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  1. I don't like the extra wound channels caused by the petals separating from the shank of the bullet on expansion. I'd try the 130 grain Fox bullets if non-lead is a must for you.
  2. Bet it's not just me who reads a title like that and clicks on it expecting to see Team Tractor in A&E.
  3. Sako7mm

    Mole trap

    I have a few genuine UK made Fenn ones which I'd sell.
  4. Sako7mm

    Mole trap

    What do you mean by 'old sort'- a scissor trap or something else?
  5. Sako7mm

    Mole Traps

    I have a few good quality, not Chinese, scissor traps I could part with. How many are you after?
  6. Try soiling yourself. Last thing on anyone’s mind after that will be the aroma of your hat.
  7. Sako7mm

    PW Gamebags

    Payment details awaited.
  8. £270! He must be on Crack! Alan Wood would make you a knife which would only go up in value for less.
  9. Sako7mm

    PW Gamebags

    If there is one left, I'll have it.
  10. Sako7mm

    Boat wanted

    Still not got my Jeanneau Merry Fisher 585 into the water yet this year. If it's not been used in the next couple of weeks, it's going and being replaced by something I can get in the garage!
  11. How on earth is when a trial is listed the problem of prosecutors? They do not dictate when a court hears a case. That is down to the court. You’re right about one thing- it’s not unknown for people to be found innocent. Like O.J. Simpson.
  12. Innocent until proven guilty indeed, Scully. And that's why unconvicted (remand) prisoners have more rights than convicted ones. I do wonder how exactly you think all the work I outlined in my earlier post should be done according to your idea of a reasonable timescale. Complex cases take a lot of time to get to trial. It's not always the fault of the prosecution or of the defence, for that matter. I have intimate knowledge of a case here in the UK in which the main suspect was charged last year. Today a Court listed it for a lengthy trial on the first available slot. It's next January. That's
  13. Loving the fact that Pigeonwatch is full of experts who know how long it should take for the American legal system to organise a trial. Dozens of witnesses to get before a Court, various sensitivities to iron out relating to what is or isn't going to be presented before a jury, negotiations between prosecution and defence legal teams, service of evidence which needs to be prepared for presentation, fitting a long trial into an already busy Court schedule. They really should get the experts on here to assist. It'd all be over in an hour or two.
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