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    The great outdoors, part time game keeper, mole whispering (with a 12 bore), angling?

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  1. steve s×s

    Side by Side Club

    Have to say yes to this one, side by sides IMHO are (proper) guns , have 3 at the moment , 2 Denton&kennels 1 sable 3"mag, biggest problem I've had over the years is getting one that fits, tried shortening lengthening raising lowering but if they don't fit they don't fit , anyhow will still keep buying things of beauty .
  2. steve s×s


    What a wonderful posting, have just spent an hour on this, got 3 at the moment 2 Denton &kennel 1 sable all 12 bore, all get used .
  3. steve s×s

    semiauto 12g

    Thanks for the offer Parrots 2 but have got what I wanted , cheers.
  4. steve s×s

    semiauto 12g

    Now sorted a big thanks to P W and members !
  5. steve s×s

    semiauto 12g

    Hi mecman thanks for reply ,to much gun for me ,want something ruff and ready (will amend my ad)
  6. steve s×s

    semiauto 12g

    Hi swinton thanks for info
  7. steve s×s

    semiauto 12g

    Not to fussed about brand but want 3"magnum , short barrel 24" 26", 3 shot only, choke ?(Cheapish please) Yorkshire area, thanks for looking.
  8. steve s×s


    Hi peathag I would take this but the snow mobile won't start, a good saw and good price.
  9. steve s×s

    AYA No 4 12 gauge

    Yes it is Gordon R , thanks for your quote, and its a excellent gun (but I would have to say that) any cheaper and I might as well give it away!
  10. steve s×s

    AYA No 4 12 gauge

    Still for sale, would like to free up cabinet space, thanks.
  11. steve s×s


    Gone Thanks.
  12. steve s×s

    Lanber 12 gauge

    Hi what chokes and chamber size are we looking at please .
  13. steve s×s


    SOLD thank U
  14. steve s×s

    shooting book

    SOLD thanks.