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  1. Cheers for the replies guys, just realized I’ve put the wash. It’s not the wash it’s in the Fens on the Bedford levels lol I keep saying the wash because that’s where I originally aimed to go but found EDWA closer to home.
  2. Morning all, This season I’m moving to the other side of the country and starting with a new club. Ive never needed to use decoys on the Severn or my flightpond but moving to the wash I been advised to get some decoys. Intending to rig single decoys “Texas style” and not mess about with mother lines etc (mainly because my dogs a **** and will almost certainly get tangled up). Is there a particular pattern people tend to use like when we decoy pigeons? I’ve got 8 Mallard and going to get a few Teal to add in. Any advice would be great! L
  3. I don't know if it was a hen or cock, I didn't shoot it. It had the body shape of a cock though.
  4. Initially I thought this, but it had no colour on its face? Pure black all over!
  5. So I was shooting on some maize this weekend (as they cut it) and a pure black pheasant flew out and landed a few feet from me. I have never seen a pure black pheasant and a game keeper friend didn't believe me that it existed! He thought it was a chicken .... Which it wasn't. What are these birds called and are they rare? It was genuinely pure black like a crow. Cheers guys!
  6. Please move if this is in the wrong place. I am after a secondhand clay trap for practise on a farm, auto or manual considered but must be in working order. I can pick up or meet half way if your far. Cheers guys
  7. I often take the 12 out for a walk if I've got a spare hour and stalk close to the hotspots but it only ever yields 3 or 4 bunnies, more for fun than any pest control to be honest. A friend brings his spaniel x jack rus if we want a few hours fun and bolt the rabbits from the undergrowth. Truth be told only a lamp or a decent ferret ever gets larger numerbers whittled down for me, I enjoy anything aslong as I'm outside!
  8. Oh god, I didn't drive 60 miles from home to buy 250 cartridges! I work near oxford in the week! What's the verdict on the Xtreme game (their own brand, made by game bore)? I've been told to steer clear of GRS cartridges? I like to know that it's my shootig not cheap and cheerful cartridges that are missing the target, hence I steer clear of cheapies. I always get 32g 6 because they tick all of my shooting needs from rabbits to game birds. The only time I buy anything else is for wildfowl or brave foxes.
  9. To be honest as long as they do the job I don't care, at least it's not £95 a slab premium game cartridges on crows, been there before. I'll give them a blast (see what I did there) on the weekend as let you all know my impressions, but they've got a high standard to reach I was really impressed with the Gamebore 'clear' pigeons!
  10. Just popped down to Justcartridges near oxford for some of my usual Gamebore clear pigeon in a 32g 6shot, but he had sold out! I ended up buying RC Romagnola cartridges in 32g 6shot. £61 for 250. Has anyone used these before? They don't appear on RC's website so I don't really know much about them at the moment. They seem well made but I won't get chance to test them until the weekend on some crows. Knowledge, advice and experience please? If no one has heard of them I'll do a little review.
  11. Cheers for the replies guys, Del Boy was found having eaten a neighbours cats food and fallen fast asleep in the cats bed! He had however crossed the A48 and managed to not get ran over! Padlocks are now fitted to the garden gate and the hutches aswell as a strategically placed garden rake! Cheers!
  12. Most definitely stolen, I struggle to open the cage let alone a ferret push it open! More over both doors were wide open, it's such a shame because my pal treats his ferrets like his kids, I'm going to borrow a trail cam and use that for a few weeks to try to get proof but the trouble is if I show my pal who it is (if they're caught) he won't bother with the law ...
  13. So my buddy and my hunting pal is working at a site next my house and informs me that one of three of his ferret hutches had been opened by someone last night and the best working ferret 'del boy' has escaped! The lid of said hutch is made from heavy wood that my 9 year old brother struggles to lift so no ferret is going to be able to lift it! Are initial suspicions are the anti next door neighbour who often harasses us when we are in his garden and almost always makes comments like, 'animals shouldn't be used to kill other animals' etc. The Jill of his business has just had 9 kits a
  14. Unfortunately it's a bit far for me to travel (Carterton during the week) and I have no experience what so ever!
  15. Where in North Oxfordshire? Any experience needed and what sort of times/hours needed? Would love the opportunity but need more information Incase it clashes with work/the boss!
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