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  1. He's a top man, over half our shoot have bought off him and only have good things to say, recommend him to everyone, just make sure if you go to his you have space in your cabinet, I went to buy a 12 sxs, came away with a 12 sxs, a 20 sxs, a single 4.10 and. 12 semi! Would have got more but that would involve a bigger cabinet........which isn't fully ruled out!
  2. Jealous of Cuba fishing trip!! Got lesson at Draycote week Sunday, sounds like another addiction coming on.........shame work gets in the way he way.....,even enjoy work so that's not true, when are days, weeks years going to be extended to fit it all in😀
  3. Whatever you do good luck, sounds like exciting projects ahead, please let us know how you get on, sounds really interesting!
  4. Cool see you Saturday, I'm not bringing hide stuff there weren't any pigeons or crows about, besides Bas would never forgive if I shot pigeons without him lol
  5. Hi mate, you over Saturday for pest day? I've bought a smoker but can't figure out how to work it, I'll bring it and hopefully between us we'll figure it out. I'll bring 410 for rats if it works and semi auto with some 43g 3s on off chance of fox on the drive. Simon was thinking 9.30 start.
  6. I know it's an old thread but worth a shot....... anyone got instructions for using the rat attack mk 1, I'm simply too thick/in practical to work it out☺
  7. On the off chance it falls through I'd be very interested 😁
  8. redogi73

    rat smoker

    If the above falls through 2nd dibs please.
  9. I'm interested, can I bring along my big stupid Labrador called Bas, he does what he wants, ignores me and is known to wander off with the shoot captain after mugging everyone at lunchtime................oh I think you might know him, see you Saturday 😁 Martin and Big bad Bas!
  10. Hi it's possible we may have a place for our shoot in Henley-in-Arden. It's a small very informal rough shoot. We put down roughly 100 ex layers 100 ducks, and show about 10 days per season. There is pest control Out of Season. Preference would be given to someone living locally and someone with a dog. If you've got a dog and live locally and you will be welcomed with open arms! Cost is about£400 for a full gun final cost to be determined when we meet in June but it will be around that amount. Drop me a private message if you're interested with your phone number I'll give you a call back and see how the situation is, of course isn't guaranteed but the shoot captain asked me to put this out because some of the members we're getting on a bit and we're not sure whether they will make it for this season. Thanks Martin
  11. Had a walk around with the dog, did see a single squirrel (did see 6 roe and a muntjac), when driving home saw 3 running across the road into the shoot! Still dog had a good Walk and I got some exercise!
  12. A farmer where I used to shoot put it well when I said the pigeons seemed to know what I was up to and would be in the field but feeding just our of range, he said "Well yes there the intelligent ones, all the stupid ones have already being shot" lol Of course it was more the stupid fool behind the gun, who had just got his license and didn't know about rekkies, flight lines etc.
  13. Yes but has you get older............at least that's my excuse!
  14. I have a one myself, but thought you had to take blade, chain bit off and mess up oil mix, is it as simple as leaving break on and jubilee clipping some hose? I have no diy skill being a pen pusher but I might manage that!
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