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  1. Hi does anyone have any details yet of either of these shoots?
  2. Joe stops shooting? Not altogether I hope, I’m wanting some more lessons
  3. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled. Just want to get the odd practice weekend in for the pigeon shooting (which I’m not getting around to doing) better when the light nights are here. Starting to shoot up at joe Neville’s once a month as a purpose to get out
  4. Oh dear bang goes the idea of a shoot being 15 mins down the road...thought it was too good to be true
  5. You get to go to the pub afterwards? I’m lucky just to get a pass to go shooting only let alone pub afterwards
  6. Wrong side of the border?...I guess your Derbyshire side. Not mover far, only from Nuthall
  7. Ok that’d be great...from what I understood they stopped shooting at Lumb farm and now they shoot on some land behind the cricket club (I think). Don’t know where I heard about it but new to the area so it’s only 10 mins from where I live. Would be good if they did though
  8. Does anyone know if the shoot behind Marehay Cricket Club in Derbyshire is still on? I think they had a shoot every other week
  9. Thanks everyone obviously mixed opinions. Think I’ll leave it on, as someone says they wouldn’t put them on in the first place if they weren’t required. I dry mount onto the ceiling line, onto to pattern of the wall paper, onto door handles, looking up the stairs at the fire alarm. I try various different things just to try and help mounting in different varied situations. I’m very comfortable with my mount so not doubting this. When thinking about when I’m shooting, if I’m honest the majority of times I couldn’t tell you where the bead was but if I think about the obvious stupid shots Iv missed (more often than not) I could probably tell you exactly where the bead was....I think that says it all
  10. Decisions decisions don’t know what to do...I think allot of it is actually psychological so if I just remove it, The problem goes away
  11. Perrazi.....guess you have been shooting a while, I have heard a few people say this. Guess it’s easy enough to either fit a new one or put the old one back on if required
  12. Have a silver pigeon sportier with the usual white bead. Thinking of removing the bead all together or swapping it for one of the small silver round ones. I mount the gun most nights at home and can’t help but always seeing it no matter how much you try and train your eyes to look through it....it’s always there. Don’t like messing with things though so don’t know whether it’s worth it
  13. I’m eager to also know. I’ll be out this coming weekend with a black bead...don’t know if I’m “playing” too much and this might be just a stupid idea
  14. I’m eager to get out again and shoot this one...thinking back I don’t know where I was trying to shoot it
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