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  1. Never used a hide on a marsh and never will
  2. Silosocks work as do most other decoys but the most important thing is to be where the birds want to be.
  3. m greeny


    Lyman gen 6 before I buy new
  4. Nope quite common in fact Multi choked and superior steel proofed
  5. If only you were closer I would of had this
  6. Yes please send payment details thanks
  7. I do yes but I was takin ****
  8. That's got to go on pigeon controllers land rover
  9. Very broad spectrum but my go to for ducks is gambore 32gram 3s for duck and home loading bbs for geese
  10. m greeny


    Only the whitefront call left thanks
  11. Ridgeline monsoon in green size large but no hood £60 posted can send pics via WhatsApp or email if needed
  12. m greeny


    Nixon call sold subject to payment
  13. m greeny


    Zinc whitefront call £20 great pink call Zinc greylag call £20 Eddiw Nixon plain black duck call £30
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