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  1. Have done survey, but I feel that it's a bit pointless as are most surveys, jmho
  2. Years ago The chain on the wall was for prisoners and that is why you could leave your shotgun or rimfire by the back door, under the bed, hung above the fire place (o dear am I ranting again) tell me iam wrong
  3. steve s×s


    It seems like a lot of people who don't live here have the same mindset but not because of the weather (££££££) jmho
  4. Are they the yellow sipes, if so they are plastic wad not a problem (for me), they are a powerful cartridge, I'd have them in a breath (or go half's if localish) 🤑
  5. Keep shooting them (legally) or they will be taken off the game list (it's not rocket science) they are beautiful creatures but so are deer, fox, rabbits, stoats, mink, squirrel, jmho
  6. Do they make this (Decline in numbers up) there's plenty here and always has been, North Yorkshire,, west Yorkshire border
  7. It really is like new! Thank you Richard 👍
  8. That's Tempting just over the hill from me (sorry for high jacking post) 🤭
  9. The way I read it was just a criminal enterprise £££££££ from top to bottom and if you got in the way asta la vista
  10. I can't be the only one to watch this, we are told not to use plastic wads, this is indeed a Mad Mad world 🤪
  11. This whole thing is a absolute farce! Lead shot, fibre wad, paper case, all naturally occurred materials, we had this years ago and it work! (modern technology my ar_ _) the Lead is in the environment not like plastic, fixing something that isn't broken or what. 🤭
  12. Hi, could you please explain how the marks occurred? I am genuinely interested in buying 🙂
  13. steve s×s

    410 sxs

    No longer required 😎thanks
  14. steve s×s

    410 sxs

    Anyone got one (localish) not hammers, not to expensive 🤑 , preferably 3" chambers, cosmetically challenge is OK, just need a small lightweight gun, Cheers
  15. Wrong post, didn't realise it was in Wanted
  16. Two 5 round, but they work better as 4 round, that said the gun is a tack driver (1450) 🙂
  17. All I have to say is you do not have to buy or use these cartridges but for me they would have a place ( iam happy using lead, always will) 😁
  18. Hi, this might be obvious so bare with me, if new to semis, when loading first cartridge let the bolt slam shut, only reason I know this same problem with a Fabarm years ago
  19. And then people ask why do you want to shoot things 🤪
  20. Funniest thing is I only have one glass then the rest dissappears, So you there could be a connection 😆
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