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  1. Also used for dipping sheep LOL 🙃
  2. Just noticed the first pic EWE can see a clue
  3. It looks like a tool I once used for dipping sheep, you pushed them under with one of the straight bars and used one hook to lift their head and then grabbed them by the scruff to lift it out, it was just a pit full of water +chemicals
  4. Oh dear, no steel, well we'll just after use the stuff we've been working with since and before Roman times, LEAD!
  5. Yes, it should be renamed "What can we broadcast to depress everyone" The Doom (perhaps)
  6. Soooo, *** is this not published in the media instead or is it that the press are incapable of the truth, they truly are anarchists and should be delt with according, have a nice day
  7. Thanks for your offer centerpin, but I was hoping for a bit more, maybe iam dreaming LOL
  8. About 100 of these, paper case, fibre wad, would like to swap for 12g game cartridges why, just don't want to fire them, someone will appreciate them for what they are
  9. Yes They were known as noddy bikes in my area west Yorkshire /North Yorkshire border, they had a clear plastic wind shield with Police written on it, in fact there was a mill at the side of river wharfe that for a while made the wind shields, iam a mine of useless info😂
  10. We could always glue our hands to the M 62, seems to be the thing to do😜
  11. Jmho, the more I read about driven shoots (not grouse) the more think its shooting Hens that can fly, by the way I've been shooting and fishing for 50+ years so certainly no Anti
  12. Because she's friends with a friend who is friendly with another friend who's in politics and she's got a lovely name, what more qualifications could one ask for! 🤐
  13. Theres a song witch I think appropriate (popo the puppet can do any thing if somebody else pulls the strings) 🤐
  14. Apparently called "natural selection", like me selected to do an airport run this morning 🙄the joys of being retired
  15. And still here, don't that tell you something, 👍
  16. And its "cheaper" to pay compensation than fix, their's two letters involved here EA you can make of that what you will
  17. That is disturbing, on a lighter note I suppose if you shot one of them they wouldn't feel a thing 😜
  18. Me me me LOL, you'll have to form a queue 🤑
  19. Is cannabis any worse for your physical health than tobacco, it definitely is for mental judging by the zombie like cretins that come and go at all times of the day from the property behind us and you don't have to be a blood hound to work out what the stink is, so when plod (infrequently) walks past dose he or she or other hold their breath
  20. Thanks for informative reply, and yes have done the "squeak" many times on rabbits, hare ,squirrel, stoats and fox, it was just the distance and variables eg wind, steadiness of hand, ammo issues, I suppose everything has to be near perfect 😇
  21. Is there fuel in the can, if so how much £ LOL
  22. Genuine question, 300 yds to me is a quite a distance and the b fox never stops to take a breath, from trigger pull to smack b fox could be 1/2 a yard away, I only shoot rimfire am I missing something
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