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  1. I'll second that, excellent gun for very little money +steel proofed 👍
  2. The truth really does hurt 🤕
  3. Do not break any Laws and shoot as often as you can! That's all I have to say. 😇
  4. If u go for a mossberg make sure it's cheap no matter what condition, I had a mint 459 and almost gave it away, Nobody seems to want one, they are looked upon as a joke gun imho🤡😍
  5. But who sells them Harry?
  6. Yes that's the animal, they seem none exsistant now(in UK)
  7. Does anyone really genuinely think that if lead is banned we will be left alone to do our passtime in peace, show me the Dead ducks
  8. Is this the same rumour that says wild fowl are dieing from lead intakes, someone please show me one
  9. Yes got I this as well, bought and sold on this site for 5 years, hey ho mustn't stand in the way of progress 🤪
  10. steve s×s

    Cheap semi auto

    Escort 3", 3 shot, 24" barrel, full set of chokes + key, good sling, steel shot no probs, gun is a lot better than good £200ish, will deliver
  11. Two barrels = two triggers ( simple) 😋
  12. Must not be detered by this, keep shooting let the antis play there games let the police make there false arrests hopefully the penny will drop, 🚔 All Legal Quarry
  13. Yep that top gun looks like the one I had only the stock on mine was ugly compared to the spartan, so where do u look for one?🤔
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