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  1. Thanks once again, have bought Hawke fastmount , seems ok and holding zero £40
  2. Thanks for reply OPP, so an older hawke would be able to take the shock
  3. Hello everyone, I've got a springer thats a bit (lively) gamo 1000 thingy, scope I have on it is or was quite good ( nikko Stirling old) but keeps losing poa , could anyone recommend a budget scope that would not do same (are js ramsbottoms gun tuff range alright) thanks for any info
  4. Hello, are these still for sale if so I will have (I think I have PM u ?)
  5. steve s×s

    hatsan shims

    Hi , very sorry for slow reply (Neanderthal DNA), spurs 14 your offer is brilliant I will PM u
  6. steve s×s

    hatsan shims

    Hello everyone , tried to find these for sale but no look so far, hope someone on here can help, for a escort 12g, Thanks
  7. Hi Mac93 did you get sorted? If not I have a Mossberg 500 A 12g synthetic (new xmass 2018) maybe 2 boxes only can't master it and much prefer my sxs . it will not be expensive.
  8. Hi cobbers, i have a 500A 12g synthetic (new 2018 xmass) you could have for price of a 88
  9. Was there a doormouse and a mad hatter involved o and a white rabbit and
  10. Thanks Lancer 425 ,excellent bit of info
  11. How do we know the difference
  12. 452 There is obvious a difference which i wasn't aware 😞
  13. Cz American if that helps(gun in cab)
  14. 5 shot STEEL as new. Don't want to post £25. Ilkley westyorks
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