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  1. Except his first victims were at the opposite end of the city to the gay quarter, i live in Birmingham and know all the locations where people were stabbed
  2. The lab looks like a younger version of my boy, handsome with good solid head, not keen on the labs with whippet heads, they should be like a dry stone top stone, mine feels like one anyway.
  3. redogi73

    Clear Out

    Cheeky £60 for laser shot recorded delivery?
  4. Is the camp trailcam still for sale? Lol camo not camp
  5. Is this still for sale?
  6. About an HR or an HR and half in my truck.
  7. I've been thinking of joining for years but it's a bit of a drive from Birmingham, would be interested in how you get on though. I was planning on try the try it day they do.
  8. Learn something new on here, never knew that about use it stone 👍
  9. redogi73

    face masks

    Thank you to the both of you, we received 2 masks this morning. its brilliant what your doing thank you Martin and Gill
  10. Yes old post, if it's the one Im thinking of, they used to go to the gamekeepers show at Catton hall, to get pigeon shooting you had to go to their fortnightly clay shoot for a period to prove you weren't an idiot, if you proved yourself a member would take you out a few times and then you could become a full member. I shot Clay's a couple of times with them but I joined a syndicate whick let me shoot pigeon, crows etc whenever I wanted. They had there own little clay ground with a hut thingy and did bacon butties etc, this was outskirts of Fillongly which is kinda between Coventry a
  11. Sorry but no it's not legal without a license, even for personal use. I'm not saying authorities would be that interested but it is illegal.
  12. Please keep the reports coming, we are not at all jealous 😀
  13. Yep, not after big bags just a project, somewhere to chill and hopefully some conservation, but most of all fun for me and the dog
  14. Part of a rough shoot syndicate, can shoot when I want but would be interested in a side project of setting up a little side project of having a flight pond. I would put auto feeder on, bit of landscaping, pest control. I would shoot it myself with my partner sometimes and invite lads off the rough shoot. I assume that renting is the way foward for a pond? I'm guessing similar techniques to get permission, word of mouth, door knocking and agg stores notices? Just looking for pointers off those who have done it and potential pitfalls/ things to look out for? I'm fine with draftin
  15. Well got around to it Sunday whilst watching cricket, chicken legs, drumsticks and thighs, salted and left for an hour, then poured a can of coke over and left for an hour, took out and covered in loads of ready mixed BBQ powder, left for an hour, temp was a little high so smoked for a 2-2.5 hrs (was drinking so memory not too clear) usedcedar wood throughout.......... absolutely delicious 😀
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