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  1. Either or depending on price thanks
  2. Lockdown what's that then🤔 I'm lucky in that 99% of my fowling is on my doorstep so I carried on regardless. The only thing missing was the annual trip over the border but then again I bet the locals over the border felt the same way as I did in the fact that they had the shore to themselves 99% of the time
  3. I'm after an improved cylinder choke to fit an sx3 or may consider a cylinder
  4. How much I after for this please
  5. They do the no3 in 28,29and 30 inch barrels and the solway is the longest at 32 inch
  6. I've a super solway and a no3 cracking guns and put my 3inch steel home loads through um from 2s to bbs also tss no bother and know others that do the same. If you can find one buy it you won't be disappointed.
  7. Not only the wad thickness to think about using tss as the small shot size is easy capable of squeezing through the wad slits and coming into contact with the barrel hence why using mylar is advised
  8. I use one and find it spot on with steel powder but to be sure all I do is drop powder in to pan and put straight on scale to double check weight every drop and its always been spot on. Doing it this way is still far quicker than my old method of scooping the powder on the scale to the desired weight.
  9. I've some of them cases they look like there baschieri & pellageri (B&P) Valley steel cases and they reload perfectly
  10. Sorry I should of said I meant one gun is noticeably lighter pull than the other
  11. Just done this on mine and one is noticeably lighter than the other.
  12. How have I drawn attention to my own fowling activities? I just like to get out there and do my thing if I'm in the wrong spot then there's always tomorrow we are always learning I. will also show my appreciation of others exploits where credits due.
  13. Antis are watching us all the time and just my opinion but true fowling below the high water mark can't be done without a competent fowling dog otherwise fowl would be lost period.
  14. Not a lot as they both mean the same thing😂 but some just go about there business without the approval of other's
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