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  1. With being a member of BASC already I think for the cost it will be well worth while. I don’t have a lot of time for shooting so if I can shortcut things by attending then I think why not plus it’s a good excuse to get out for the day
  2. Didn’t know if this was worth attending for a newbie or whether it was a waste of time
  3. Anyone been on the BASC introduction to pigeon shooting course?
  4. Hi not shot at cocketts in a while, I haven’t actually shot all year. Wife’s having baby No 2 at the minute so can’t sneak out just yet but when I do I’d love to go. Would be nice to have people to meet up with
  5. Hi do you recommend any decent gun fitters in the Nottinghamshire area?
  6. Thanks for the comments, think I’ll take it out and try it. The gun only cost £400 so probably not worth spending allot on it. Yes it’s a straight stock as oppose to the pistol grip on my o/u
  7. I have just bought a 1930 side by side. Not shot it yet but it Feels to fit better than my o/u when mounting at home. Only problem is that it has a solid wooden recoil pad fitted. Although this has some grooves carved into it to give grip, it still slips in the shoulder. I have just ordered some 1.5mm adhesive backed rubber neoprene which I shall be cutting into shape and sticking on to give a bit of grip so hopefully it won’t slip
  8. Hi does anyone have any details yet of either of these shoots?
  9. Joe stops shooting? Not altogether I hope, I’m wanting some more lessons
  10. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled. Just want to get the odd practice weekend in for the pigeon shooting (which I’m not getting around to doing) better when the light nights are here. Starting to shoot up at joe Neville’s once a month as a purpose to get out
  11. Oh dear bang goes the idea of a shoot being 15 mins down the road...thought it was too good to be true
  12. You get to go to the pub afterwards? I’m lucky just to get a pass to go shooting only let alone pub afterwards
  13. Wrong side of the border?...I guess your Derbyshire side. Not mover far, only from Nuthall
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