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  1. I think people who write this should serve a ban of some sort. I am sick of seeing this comment. If you want something that bad then distance is no object. Just saying
  2. I can only dream of bagging one of these birds I've even toyed with going abroad for one but it just wouldn't feel right to me
  3. My kind of gun and what a beauty it is too
  4. Alan showed me that electronic punt gun and went on to say the bloke he built it for changed his mind and wanted it changing back to a manual trigger but I guess he never got round to doing it.. A good friend of mine who was also Alan's friend told me he made 3 of these 8 bore autos. I wonder where they are now
  5. m greeny


    What are they like on moving objects
  6. m greeny


    Sorted now thanks
  7. I would rather have to big a shot size than too small I quite like 36 gram of zinc coated bs
  8. m greeny

    Night shifts

    I love it only do 140ish shifts a year and most of them in shooting season I swap shifts so end up having most of season off and working most of summer which most of the other lads love coz they want summer off so all do my winter shifts winner winner I love it
  9. m greeny

    Night shifts

    I do 12_hour nights you either love um um or hate um 2 days 2 nights 4 off every 7 weeks get 18 days off its a hard life
  10. m greeny


    Looking for either full body speckle belly decoys or ghg pink foot full body decoys
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