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  1. m greeny

    Best fowling locations?

    One of mine I can watch from my bedroom window so even when I don't go out I can sit for hours just watching it holds teal pintail wigeon mallard and golden eye with odd geese thrown in for good measure. One of my others is a ten minute drive and Its even got a gutter named after me on it as I frequent it a lot. Just thinking about it unless I go up the solway all my shooting is a 15 minute drive or less away from my front door.
  2. m greeny

    SSB 150 Load Data

    Not sure on fps but know it kills well as far as I can consistently shoot I use it in 2s as an all round middle of the road load on some marshes I go where you can expect only an odd duck with chance of a goose too but I have also loaded it with bbs soley for geese
  3. m greeny

    SSB 150 Load Data

    76mm chedd Cx2000 35grain ssb150 (new) B+p35 35 gram steel Crimped
  4. m greeny

    Hide Pole Bag

    I use a sea fishing rod bag holder made by titan. Think they come under the game of a rod quiver bag. Salt also make them too.
  5. m greeny

    Out In Style

    Been looking forward to a report from you as it's been a while since your last. A good read as always and great to hear the young gun doing so well
  6. m greeny

    10ga crimp tool

    Sorry just noticed this he has a picture of him with a big red stag
  7. m greeny

    Christmas Break Success

    Fantastic report as usual and well done young un
  8. m greeny

    10ga crimp tool

    If your on Facebook contact Andrew clay he was selling some
  9. m greeny

    Beartooth stock cover

    2nd dibs thanks
  10. m greeny

    Westmorland Wildfowlers

    I looked into joining too and everybody i spoke to who had been in the club told me not to bother as it's a waste of time
  11. m greeny

    Proud Dad

  12. m greeny


    Aye your right but people could still post reports and not give the location or post the pics if the club's don't allow it
  13. m greeny


    Awsome stuff love reading reports like this. Wish more Fowlers would post of there exploits.
  14. m greeny

    Sx3 shims

    Can anyone tell me where I can get shims for an sx3 please
  15. m greeny

    Sx3 shim

    Wanted shim 1 for an sx3 thanks