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  1. Yep I hear you as in one of the clubs I'm in the consents state no boats to be used but in an other nothing is mentioned and another one I'm in luckily is one of the few left with open Consents
  2. m greeny

    4 bore

    Thanks been keeping an eye on there Cartridges sorry should of been more clear
  3. m greeny

    4 bore

    I will do thanks for the heads up
  4. m greeny

    4 bore

    I'm looking for a 4 bore case to add to my collection
  5. Just watched a couple of those clips and noticed how those hogs didn't seem to mind the kayaks approach. I've often thought of a little boat to reach those out of the way spots and I think the kayak is just what I'm after.
  6. m greeny


    2020 latest model shotkam with quick release clamp also got a sxs clamp with it. Genuinely used 4 times I just don't use it. £450. Can send pics via email or WhatsApp.
  7. Isn't 10 mins the norm? It is for me anyway short and sweet and keep it interesting for the pup
  8. Sadly the girth of the calf is only 42cm way to small for me
  9. Bit of overkill for what I want them for as I live in my bassboots waders on the shore. The wellies will be used just for dog walking and a bit of roost shooting thats about it
  10. I was referring to the other bloke 're the wildfowling. Can't remember his name off top of my head but that's great that Paul is in a wildfowling club
  11. What are the soles like I've looked at them but looking at the pics they don't look very grippy or strong
  12. Yes I did That's what I've just killed a blackthorn went straight through the sole Not to keen on the soles of those
  13. I did have a pair of gumleaf vikings but they didn't stand the test of time. I've just measured my calfs and there 50 cm so would need a touch wider
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