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  1. Ignore request, I've managed to acquire a scope from elsewhere.
  2. Hi mate, would you do £50 posted?
  3. That's a great price mate, just wish I had the cash. I've been wanting one of these for a while and it has come up at the wrong time for me
  4. Hi mate, I'm looking for an air rifle. I was the opposite, I have a hmr I rarely use and I've been meaning to sell it to fund this. I have a weihrauch hw60j with a 14 inch barrel so ideal for shooting out of a vehicle. I'm in Gloucester, so not too far away.
  5. They also had recently a 2nd hand one for 275 which they sent pictures to me but it had a few scratches down the one side. I'll just bide my time i think. But they do look really nice and useful. Only wish it was a 2 + 1
  6. I'm wanting one myself mate! The only one I've seen is new at McAvoy guns for £395. I've been waiting for another 2nd hand one to pop up on here!
  7. Not looking to buy mate, but that's looks like a really nice gun. Atb with the sale
  8. I have one of these, great rifles. Probably my favourite gun!
  9. I'm not buying, but can this really just go on a normal sgc?
  10. Does anyone know when the sx4 will be avaliable to buy? As I've been biding my time and saving up to be honest looking for a sx3, but now I'll think I'll just get a sx4
  11. What a bargin, they always come up at the wrong time
  12. Rangefinder received today, very fast postage and looks in tip top condition, can't wait to take it out in the field. Thanks danny, much appreciated.
  13. Do you have a link to a 10 shot mag for the hw60j psycho? I've never found one anywhere
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