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  1. steve s×s

    Lead ban

    100% correct, the issue is to get at shooting sports in any way poss, it just happens to be lead at the mo with more to follow (some Free County we live in!)
  2. You can't educate pork lol (good common sense from Scully)
  3. How do you protect from a unknown gender? (my brain is starting to hurt) 🤪
  4. Yes, what about male and female couplings can we still use them without getting into trouble 🤪
  5. Correct, just a updated Mr Punch
  6. Jesus if you'd said that 50 year ago the men in white coats with green van would have taken you away LOL
  7. Global warming or covid related its gotta be one or tuther 😜
  8. What did the Romans ever do for us 😜
  9. Yep it was good clean acting unlike the rubbish today even the soaps are in on it mildly, the editors are like naughty school kids pushing the boundaries and getting away with it, anyhow (sweeny, Minder, new tricks) he will be remembered
  10. I find a 12 bore quiet affective 😉
  11. This thread is so important (can't think of a better word) it should be pushed to the limit, Just hope someone with influence and standing would speak up but they all seem tarred with the same brush when it comes to things that are unpopular with the plebs
  12. All good informative posts but you're preaching to the converted, this subject should be somehow made public ie on tv so the no brainers are shown the Truth or is this to much to ask for 🙄
  13. If we weren't inundated with every wafe and stray on the planet we would not be having this conversation JMHO 🤐
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