the top ones. Pm me with payment details please. Cheers
  8. Not a lot of info to go on but , try starting from the beginning again . Remove all files from the card ( save the ones you want on the PC ) verify the cards size and resolution you are recording at. That will give an indication of how long you should be able to record for , I think I am right in saying that the 4 gives a countdown on the screen any way. Recharge the battery . Remove camera from the skeleton case and check record switch is free to operate and not sticking. Start it recording and leave it on the table or wherever it's not going to get disturbed and see what happens. Ignore all that if it's new and take it back to wherever you bought it from and let them deal with it.
  9. What's the problem? Runs out of battery? Card full?
  10. Hi, do you have the model for the av amp? Cheers
  11. Hi , I also shoot thimbleby . So maybe I will see you there . I'll be the other one whose missing.
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