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  1. Nice shot Scully, just below the water line 👍
  2. London Best, your a hive of information, no disrespect but iam 60 something been shooting _ fishing ect from infant school and do know a little of what's going on but still great full for your interest 😊
  3. If these birds are so dum as to what they pick up in there beaks how do they differentuate between food or grit And all other forms of detritus and ****, come on now help me out here this is our pastime going down the pan.
  4. Lead apart, I think far worse is nasty plastic, not that long ago cartridges were completely degradable and perfectly usable in all calibres, would this not be the way to go (ho this would be extremely expensive £££) no it means cartridge makers would have to adjust, the continental ones would simply not do it I know this as they are not accountable to GB,
  5. Just MHO but I think we are being eroded from within
  6. Thank christ for that, so why o why are we even going through with this fiasco, if a numty like me has worked it out what the hell is going on, can't someone with half a brain do a simple experiment with say bismuth shot put in a grit tray or in wheat or barely, flaming do something to beat these tree huggers
  7. So does everyone believe that waterfowl (ducks) and all game birds + waders ect do not know the difference between lead and other small items of grit ( weight, texture, taste) not only this but food, grains, insect eggs, oil seed rape very shot like, This is just not possible, please someone tell me (show me) if I am wrong, thanks
  8. All you need is a zimmer and a row of medles, loads a money 🤑
  9. Thanks for reply, I should have put full power 12fp, I don't think the hw30 is 🤔
  10. Really! Well knock me down wive a fever iam shocked and dismayed, next you'll be telling me that theres no santa-claus 🤪
  11. Not good in our area Upper Wharfedale, you come and take as many as you like for your chub and perch ha ha,
  12. Got any medals? , I no a bloke who has some and a zimmer and he made £millions 😕 I apologise in advance
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