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  1. Yea I heard of the G26 lenses for shooting but I can only find them for the Radar glasses not the Radarlocks which is a bit of a shame. Although a Radar lens will fit into Radarlock's apparently its a little tight and puts a bit of pressure on the locks which holds the lens in place. Not sure if it would cause problems over time.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone, been very helpful, lots of useful advice. I will likely get them within the next week or so. Appreciate you all taking the time to help a beginner out
  3. Thanks for the info. At the moment think I think I will likely get the Permission, and Yellow lenses, plus another set if I can't get them to let me have the yellows with the glasses. Is it the black iridium lenses that you use? And does having the polarised version make a difference? Do you tend to switch your lenses based on the light conditions when you go out? If so could you tell me roughly what conditions you use each of the lenses in? Or is it the colour of the clays? Sorry for all the questions, quite new to the sport so want to make sure I get the right things and use
  4. Thanks for letting me know about them, think I will stick with getting them brand new (I'm tend not to buy anything second-hand, like the idea of it been new and in perfect condition).
  5. Thanks. Yes I can see your avatar picture looks like the yellow vented lens from the second link I included, I will try calling Oakley before I buy to see if they can make those lenses available with the glasses if not I will just have to get them as an extra set. Unfortunately the shops near me which sell them don't stock a selection of lenses so I will have to buy directly from Oakley, but I did make a point of trying a pair on and they seem to fit me well.
  6. Hi I started going clay pigeon shooting around 6 months ago and up until now I have been using safety gear from the club I go to, however I am now looking at getting my own equipment since I know I really enjoy it. For safety glasses I am considering a pair of Oakley Radarlock's (http://uk.oakley.com/custom/radarlock), unless someone know a good reason not to. The lenses seem to be really good for the safety side which is the most important thing. They come with 2 sets of lenses so I was thinking I should probably have one relatively dull weather and one for bright sunny days (even
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