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  1. That's all I used to use many moons ago and grey gutters for pigeon with a bit of white paint on um they worked a treat
  2. Kicks was full and I put all my home loads through it from 36g 2s up to 42g bbbs.
  3. Had it given couple years ago but was happy with my kicks but decided to pattern it with my steel goose loads and was pleasantly suprised it patterned really well so going to use it this season
  4. I got given a anaconda long range for my sx3 and only just got round to pattern testing it and it gives good patterns at 50 yards so will be using it this season on the foreshore
  5. Briley full choke with bbb
  6. The gold and terror are a great combo. I've enough duck and goose loads loaded for about 5 years due to the lockdown (even though my work carried on as normal but went into overdrive due to everyone panic buying all bog roll) so may have to strip some if there not used before the ban on plastic wads. I will have to purchase some of the new wads to do some tests so would be interested in your findings with your loads. Fingers crossed N. E get there finger out and sort the consents but I'm not holding my breath. Will be doing a few more trips over the border myself this season if we are allowed over it that is. Good luck with your season and hope the dog makes you proud
  7. 51 sleeps to go who else is getting a little excited??? Make the most of what we've got while we've got it because if natural England get there way our fowling days are numbered. 2 of the 3 clubs I'm in in my area have yet to receive there consents despite nothing changing and basc are as much use as a chocolate fire guard.
  8. I have an sx3 and can't fault it I use it and abuse it and it's had one jam in 2 years hard use on the foreshore. When I was looking into buying it or the sx4 I had heard about the sx4 loosing bolt handles for fun then when I went into the gun shop the owner put me off the sx4 so I got the sx3 and so far so good
  9. Briley, kicks, terror, carlsons, and wad wizard to name a few there's so many to choose from. In my sx3 I get great patterns with kicks but in my o/u I use brileys but what is most important with whichever you choose is to pattern it and find out what works best with the shells you intend to use.
  10. Shoot them through your gun you will have no problems. I shoot steel homeloads in 2s up to bbs in steel through my fixed choke sxs that's half and full choke no bother
  11. Lovely job how much would something like that cost
  12. No wonder the 2nd hand one in the sales section is unsold at 450
  13. Being an old gun it won't be proofed but I wouldn't hesitate to put my 3" homelands through it
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