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  1. Gunnut

    Trousers down..

    Yes oldypigeonpopper, got an appointment tomorrow, for a MRI scan at Colchester Hospital, also a letter for an examination next week. also started my non Gluten free diet has advised, not very tasty, but bloody expensive, thanks for asking.
  2. Gunnut


    Meghan's been out of the limelight recently, owing to the Donald visit etc, saw her in the paper this morning, has she had something done too her boat-race.
  3. Gunnut

    Trousers down..

    Went for my blood test results today, celiac disease so no more gluten, not drinking enough water, oh and before you go, I'll test your Prostate, before I could get to the door, it was trousers down, and then the lubricating jelly, and the rubber glove came out, wasn't expecting this just thought it was a chat, anyway Prostate enlarged, told me to get it sorted pronto, so waiting for my hospital letter, anybody been in the same boat, and what can I expect, at my hospital appointment.😷
  4. Just read the front page of the Daily Fail, jihadi bride is handed legal aid, Shamima Begum, has been granted legal aid, to fight the decision to remove her citizenship, this can't be right surely.
  5. Bought a RING doorbell and chime just recently, after setting it up, thought I would catch the postman walking up the path too the front door the, the postman did that delivered the post, and walked the 15 yards to the gate and the camera still didn't pick him up, okay if you stand there long enough, but no good fore me, so got a refund.
  6. If you do have to deal with this idiot, take his snide remarks has a a joke, and smile, and give him some snide remarks back, this bloke is a bully, his father has given you permission to shoot on the farm, so that's what you should do, I know it can be awkward, but I personally would carry on, and try to avoid him has much has you can, carry on my friend, permissions are hard to come by.
  7. I'm sure this has been covered before but, been missing alot of birds of late, don't get out has much has I would like, so put it down to that being the cause, had my 2 yearly eye test today, and was told my eyesight had changed with age, and I am now left eye dominant instead of right. so off I went to the local gun shop, and bought a long sight which I was told would solve the problem, and that I should keep both eyes open. Had a look on net, plenty of advice, i.e. sticky patch on shooting glasses etc, but can't seem to work out the best option. I am shooting off the right shoulder, any advice lads, other than take up fishing.
  8. Many thanks henry d for pointing my so called spelling mistake, but where did you actually see tresspassing in my earlier post!!.
  9. Saw an article in Mondays Daily Mail, so it must be true, Churches are being urged to forgive those that trespass, and are offering there land to travellers, so they can set up official campsites near to Anglian churches. Or travellers could set up camps on farms or forest owned by the Church of England, has part of its £800 billion wealth fund. The Church of England report comes, after travellers have faced a wave of accusations of trespassing when they have set up, temporary homes around the country. The document has been backed by the Right Rev Stephen Cottrell the Bishop of Chelmsford. They is also evidence of these people being refused baptism, Weddings, and funerals, and some churches cutting of water on there graveyard taps. it also said the C of E should set up a commision, to find sites for travellers, and also pressed the C of E diocese to appoint a chaplain for them. Have they been overdoing it on the Holy wine.
  10. Gunnut

    Any thoughts...

    Just heard on the local radio, a certain farm in Essex has had there padlocks cut, and pregnant sheep that were in the field, run down and killed, by certain people in 4X4s. A couple of nights before, the son was approached, asking for permission to go lamping on the property but were refused, but warned the son they would be back, I've my own thoughts on this, and what I would like to do too the people concerned, just like to read your thoughts who might have been responsible !!!
  11. Poverty my a..., try one egg a week, and a *** of butter, and maybe a couple of slices of ham, if your lucky, mass unemployment, few benefits, the youngsters of today, don't know how lucky they are, national service, they would all be crying into there smartphones to mum, within a week.
  12. This is the first decent reply from Rewulf, to my original post " It's a trap " " Troll in my opinion " and other garbage submitted, simple question, simple answer, but at least it gave the weekend key cowboys, something to do, thought it was a reasonable question, but it seems it wasn't. just wanted to know, where you stood legally, no ulterior motive intended,
  13. Read a thread recently, about crime in certain area's etc, one member said, he new a friend who was approached by a few gentlemen, who demanded him too hand over his guns, and threatened violence, not sure what I would do, if this should happen to me, but picture the scene, your shooting in a remote spot alone, when you are approached by several thugs, who demand your guns and ammo or else, what would you do, is there anything you can legally do, or do you back down and do has they say, I wonder where you stand, if this situation should arise.
  14. Gunnut


    Bought my bungalow 5 years ago, survey was fine, but having big problems with damp and mould, smells terrible, keep on redecorating to make it smell a bit better, but within weeks the mould smell is back, spores on the wall's and ceiling, clothing and leather goods covered in mould spores. getting on now, would it be a good idea to sell and buy new, and start afresh, spoke to an old guy when we moved in, and he said, all the surrounding properties were built on a lake, had a new bungalow near by built recently, and they had to pile drive 30ft, so I have been told, and any fence poles, fill with water, has soon has they are dug, we also live 20 minutes from the sea, and the air is very moist, so I don't suppose that helps, just fed up with the cleaning and decorating, and having the dehumidifier on 24/7.
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