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  1. Bought a Shooterking Greenland smock and trousers at a very good price from a nice family business, Bailey's Shooting. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of goods on offer. Lots of places with guns on sale. Haven't been to a show in years, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  2. Sako7mm

    Ultra XS

    I am thinking of selling mine- it's a 20 bore, though.
  3. Paid, drsdavid. upandatem- sorry I pipped you at the post, Nigel.
  4. I will take these, please.
  5. One on the bird feeder in the garden this week. 1551.
  6. I recommend Neil Mckillop. But do be realistic- the cost of a new barrel will be far more than the value of your rifle.
  7. My brother is autistic. If anyone tried to manipulate him, for example by brainwashing him into acting as a spokesperson for their own beliefs, I would treat it as a safeguarding issue. How a naive schoolgirl with a learning disability can be allowed to be exploited in this way is just beyond me.
  8. A Max, please. PM me your details for a bank transfer.
  9. Luke, you’re going to stand more chance if you state what model your Tikka is. No good being offered a T3 magazine if you’ve got an M55.
  10. Damn it, missed them! Looks like you’re having a good clear out. Any more to come?
  11. Of course, you know it's illegal to go to Helston without going to Anns Pasties, don't you? A 2 minute drive from Flambards and 4 minutes from Helston Gunsmiths.
  12. I agree that some of the information about them online is incorrect. However, I have acquired quite a bit of original advertising material over the years so am better informed than most about them, I suppose.
  13. Had mine for 25 years or more and never been 'pinched' by it yet. Maybe that'll prove to be famous last words, but what are you pinching?! With one hand around the barrels/foreend and the other on the top lever I'm struggling to see what's loose to get nipped unless you're shooting naked! Nice gun, by the way, John. Mine is also a Plume, but a lower grade than yours.
  14. Not sure why these are viewed as difficult to reload. Lift the top lever, pull the breach back, fired cases drop off at the sides and you insert fresh cartridges into the chambers. I don't find mine awkward to use at all.
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