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    Like shooting, rabbiting an claying, just be good if I could hit them!

    Which I slowly am!
  1. cracking day had by all! up the south! nice to see you all again! good shooting and banter everyone!
  2. Quality day, quality shooting and quality company! Thanks to all that made it so!
  3. Paid up and looking foward to another cracking day like last year!
  4. Another cracking day, good laugh and some quality clay smashing!
  5. I think I was in the sneaky squirrels as we only shot with 5 as we were missing mungler
  6. A nice cheddite cartridge bag, the red matches my eyes...
  7. Had a cracking day guys at my first charity shoot! Really enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one! Well done The South! Hopefully we can make it 3-3 next time!
  8. Just paid ready for a good laugh! Looking forward to my first charity shoot!
  9. Just wanted to say hello to all you pigeon watchers and thank you validating me
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