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  1. had a zabala double discharge 3 .5" sold it to big matt put 1 1/4oz @ 1600 fps to a once load at 1750 fps all stel good on geese no good on teal as couldnt change direction quick enough the barrels will take it my advice remove the double discharge pin it hurts on clay busting loads double discharge clay busters really hurt triger one shot one trigger two shots really hurt did it once shot a 4 bore single it hurt but not as much
  2. muscle bound cant move it was hit and miss furey looked like could carry on wilder found lacking
  3. in my lifetime i have put all my dogs down from the age of 14 its what rural people did you have to step up and do the right thing when they need help they have a look i cant describe but i recognise and have had to help with few others i remember every one and non was easy all searching for rabbits or sniffing something as neighbours trusted me dont let them suffer one shot its hard being asked can you take them for a walk their last walk i remember every one their last breath hunting rabbits as vets distress and costs too much £220 was the last quote for fatal jab the money making unmentionables i cant stand town vets i am a farmers son a caesarean on three cow would cover the cost spaying of one dog town vets are robing ********
  4. as above walk / run stop sit train with least sent distraction an entry no one uses a farmers field track less distraction less telling off more praise try to put them in an environment they cant fail think why did it go wrong its you
  5. now this saddens me its not the country i left i was brought up to work my kids work mrs and i supported our kids bellies were full warm clothes and footwear taught them kill it cook it eat it and forage dislexic as hell i helped my kids to simplifie problems and work it out the boys and girls hunt and stalk and dress a carcase they love fresh anything maybe to move forward we have to go back to basics stop blaming government get an alotment or back garden grow your own and hunt and avoid tescos eat healthy i cant stand pissy pork
  6. watched a program not too long ago ikea drivers at plimoth or portsmouth living in their cabs paid in Rumania sweeties to deliver all over uk WHY big companies with accountants rip the **** out of the supply chain tesco made billions in lockdown they put their prices up and blamed supply at 98% capacity why in a pandemic record profits they buy cheap sell dear joe public should go to farmers markets butchers fresh food wather rhan processed shiite
  7. in many many years paying a lump to the aa when we needed them i worked away from home mrs used once they ****ed her about something rotten i canceled the policy in excess of £ 200 start sure once cost less than £40 pa in less than an hour we were in the road before that aa rac green flag a lot money for a **** service never again with green flag at 4am we broke down 35ml from home 18hrs to get home a local garage would have sorted in a few hours could have paid an independent less on recovery with a 6mt old baby the aa was 18 hrs phone a mate to take mrs and little un home ill get there sometime it needed a new coil pack £25 when i got home and was good to go they cant fix nothing on the road start sure and others within the hour or recovery home not relay to the next service station Car Breakdown Cover UK from £19.75/year | startrescue.co.uk | startrescue.co.uk mrs has this mine inc in ins for £23 xtra they are the dogs dangles the service we have had i could never fault however i keep our motors in good fettle two recoveries in 18 yrs my daughters use start rescue im happy they are safe and home
  8. fury may be loud but not a fool and can take a punch my bets on fury muscle bound cant move
  9. i live in the outskirts of Coventry not much noise however when i go home to Galway mrs cant sleep dew to grandfather clock on the hour otherwise totally silent i sleep like a log when we get back i cant sleep properly for a few weeks
  10. watched a bloke last night on the news sold his house drove a jag two chubby kids and -£20 he couldn't afford to drive his kids to school ill help anyone ive worked in social houses not all the same some palaces with pride some the mangiest pits with all the latest gear and slabs of beer scamming the system gear i haven't got the time to watch couldn't justify paying that much as i work hard for my £ when i left southern Ireland in the late 70s if you were on the dole you had to do two weeks work in your community as stone masons gardeners arborists and all other building trades inc cleaning graffiti to get a months dole not a handout no work no dole the other two weeks looking for work if you missed any of your days in the two weeks community you had to make it up or loose all and the system gave pride and skills not a handout and were to use as a stopgap to the next job it worked well families that work their buts off and cant make ends meet its hard in the early 80s mortgage went from 7% to 16% wages dropped by more than half mrs pregnant i worked 7 days a week and jobs on the side every evening to make ends meet i didnt know what day or time it was for three years no holidays etc we went without all jolly's the fridge full mrs and kids looked after we never took a penny
