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  1. Sako7mm

    Great offer from M&S....

    To be fair, they’re really good shirts. I wear them on driven days. Cheaper shirts are available.
  2. Sako7mm


    Not from the shore, but I have been catching plenty in Falmouth Bay during the past 10 days.
  3. Sako7mm

    Walter Locke 12 gauge

    Now gone to a good home.
  4. Sako7mm

    RCBS .223 die set

    Is the decapping stem pictured in the FL die original? It doesn’t look to be threaded as the one in the neck sizer is.
  5. Sako7mm

    Decent scope (S&B, Meopta, Leupold)

    6-18 x 40 Leupold. Boxed, in great condition. £270, posted.
  6. Sako7mm

    Rubber roof on my garage.

    It’s Permaroof. O.P.- if you have the EPDM product they sell, it’s made by Firestone and a great product. Some of the cheaper stuff is just a Chinese pond liner and won’t last. I have done their installation course and have used the Firestone product quite a bit. I don’t like the spray contact adhesive and recommend the paint on version.
  7. Sako7mm

    Lee Scales

    Boxed and barely used Lee Safety Powder Scale. £18, including the postage.
  8. Sako7mm

    Flock coated crow decoys

    Our local Decathlon has them in stock.
  9. Sako7mm

    Solid oak table and chairs

    What’s the length when extended?
  10. Sako7mm

    Lee Reloading Equipment

    Price drop- need the space, so £40 the lot posted.
  11. Sako7mm

    Vagri powder?

    No, I was there too.
  12. Sako7mm

    Lee Reloading Equipment

    Lee Safety Scales, Auto Disc Powder Measure and Powder Measure Kit (a full set of dippers).£48 the lot, posted.
  13. Sako7mm

    Rifle Slips

    All now sold. Thanks for your interest.
  14. Sako7mm

    Rifle Slips

    Just had a rummage in the gun room. How about this pair of rifle slips instead, Marccus?
  15. Sako7mm

    Shotgun Slips

    Sold to Jeff999x.