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  1. The old joke, come home to a real fire, buy a cottage in Wales!
  2. Creosote (proper creosote) and tell the neighbours it's the substitute stuff JMHO
  3. We have got along just fine for almost 50 years with One home JMHO 🙂
  4. Very profitable being a Liar wether found out or not (car sales, estate agents, solicitors, MPs, media) what a wonderful world
  5. You can't educate pork! Tell them (I no northing I am from Barcelona)
  6. Got one 2009 2.2 diesel 40 mpg diff lock comfortable nothing to dislike when bought £3000 and still worth £3000 🙂
  7. Then you will get some member of the public plonker to report someone with a weapon (how did we get to this farse)
  8. Ha Ha, to be honest I quite like the site, it's just the sales rules that are a bit Anal 😂
  9. A fool and his, her, or others Money is easily parted 🙁
  10. Unfortunately it's what appeals to the (stem dead) masses, if its on the telly its true LOL Gawd help us 😇
  11. Yep someone Hacked off with the rules so they hacked the site (what a wonderful world) I got a week ban no probs, build a bridge and get over it! 🙃
  12. Brighouse & rastrick are a good band 🤪
  13. steve s×s


    Can someone send me one as well please I would give £101 for multi shot any calibre as long as its. 25 with a nice walnut stock 🤪
  14. Yep, I am 6' 2" in stilettos (not good on Boggy groung) and have selective hearing, like the above post if your convinced you need something go for it
  15. I have to agree with all your comments, it appears to me that there's people who need to be led and managed (plebs) and those who are able to make infomed and rational decisions for themselves and it seems there are more of the Latter, hope this makes sense 🤔
  16. Lunatics in charge of the asylum (for now) 🤪
  17. Cockchafer grub starting to metamorphosis? 🤔
  18. We were told (not formally) that we (the tax payers) would foot the Covid bill, so to me its no surprise, there is definitely some profiting, again to be expected
  19. I don't suppose they will be doing the drug dealers 4x4 s or their 5 litre sports cars cos that would interfere with their supply of dope +they may have trouble breathing under water 🥶
  20. I have said this before (I think) there's more wildlife splattered on our roads than anything that's poisoned, shot, trapped, more so the young, nothing said about this cos its the general public doing it, that would be very unpopular, we get a hedgehog in the garden next morning it's pancake, I don't know what the answer is but it's not the Packham witch hunt!
  21. Thanks TC, why don't people call a spade a spade, seen one about 2 weeks ago fist for quite a while
  22. Yep I (we) got that but the millions of stem dead couch potatos now think someone (gamekeeper, landowner or shooters) did it on purpose, is that not called slander.
  23. Yeh publicity, we're doing just what she wants Attention!, there's clearly something mentality wrong with her so IMHO is a lose cannon, I don't know why she doesn't do like the rest and come by boat (rubber), but then again wouldn't be centre of attention
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