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  1. Sako7mm

    .223 die

    Lee FL die any good to you?
  2. Sako7mm

    Oldest Shotgun

    I am well aware that lots of pinfire shotguns were converted to centrefire, thanks. I think you have missed the point of the thread somewhat!
  3. Sako7mm

    Oldest Shotgun

    And the pinfires?
  4. Sako7mm

    Oldest Shotgun

    I find it hard to believe that these are still in use...
  5. Sako7mm

    Oldest Shotgun

    Today, on a whim, rather than taking an over and under with me, my W. Frith (Chesterfield) hammergun got a roost shooting outing. It bears an 1871 patent. I feed it Eley Impax 7’s and fired 20 for 9 pigeons- not bad for a gun I take out only every 2 or 3 years! Anyone else using anything this old?
  6. Sako7mm

    Rifle cabinet Question

    I don’t doubt that you have been advised this is the case. But it is definitely incorrect.
  7. Sako7mm

    Gun Case

    Derbyshire, 15 minutes from junction 26 of the M1.
  8. Sako7mm

    Gun Case

    Plano Gun Guard plastic case. 53 inches long. Used once to deliver a rifle to me. As new, tag still attached. £20. Collection only due to size. Another photo.
  9. Any chance of a reply to my questions?!
  10. Any shims for stock adjustment? What’s the length of pull, please?
  11. Great idea to offer your services in exchange for some sport. Just be careful not to be taken advantage of! However, I dare say that landowners with shooting to offer are few and far between on this forum. How about looking for farming forums or just visiting a few farms with your offer? Hope you find something soon.
  12. Sako7mm

    Pigeon Decoys

  13. Sako7mm

    Boot recommendations

    Totally agree. On my second pair of Meindl Antarktis. Bought the first about 17 years ago. They have been sadly neglected, but are still watertight and refuse to die.
  14. Sako7mm

    Aborted dive

    Rather you than me messing around with the clay. The inevitable loss of visibility is bound to lead to disorientation. Good call to have a day off. Stay safe. Where are you, by the way?
  15. Sako7mm

    Pigeon Decoys

    Sold to secret-squirrel, pending.