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    The great outdoors, part time game keeper, mole whispering (with a 12 bore), angling?

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  1. rogers&spencer

    Gone Thanks.
  2. Lanber 12 gauge

    Hi what chokes and chamber size are we looking at please .
  3. rogers&spencer

    SOLD thank U
  4. shooting book

    SOLD thanks.
  5. shooting book

    Price is now £10 if anyone interested, thanks.
  6. rogers&spencer

    These are still available
  7. rogers&spencer

    Hi mag 357 , have never posted but I will have a word with wifey and get back to u cheers.
  8. rogers&spencer

    .44 bp ,Hammer spring, trigger springs, all screws and bolts, all unmolested as new £20 , pick up only tel 07765605398 thanks.
  9. shooting book

    Ah I must apologise, Ilkley west yorkshire (still a bit green with this site).
  10. shooting book

    Title Come and shoot, I think 1951 , not perfect but not damaged, very informing read and very apped for today's shooting, Iam going to try £20 , will not post tel 07765605398 thanks.
  11. rogers&spencer

    Un marked , I would say rosewood but not certain,any how £20 is a gift compared to henrys price tel 07765605398 don't want to post , Thanks.Ilkley West yorkshire.
  12. leather cartridge belt

    Sold! Excellent site!
  13. leather cartridge belt

    Hi inthedark, can't help with that one, has to be pick up only, thanks for enquiry.