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  1. Chickens, chickens, chickens, they are Hens and the chicken is the little fluffy yellow thing that comes out of the egg 🙄 and yes bantams do fly (the more they do it the better they get) KFH not got the same ring as KFC, did I mention marketing 🤪
  2. Or 4 Hatsan LOL, 😍 I love my escort
  3. Quite right, a few years ago some of these people would have been in an institution, now we have (don't) Care in the community, cheer up it'll soon be Christmas 🤪
  4. I agree scully, not as refined as a 90 but my Hatsan with 24" barrel is very usable imo, spent years with 28" then 26" on various semis and pumps each to there own
  5. Is it not criminal damage, trespass with intent and god knows what but never seems to lead to a conviction, lack of evidence ********🙄
  6. Err shoot all the hares😕 Not so bad if they are eaten,
  7. I am sure there is a market, in Yorkshire (not recently) the rabbit dealers would take hares, a price I don't know, try asking the scrotes what they get LOL, it's a massive shame you have to do this, it's a wonderful world 🙄
  8. Well said Jaymo, but I am pleased you said it😋
  9. Well that shocks me a bit, so any person with limited knowledge can ream out a choke and away you go.
  10. Another vote for Hatsan can't fault mine
  11. When this is done does the gun need re proofing with certification
  12. Things just aren't selling, And Yes £350 is very sensible, best of look Jeff (sincerely) 👍
  13. No one else had this on . 22 anschutz rim fire, not even a negative reply ie buy a CZ, (was that tumble weed that rolled past) cheer up it'll soon be Christmas
  14. Hello all, this subject has been aired I know(by Island gun) I had this problem just once and remedy by turning front of the bolt slightly all good, the thing could this problem be resolved ie new bolt, some kind of adjustment, apart from this one niggle the gun is brill. Thanks 😐
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