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  1. Sako7mm

    Tikka 595 Stainless Synthetic

    I prefer stainless rifles as I can make the journey home from stalking not worrying about whether they’re going rusty in their slip. The T3 isn’t for me. I dislike the fact that is a ‘one length fits all’ action, have lots of magazines and other spares for 595s and the T3 just feels cheap compared to the M595 (to me- please don’t bother telling me how good T3 rifles are. I am sure they’re great. I still don’t want one.)
  2. Sako7mm

    Tikka 595 Stainless Synthetic

    Thanks, Martyn, but I am only interested in an All Weather (stainless synthetic).
  3. Sako7mm

    Electronic ear defenders (howard leight)

    Very useful- thanks for posting it.
  4. Sako7mm

    Tikka 595 Stainless Synthetic

    None there, but thanks for taking the time to reply.
  5. Sako7mm

    Tikka 595 Stainless Synthetic

    Anyone seen one lurking in a shop somewhere?
  6. Sako7mm

    Electronic ear defenders (howard leight)

    Where can I get a pair which are definitely the genuine article rather than copies?
  7. Sako7mm

    Tikka 595 Stainless Synthetic

    I know that most Tikka buyers go straight for a T3 these days, but I prefer the M595. It seems that the All Weather model is now particularly thin on the ground. Anyone know of a 308 in good order for sale anywhere?
  8. Sako7mm

    Mrs. webber R I P

    I am sorry to hear of your loss.
  9. Sako7mm

    mullion cove cornwall

    Where did you end up renting a place? I’ll be in Falmouth for a couple of days from tomorrow.
  10. Sako7mm

    Knife clear out

    Winchester knife received safely. Thanks very much.
  11. Sako7mm

    Knife clear out

    Payment sent for the Winchester knife.
  12. Sako7mm

    Knife clear out

    I’ll take the Winchester knife, please. EDIT- if both parts of the strap to retain it in the sheath are present.
  13. Sako7mm

    Great offer from M&S....

    To be fair, they’re really good shirts. I wear them on driven days. Cheaper shirts are available.
  14. Sako7mm


    Not from the shore, but I have been catching plenty in Falmouth Bay during the past 10 days.
  15. Sako7mm

    Walter Locke 12 gauge

    Now gone to a good home.