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  1. Small, friendly Home Office approved firearms club has space for three new members in Nottingham area. Think you could fit in? Message me if interested.
  2. I’ve just come across this old thread and have to tell you that Rolls Royce club is still alive and well! Yes our old range isn’t there anymore but we shoot somewhere else and still have the same friendly, welcoming club and may have some opportunities for new members coming up. if you’re interested send me a message and I’ll discuss with you.
  3. That's why it's important to find the people who actually go out on to the streets to help these people like I have done. Amazing folk, they are all volunteers who provide hot food out of their own pockets, organise collections of clothing with their own vehicles/fuel and spend their evenings on the streets just trying to look out for and help the most vulnerable people who really need assistance. I FILLED two bin liners with old stuff that was just lying around the house - hats, gloves, scarves, an old puffer jacket that I used to use for painting the fence in, as well as the heavy duty stuff
  4. Well I took my first lot of stuff to the volunteers today with some insulated hunting trousers and ex army softee suit trousers. Just got this message through Facebook Amanda Winters Bobby Sands I gave a pair of trousers each to two people who were settling in a shop door way for the night,they only had a thin sleeping bag and a quilt,they are so grateful for the trousers and I know they will be so much warmer tonight.Thank You That is all it takes to make a difference fellas! By finding the frontline people I know that my stuff is directly helping someone TONIGHT.
  5. That's why I've searched out the frontline volunteers who are out on the streets. If I dropped some of my (quality but used) gear off somewhere I can guarantee it'll end up on eBay. I want it to go directly to the person that will benefit from it AND I am personally making sure that is what is happening with stuff that people have already sent and are sending to me.
  6. I understand what you are saying and I'm not that dumb regarding begging. I'm talking about people sleeping on the streets, in doorways (and wherever) at night not during the day. If you are bedded down, buried under cardboard at 11.00 p.m. I'd go out on a limb and say that you are probably homeless - what do you reckon? I've done quite a bit of looking into this over the last few days and whilst certain councils around the country are better than others they all have stuff in place to assist genuine homeless but there are a lot that fall through the cracks. If you read my original post it sta
  7. Hello all, Whilst this may seem to make me appear to be ignorant in my relatively rural life I have just returned from a midweek break in a UK city. It was quite cold as the winter is now starting to bite and was appalled at seeing so many homeless people freezing in doorways. I know that I/we can’t solve this problem but we can do something to help. We as a shooting community have cupboards full of warm, waterproof outdoor clothing and at this time of year are probably hoping that Santa will be bringing us some more. I have dug out some old (but still perfectly usable) insulated hunting
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