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  1. Totley agree with this, have done exactly the same thing but cci have poppers and crackers sooo what next 🤔
  2. But the vast majority don't live in the real world so this is what they want to see, I know it makes you ill
  3. Toilet for a different bum perhaps or a third gender toilet, now we' are getting somewhere or an alien toilet cos they will have to go somewhere and it would not be PC not to consider others even if from the planet klinon,
  4. Can't do that, it would spoil all the mistery and guessing, anyway as an old chap I knew would say it's a What's it thingy 🤪
  5. 😂 An old gent I work with in the late 60s would say that they are never out of Season but they might be out of range,
  6. Where is this? It might throw some light on the matter 🙃
  7. Where do they find their names, sounds like someone in a Charles Dickens novel
  8. steve s×s


    Parole board not fit for purpose.
  9. I can here the music 😁 my dad would have said b____ Jerry's
  10. Nope sparrow hawk tuck all piglets years ago 😂
  11. Nope only two, we get a couple of pairs nesting in our small woods every year but have never found actual nests then again I don't look to hard
  12. It's yet another piece of plastic karp to add to the rest of the plastic karp that will end up in a land fill or a river in Asia
  13. Yes youngsters and flew a very short distance and a bit wobbly, hope the sparrow hawk does not find them
  14. Two but can you see them
  15. Richard please get rid of it quickly (my trigger finger is itchy) 😛
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