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  1. I’ve got 6 different fac not once has the landowner been asked if I have permission
  2. Just don’t sit right with me that some one with no experience can get that many guns i worked from .22 223 which I had a mentor condition .243 B
  3. What’s people’s views on first time fac holders what guns should you be allowed? i believe some county firearms departments are becoming a joke chap on a shot today has just been granted an fac for 17 , 22 ,243 its his first fac he was told 4 weeks ago by the firearms department he wouldn’t get a 17 , or 243 but would get a .22 by the FAO then the head keeper wrote a letter on his behalf quote saying “how safe he was “ The head keeper has never seen him shoot I have and it’s not good shouldn’t the FAO need more proof
  4. Me again back in the woods on saturday in the pursuit of wood pigeons my gopro has a cold and doesnt like the cold keeps turning off i lost all the data last week with a corrupt sd card But this week a got a little video for you https://youtu.be/JZjwUbmkT-Q
  5. took the 17hmr in the hoping to clear up a few rabbits for the freezer and for a mate the 17hmr was jamming the shell cases were splitting from where the hammer strikes to the hole where the bullet goes so only a short video sorry https://youtu.be/SiE69A7s3tQ
  6. Sounds like a nice day thanks for taking the time to do a wright up
  7. Video of me roost shooting https://youtu.be/j5mKf1wluNs
  8. top effort id get distracted with that view
  9. Thank You im now looking on line at these suggestions while i thaw out
  10. Top effort that won't happen again
  11. I was surprised at how close i managed to get We have many buzzards and a redkite about the farm and the hares don't take much notice The only thing the hares don't like are the farm trucks because we have problems with poachers with lamps
  12. where can i buy proper seat covers for a ford ranger 2014+ ones that fit proper not baggy old sheets Many Thanks
  13. Quick video of Hares on the farm with my drone thats a drone not a armsight drone night vision https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwbrkahDu4o
  14. welcome back i have armsan a612 i use every week cracking tool
  15. have you tried sending a pm as he should get an email
  16. Your best bet would be to phone your fao or there head office, and explain your point for needing a less restrictive firearms ticket worked for me and others
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