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  1. You haven’t said whether they are for Tikka or Sako dovetails.
  2. That’s what I do. Where theft of traps is likely to be an issue, easy to mark a couple of paces away.
  3. I thought I wanted an add on until I saw the NV008...
  4. Everyone seems to leave the perceived wisdom re. CO2 unquestioned. Have a read of what Jeremy Corbyn’s brother, Piers, has to say on the subject.
  5. I believe that the U.K. dealer who has the closest relationship with the manufacturer is Ashley at customriflescopes. His number is 07447 509373.
  6. This fouling shots concept must be a boon when you get out and find a crow pecking something’s eyes out. I presume that yours must be far less wary than the ones round here.
  7. Frankly, I wish I hadn’t bought a laser illuminator for mine. The built in IR is perfectly adequate. Really impressive unit.
  8. In a similar vein, I once forgot to remove the tiny Swiss Army knife which was on my bunch of work related keys before going through the security check at the front of a Crown Court building where I was about to give evidence. Said tiny penknife was duly seized by the security staff. The sawn off shotgun and fifty or so cartridges which I had with me to produce as exhibits were, of course, allowed in...
  9. No-one else think the little *** needs a clip round the ear ‘ole?
  10. To be fair, you live in Shottingham, so you’re not far off!
  11. If your Dad has more guns like this, I am willing to be adopted.
  12. There’s a little clay shoot once a month on the A608 at Smalley. Will post the next date if I see the farmer whose ground it’s on.
  13. Confused by the title- I don’t believe that Ruger offered a model known as the ‘deluxe’. Looks like an early (due to the blued action and stainless barrel) M77 Mk.2 VT.
  14. Sako7mm

    Dentist bill

    They’re certainly not earning that in general practice.
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