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  1. If your man don't turn up on Saturday ill definitely come Saturday I'm only in huddersfield let us know cheers
  2. One of the shims is aluminium, they actually drilled holes in it just in the wrong place so then they thought aha lets just glue it all on, I'm so annoyed why do these people feel the need to mess about with things when they have no idea
  3. Can anyone recomend a recoil pad to fit on my auto , I've had to tighten my stock to the action today but I didn't realise the previous owner had super glued the job lot on shims and all
  4. Be careful when tig welding make sure you get some one who knows what their doing otherwise you could end up with a larger hole ive been welding aluminium for years and when it's old it gets a porous layer on it and it can quite easily blow back and you end up with a right mess which is very difficult to weld
  5. 300 tdi is more torquey and simpler to maintain less electrickery hold their money a lot better too
  6. Don't look at the model year look at the condition chassis bulkhead etc try to buy private aswell so you know roughly where it's been, try to avoid ones with loads of owners and never buy one off a farmer
  7. Can't this Sunday I'm in Whitby but will aim for week after next
  8. Will try get over and shoot some clouds then lol , how many sporting traps have you got ?
  9. Wax oil once a year 2 gallon 40 quid as long as chassis is cleaned it sticks like the proverbial to a blanket
  10. Was gona but not keeping this long term just gona do this winter in it till I turn my truck cab into a van
  11. Scraped everything back spotless and dumped 2 gallon of wax oil on it had to repair out riggers aswell should be sound now ,its had the usual landrover maintainance previous to my ownership ie none
  12. Haven't tackled one of these for a while and hopefully it will be a while till the next
  13. I've got a fiat ducato and I love it had volkswagens before but repair costs were astronomical
  14. my mates got a navara wheel bearing goes new axle another mates got an l200 water pump seized engine blew up whats your point both were less than 12 month old
  15. good advice for some reason people think there like tanks and you can run around without maintaining them I've done 40000 in my 300 tdi and its never let me down its cost me about £100 quid in parts what other vehicle do you know that could do that
  16. Go on any forum toyota vw mitsubishi they all have problems
  17. Are you open to offers I can pick up Saturday I'm in Huddersfield
  18. Love the good old landrover rant ,in my experience of running landrovers the main problem is a lot are previously owned by farmers that think a can of easy start is maintainance ,if looked after they are ultra reliable and also most jobs are easily carried out by a novice mechanic you won't find a jap pickup like that and spares are 4 times the price but its each to their own they both have their own merits
  19. Bfg's are excellent I've got a set on my defender there quiet on the road and excellent in snow and they do loads of miles
  20. I've just bought a 3 year old one with 2 year landrover warranty and so far its great best motor I've ever had
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