  11. my experience with door knockers selling mattresses is they found one on the side of the road and had it recovered so looks new and some shops are guilty of the same well take your old mattress away recover it and sell it on have watched it done while building a new reception area in said factory got caught out myself tore three skins of it to leave springs out for tat man felt sick
  12. did mine to my liking dry smoked bacon goose egg gluten free black and white pudding beef tomato gluten free cumberland or bratworst mushroom with a pinch of salt in each one dont move on the fry pan as you will spill soup fresh tomato's if no room nuke another pan oil hot as hell two slices gluten free bread ( i cant stand the ****) perfect fried bread salt and pepper to taste being gluten intolerant im very restricted on what i can have anywhere sometimes just coffee
  13. got a vac sealer from aldi a while back about £20 and three rolls of tube about £5 available in two widths vacked all sorts inc fresh meat bambi stews any stew decanting bulk buy meats into meal portions cook a big pot of curry / stew / corned beef and trimmings a vac bag awaits seasonal berries for ginn
  14. tasers and pepper spray are police only i may be wrong but section 5 jail time for the public
  15. my two daughters and son go for a run they put ear bud things in to listen to music i go ape **** you have no spaciall awareness you cant hear and a hood up two eyes two ears one mouth however i grew up in a very rural community houses never locked when i first came here in the late 80s in janurary got the bus back to digs walk through an entry and home as others did next night was raining ran through entry and frit the life out of three young women and didnt understand why so next evening at the bus stop introduced myself and asked why me running by worried them i was mortified explained im fresh off the boat and apologised and didnt understand can i walk you ladies through the unlit entry to the next street still friends today what blurb the met uni educated save **** bs better say nothing when it comes down to it some lads these days see women as knob polishers and next just look at some reality tv programs fake as
  16. i have worked in many cities its the same i hate it and when they move to the countryside it smells cattle make a noise the milk wagon wakes them up muck spreading etc they join the parish council and change everything and then they leave because locally 3 houses on bell lane with a church at the end hundreds of years old a couple moved in the trouble they caused was unbelievable no bell practice friday evenings for an hour no bells on sunday for church /mass then left and moved on to cause trouble elsewhere i miss the bells they were good
  17. i remember boil the bejesous out of everything inc eggs and nuke anything else beyond belief food didnt taste of anything the cardboard box tasted better hope mother gets better soon you only get one of those pineapple chunks in syrup help with dry mouth and infection
  18. changing direction is good keeps them guessing this may take some time if change direction and ok the second they start to pull sit and wait until they calm down one min or ten and go home every time they dont get their own way (its your way) its a battle of wills scold and over the top praise distraction etc rustle a crisp packet in your pocket be unpredictable stop and search your pockets mumble to your self counting change tie a shoe lace be unpredictable at all times inc walk out of the house and come straight back keep them guessing then their eyes are on you then you are half way there
  19. a bit of cooking oil or linseed oil on that will lift it no end ornament or practical a clock face and pendulum or short legs on a table as a center piece a collage of family pictures routered in inc keepsakes
  20. never did to many takeaways as always prefer fresh something at a friends house you are going to be working late we will cook dinner re heated rice from a takeaway i never knew until my butt exploded and i couldn't hold down water for three days never again and i wasnt alone and ill eat anything from anywhere in the world
  21. Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show (footmanjames.co.uk) not been before am looking to go this year two cz 125s restored in lockdown and a silverwing gl 500 this winter could be a good day out possible drooling to be expected
  22. looks like facebook warriors i found one follow me lemmings o to have common sense back again
  23. brother had the same issue an electrician the power had tripped out he fixed the problem and all freezers had defrosted and should have been disposed of the shop owner refroze it and ended up wiping him and mrs out about a week later
  24. dropped my daughter to work yesterday about midday she wanted snack food for break dropped into sainsburys on the a45 at canley two cars on the pumps out of a *** dozen however couldnt get parked in the shopping carpark had to keep circling maybe next weeks bare shelves lets see
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