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  1. steve s×s

    Denton & kennel myth?

    The( soft metal) statement reminds me of a lovely young lady called eggweena curry, mabe not all can remember, anhow heres 2 nice guns 2 look at
  2. steve s×s

    Denton & kennel myth?

    Thank u all for your info,iam still confused it would seem that someDKs were better than others and maybe the poorer ones are gone (scraped),unlike the AyAs and other Spanish sxs there doesn't seem to be many for sale
  3. steve s×s

    Denton & kennel myth?

    So why the reason for the above average price?mine are stamped APM parkamay and JU jose uorgon if this has any relevance, any positive response, there must be other D&K owner's,
  4. steve s×s

    Denton & kennel myth?

    Thanks for your reply gunman,i agree with u on aya at least No 2 up but on guntrader the boxlocks start at£300 ish and sidelocks £800 up,i know these are not top range but theres a hell of a lot sxs 4 a lot less and the D&K do seem to move all be it slowly.thanks once again
  5. steve s×s

    Denton & kennel myth?

    Hi everyone, hope your getting the rain,a little while ago there was a post on here i think about D&Ks being made from inferior (soft) metal,if this is true why do they command such a good price compared to most other sxs am i missing something or is someone talking Carp,iam a bit bias i have 2 and can't fault them, enlighten me.
  6. steve s×s

    HW 80K (problem)

    Problem now well shorted,got an AA s200 10 shot in .177 almost one hole groups,if u miss with this your a numty
  7. There are as many opinions as threre are men (who said that)ho i just did,hull imperial game 30 gram 5 anything barr waterfowl even tree rats
  8. steve s×s

    HW 80K (problem)

    Thanks for your vote of confidence Strimmer 13,and it is a cracking unmarked gun but when i fallout with a gun it just bugs me till its gone i am my own worst enemy
  9. steve s×s

    HW 80K (problem)

    Hi all ,just an up date ,hw 80 now sorted new one piece mount, good bushnell scope,but i think the biggest prob was oil i reckon it found its way into the system,i kept getting faint smell,put on some picts last 5 shots in the red,anyhow have fallen out with gun now so up for SALE. forgot to say this site is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!
  10. steve s×s

    HW 80K (problem)

    Thanks to u all again, loads of excellent info ,can't do much till weekend.
  11. steve s×s

    HW 80K (problem)

    Thanks for all replys don't think its been messed with ,probably under power imho ,guy who sold it said slug on slug 25 yards but i think he had same problem anyhow i would like to keep,if power is down would a timbum kit sort it? Just like to add been shooting spring guns since iron age.
  12. steve s×s

    HW 80K (problem)

    Hi all, got a almost new 80 in .22 and for the life in me I can't get it to group better than 3 inch at 30 yards , tried different scope and different good pellets rws ,accupell ect ,moderator on and off, am I missing something any help would be much appreciated.
  13. steve s×s

    Side by Side Club

    Have to say yes to this one, side by sides IMHO are (proper) guns , have 3 at the moment , 2 Denton&kennels 1 sable 3"mag, biggest problem I've had over the years is getting one that fits, tried shortening lengthening raising lowering but if they don't fit they don't fit , anyhow will still keep buying things of beauty .
  14. steve s×s


    What a wonderful posting, have just spent an hour on this, got 3 at the moment 2 Denton &kennel 1 sable all 12 bore, all get used .
  15. steve s×s

    semiauto 12g

    Thanks for the offer Parrots 2 but have got what I wanted , cheers.