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  1. m greeny

    Punt guns

    Bread rolls don't exist either they are buns😂
  2. m greeny

    Punt guns

    Macclesfields no where near the north
  3. m greeny

    Punt guns

    Fandango off here has a very nice punt
  4. Keela belay no matter how much rain it put down I stay dry
  5. Thanks marsh man it's a short season so got to make the most while we can. The shooting up to now has been very hit and miss with plenty of birds about for a few days then they disappear for weeks so really having to put extra effort and mileage to put a few in the bag but that's part and parcel of fowling so just got to keep plodding away
  6. I'm lucky in that I work shifts so get out more than most but this year I've been off work since august 22nd and have been doing morning and evening flight every day and some days a tide flight too. Ain't seen my own bed since august 30th as I sleep on the sofa so I don't wake the boss at daft oclock in a morning
  7. m greeny

    AYA extractor

    Have rang and spoke to Mick thanks for replys
  8. m greeny

    AYA extractor

    I have asked him twice via pm but don't like to keep pestering for a reply
  9. m greeny

    AYA extractor

    As in the title I am looking for an AYA no3 extractor if anyone has one or can point me in the right direction of where I can get one. Thanks
  10. Well worth the effort and bonus birds to boot well done
  11. Gumleaf Vikings are great for big calfs
  12. Ahh ok .no worries I just got sent some through royal mail from down south of a reputable supplier he just failed to mention the contents to save on postage. Cheers mark
  13. Gryfon sporting have one £70
  14. Great stuff Al I had you down for a right n left on those mallard but you redeemed yourself with the 2 teal I normally miss those well behind. Keep up the good work. Cheers
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