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  1. Never seen a 3 1/2 aya sxs before
  2. I will be buying one am looking forward too it
  3. Top motors these engines are bomb proof and at 96k not even ran in yet👌
  4. Man after my own heart exactly as I see my guns they are tools of the trade
  5. Just stick any 2 3/4 steel load through it will be fine no matter what the chokes are all this tosh about no tighter than half is a load of rubbish
  6. Yep I agree it looks a decent
  7. m greeny

    Duck guns

    Bang it through and don't worry about it They were built like tanks. I put bbb steel through my zabala and that's still full n full. The previous owner did the same too and the gun shows no scars whatsoever
  8. I went with the intention of either getting the franchi or sx4 and came away with the sx3 as it felt and looked a more well built bit of kit. That was 2 years ago and the sx3 has been faultless I can't complain about it.
  9. Got about 600 of those loaded up in 2s and bs but been having great success with the 30 gram load out to 50 yards or so but they are loaded with ssb 150 and doing 1410fps
  10. Been having great success with 30gram of either 2s or bs and pulled out some cracking duck n geese
  11. Make that 5 as I know a lad who had one and every time he closed the gun it went off💥 accident waiting to happen took it back got a replacement and this one closed fine but every time he fired it double discharged so took it back and got full refund
  12. Thousands in South Cumbria been here since mid September
  13. What's it like on moving objects
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