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  1. I have the version 2, but am not convinced I made the right decision. I don't like the fact that the bottom of the legs is held together with a band and they seem too mobile if left unfastened. Keep taking my old Bushwear ones out instead.
  2. I would like the 6mm 105 grain A Max, please.
  3. Any recommendations for a wet tumbler?
  4. You should take the Immigration Enforcement stickers off the sides.
  5. Sounds like a 308 would be a good option for you as you’re shooting Red deer. As your 243 means so much to you, keep an eye on the auctions. I’d look for the same model, for example in the Holts sealed bid sale, get it sent to an RFD and take the bolt to be fitted and headspaced in your current rifle, stripping the rest of the non licenceable parts as spares. Cheap way of getting a spare floor plate, magazine spring, follower, bolt release catch and spring, trigger group, stock...
  6. I remember that too. I have often wondered what they did with the old slabs I sent them!
  7. I don't like the extra wound channels caused by the petals separating from the shank of the bullet on expansion. I'd try the 130 grain Fox bullets if non-lead is a must for you.
  8. Bet it's not just me who reads a title like that and clicks on it expecting to see Team Tractor in A&E.
  9. Sako7mm

    Mole trap

    I have a few genuine UK made Fenn ones which I'd sell.
  10. Sako7mm

    Mole trap

    What do you mean by 'old sort'- a scissor trap or something else?
  11. Sako7mm

    Mole Traps

    I have a few good quality, not Chinese, scissor traps I could part with. How many are you after?
  12. Try soiling yourself. Last thing on anyone’s mind after that will be the aroma of your hat.
  13. Sako7mm

    PW Gamebags

    Payment details awaited.
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