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  1. And then people ask why do you want to shoot things 🤪
  2. Funniest thing is I only have one glass then the rest dissappears, So you there could be a connection 😆
  3. You have to have a Brain to be able to wash it jmho
  4. When is a Cork not a Cork LOL it don't get any dafter, I thought the idea was to let it breathe but what do I know, back to wads I thought we had an alternative to plastic
  5. Agreed, yes clean the dam thing, they don't come from factory carbon up, it will take you 15 minutes just make sure baffles go back right way up and in line
  6. There all different but all the same if that makes any sense but what do I know iam a heterosexual male (on the endangered species list) so probably don't matter what I think 🤪
  7. Agreed, I use Eley in my old 1450 and the results speak for themselves, never tried RWS (done fix whats not broken) 🙂
  8. Yes, no dead birds, instead we are knee deep in raptors and corvids all eating lead shot carrion (occasionally) anyhow when we lose lead the antis will find another nail to knock in the shooting coffin,
  9. Hi motty, hope you are well, I thought most shooters were aware that anti blood sports under various gysies have used the lead issue to champion their cause jmho
  10. I agree to a degree but as said many many times this argument is nothing to do with Lead 🙈
  11. Lead flashing, which is still used, And the millions of tons of lead oare in the ground which enters the water courses, for at least 2 thousand years we have live with lead, people at present are living longer than ever (Fact) tell me if I am wrong
  12. I am beginning to think the old saying (Hell on earth) as a bit of truth in it, maybe in the next life I'll come back as a criminal without a consonance they seem to do alright 😇
  13. Never hear anyone being fined for netting but you try fishing without a rod licence
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