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  1. Hello Christian. Thanks for the email. I am sorry but by changing my system I have lost some data. Sorry but I will have to withdraw my offer but thanks for the offer. Geoff
  2. Hi yes that will be fine Can you call me on 07949179193 to exchange info. Thanks Geoff
  3. Can I take 1 2 and 4 please. Please send me address/pay method. Thanks Geoff
  4. Can the inside space hold 2 men guns grub seats ? Is there any effect in the swing? Geoff
  5. Can you send me more pictures.


  6. Can I buy it please. Let me have payment ddetails. Thanks. Geoff
  7. Hello Can I hake it please Send me contact details,Thanks. Geoff
  8. Hi Andrew. I am sorry that I have no idea how to deal with your message "pm". Would you mind giving me a call on 07949 179193 my mobile.. and I will speak. Once again my apologies.modern technology has passed me by, Thanks Geoff
  9. Can I take the large please. Let me have payment details. Geoff Patterson
  10. Can I take the double barrel hand cover please. detail me on payment.Is Paypal ok. Geoff.
  11. Hello. Checked the size again and sorry that the hat will not be a fit for me. Sorry, Geoff
  12. Hello.I am interested in the Tilley. Can you let know how to make a payment to you. Thanks, Geoff Patterson
  13. Thanks again for all the help.I am beginning to feel like one of those TV detectives "looking for leads". Anyway I,ll let you know how I get on.
  14. Hi, I am still looking for options on where to repair the Ford and you mention that youhad a single trigger repaired by TT Proctor. Would you mind letting me have contact details so I can approach him. Thanks, Hillside 1945
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