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  1. adzyvilla

    Owen Jones

    Can't find a link off hand but I remember reading the advance for his book was £250k and his London home valued at upwards of £500k. (all sounding a bit daily mail I know) I will do some more research and post what I can find.
  2. Ooooh, treat yourself to a trip up the coast to Hemsby or Little Vegas as I call it. Warning: sights can not be unseen.
  3. adzyvilla

    Owen Jones

    Not only all the above, but poor downtrodden Owen is a millionaire. I haven't a problem with people making money and being successful from honest graft. But how has little Owen accrued his vast wealth (top 3% of the country)? Down't pit? Out on a trawler? Invented something useful? No. By being a grievance monger, talking head 'Champion of the Downtrodden Working Class' TM. Something he has no first hand knowledge of whatsoever, and who if he encountered it outside of a carefully stage managed photo op, would probably wet himself and go running home to mummy.
  4. I had to stop feeding the birds as our house is surrounded by cats (3 one side, 4 the other) who are out 24 hours a day, and the cats were using my garden as a hunting practice ground. Shame as I got a lot of pleasure from seeing all sorts come and go. Hardly see anything out there now, which is good for them I suppose.
  5. My wife uses my 20b miroku. It was the gun I learned to shoot with when I was younger and has a shorter lop than I now need so when I have taken it out I just use a slip on extender. It suits her very well, if just slightly low in the comb, but a £15 neoprene comb raiser sorted that. If and when she gets into shooting properly (she is also having lessons independently from me using an ordinary silver pigeon 20b) and wants her own gun we will look into it, but at the moment the set up works. Any gun that your other half likes that fits well or can be altered to suit is the best bet, it doesn't have to be a dedicated ladies gun as these tend to be more expensive than ordinary models.
  6. I must admit to being tempted by a browning b725 Pro sport as a dedicated clay gun. It seems to have everything for the serious claybuster, and would suit your brother in laws budget if he is prepared to go second hand. If he must have new, you can't beat a miroku mk38 in my experience, the best clay gun pound for pound. Doesnt really matter about the grade, but I'll admit that there are some really nice looking pieces of wood on the grade 5s. Of course, his budget won't stretch to a grade 5 if he wants new.
  7. My previous car (a 2015 seat ibiza st 1.4tsi) was the best engined car I have ever owned. Returned an average of 55+mpg, bags of torque and 150bhp made overtaking easy and it was a hoot to drive, the extra economy coming from the active cylinder tech and a very good start/stop system. The skyactiv engine is an amazing piece of technology there can be no doubt. However, a 1.0l t engine in a car as heavy as the latest astra will struggle, and as with all cars depends on how and where it is driven.
  8. I don't think many people are going to buy it for towing.
  9. Engine is smaller but weighs less, is geared differently and due to the addition of a turbocharger, has more torque and more horsepower so doesn't have to work as hard to move the car around. The newer smaller engine is much more technologicially advanced than the older (slightly) bigger displacement engine in terms of turbo geometry, direct injection and valve timing. Adding a turbo these days can make a car much more efficient.
  10. Possibly. I think real world driving will show better economy for the turbo'd cars (depending on how they are driven as the 1.6 will have to be worked harder) at least that's what most of the trade reviewers have said. I didn't really get to test the economy on my test drives.
  11. The 1.0 and 1.4 booster jet engines are turbocharged. They are actually the same engines found in the fiat 500 and the other small fiat's and alf romeos. More horsepower and more torque makes them more sprightly to drive, but the smaller capacity and the fact that they are much more advanced than the older 1.6, means they are more economical too. Since diesels have become the target of the eco brigade, smaller capacity turbocharged engines are likely to be the immediate future of a lot of family hatches/small suv type cars like the eco boost engines in the ford fiesta and focus, the tsi engines in smaller vws.
  12. If you aren't too worried about the pedestrian performance, the 1.6 is fine. It's also not the most economical for what it is, but is actually a nice car to drive, but could become a chore on a regular commute. If you are after better performance (and by that I mean not quite as slow), and can afford the higher purchase price, consider the same car but with either the 1.0 or 1.4 booster jet engines. I test drove both the vitara and sx4 and tried the 1.6 and the 1.4 engines last year before deciding on a subaru xv instead. Kinda wish I'd got the sx4 1.4 now, but that's life.
  13. Another vote for merrell. I have a pair for cross country running and they are great. Also have a pair of Adidas terrex which are goretex lined. Would recommend either.
  14. Reading a partial review in autocar today, it will be conventionally sprung with air suspension an optional extra. It will be badged up 90, 110 and 130 but these are just numbers and will not correspond to the length of chassis. It will share a common platform with the disco and range rover sport but is being significantly changed and it will be the highest riding model in the jlr line up. The reviewer seemed quite impressed but until its fully unveiled at launch with all specs and prices I'm reserving judgement.
  15. Got these all round on my subaru xv in November last year. Better than the yoko geolandars they replaced, almost reminiscent of the old style town and country tyres but with good economy and dry grip into the bargain. Not tested in a severe winter as we didn't get one, but they certainly make me feel more confident.
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