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  1. Hey guys i want a BSA Springer anything will do from a supersport - lightning XL i dont mind Would like a scope with it but not a must SELLER MUST BE WILLING TO POST (which i will pay for) tell me what you got and name your price thanks
  2. any one want to sell for £110
  3. hi guys went to my local gun shop and the guy suggested i buy one of these http://www.google.co.uk/product_url?q=http...gl=uk&hl=en i dont know much about SMK and would like to know if u think it is gd or not or a load of .... but ye tell me what u think
  4. okok how about £100-£110
  5. £50-60 but depends on gun quality might go to £70 at a push
  6. Any one also does not need 2 have a scope but would be better with one
  7. any one got one with scope if have, name your price
  8. aint been on here for a little bit of time but hay any way i have a rat that lives in my pond and loads of pigeons on my roof and i want a gun that is cheap and will do the job. My garden size is about 3 acers that is surrounded by fields i also asked the farmer if it would matter if the pellet travelled into his field and he said it was fine. so ye guys cheap gun to get rid of rat and pigeon
  9. hi what do u think is the best web site to buy Air rifles from as i am looking to buy a BSA lightning.
  10. kk thanks prefer using 762 and 22 rifles but with a air rifle what is the max distance i could shoot a pigeon from with out a scope. About 2 meters if i wanted to get it in the head i guess
  11. hi getting a BSA lightning but is it worth getting a scope with it. I will be shooping pigeons from about 20 meters away max. Is a scope worth it? I mean i shoot 762 rifles with a club and am a good shot over about 600 yards. So do u think it is worth getting a scope for a BSa ligthning? (p.s This is NOT the lightning XL)
  12. looking for a BSA super sport or a lightning any will do. Looking for one with scope as well. If you have one of eather that you would like to sell please post and say how much u want for it. Thanks
  13. where online could i buy seconded hand airguns. Or does nothing likes this exist?
  14. i would not use a random charger with the lamp. On the whole when it says the voltage on the lamp that means it needs a charger that delivers the say out put. Or one of the chargers that u can change the voltage. But as i said i would look for the proper charger! Do u know what battery it has in it because if it is lipo do not charge it with another charger as they can explode! I fly RC helicopters which use LIPO battery and they will blow up if given the wrong charge! Just my imput
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