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  1. Take a look at the Seeland Keeper. Very happy with mine. Fits your budget.
  2. I do a lot of Christmas Markets and every year find a few new ones on www.stallfinder.co.uk handy website. Aztec Events do a fairly good one at Wood Green animal centre. I'm not doing it this year but did alright there last year.
  3. Variation for me. Chq cashed within fortnight, phone call within 4 weeks (8.30pm so they are trying hard) It's been 3 days since phone call so will update when i get the call to pick up my new license.
  4. I will be keeping a keen eye out for the .308 too. Great looking piece of engineering.
  5. I have one of these in .308 too. Fantastic rifle and a good price.
  6. These gotta go so... BNIB set of scales. RCBS M500 Mechanical Scale Surplus to requirements £65 posted.
  7. Hi Mike - good luck with your search. If you hang about on here and get involved something will come up. Both of my permissions i shoot on came off this site.
  8. yeah he did say that there where a dozen or so silly ones on there but however you look at it, unless you are reasonably competent or have a friend in the business they aint gonna be cheap to run. Saying that I would buy one tomorrow if I could justify it. we got the new freelander instead. Great car but smaller than it looks.
  9. My friend who owns a garage had one in 2 weeks ago. Driver said it was playing up.... 39 faults when he plugged it in.
  10. used one on my friends H&K at the weekend and they are fantastically engineered. Come into there own if you buy a couple more rails and just throw it on the gun you are using. You only need the one bipod then.
  11. haha, gets expensive don't it? I'm going to say Sako seeing as I have one. I have the quad and I love it. How did you find using a thumbhole?
  12. Richie092

    Windows Scam

    I get that call quite regularly so while I am working at my MAC I put them on speakerphone and tell them I am trying to bring the info up they need. Not managed 30 mins yet so well done Keg but regularly keep them for 10 mins or so.
  13. Excellent news and a great choice of rifle. My friend has exactly the same package and he swears by Eley ammo. I am just about to put in for a variation os the wait starts again!
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