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  1. Oh sorry chelmsford essex
  2. I'm looking for an opertunity too get into falconrey I've always done ferreting and air rifle shooting but never had the chance too go out with the birds. They fascinate me at the country fairs when they do there displays. I would like too learn about falconry so one day I can maybe get my own.
  3. I use too have a jill that would always come back sometimes after catching a rabbit and having a little taste of there blood. I'm sure if u don't use an inexperienced our starving ferret you should be OK but u gotta know ya ferret and also use a ferret finder just in case
  4. mattywall

    pcp seals?

    so should I keep the air chamber loaded?
  5. Thanks for all your welcome messages..
  6. mattywall

    pcp seals?

    Bsa sorry I hate predictor text on my phone lol
  7. mattywall

    pcp seals?

    Lol I paid by a too do my seals £70 plus postage which was £40. I'm tempted too go back too spring guns. Mines a bra ultra single shot
  8. mattywall

    pcp seals?

    Has anyone got any opinions on pcp seals drying out? I got mine changed 6 months ago and haven't shot it since :-/
  9. Great project mate! You should put a couple of hanging baskets in there minus the flowers lol my ferrets love swinging and sleeping in them. Good job wish I had the amount of space im very jealous
  10. Just realised I posted in the wrong forum sorry guys/girls. So here we go! I'm looking for ferreting opportunities in and around Essex I drive and am an exsperienced ferreter I have all the gear and ferrets. ( that are getting lazy ) I use to have some land but retired from it for a while and now I'm making a come back lol. Any help thanks matt.
  11. I'm looking for some new warrens too ferret. I'm an exsperienced ferreter I've got 3 new ferrets I want too train up. I'm 28 drive and very reliable. I also do a bit of air rifle shooting. Essex area! Thanks matt. Pm me if you have anywere?
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