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  1. I'd avoid them until you level up a bit. Concentrate on wolves, bandits and skeevers until level 10, or as smokingdragon says you can try sniping at them from a safe place. Do it in sneak and level up your stealth at the same time.
  2. You'll have no trouble with that rig! Hope you got the special edition, graphics are absolutely superb.
  3. Even though its a relatively old game, you will still need a pretty high end pc to get it to run properly. Plenty of sites on the interweb discussing the minimum/recommended system requirements. Absolutely brilliant game. Played it for a long time on xbox, then switched to pc to enable modding. As Peter Henry said, all the elders scrolls games are good. Have fun
  4. Winchester or miroku. Probably a much longer list of makers I don't like.
  5. I think up to around 2017, roughly half of all petrols sold were manual. So you shouldn't have much trouble finding one. That does include the early 1.6s (which is the only model in the range to have the hi/lo range box) but are best avoided because they are badly underpowered. The auto (actually a CVT) works well with the diesel because it has much more torque, but is not a good fit with the petrols. My best mate is a Subaru mechanic so we spend a lot of time talking about them!
  6. Yes I have one (a petrol manual 2014 2.0) and I like it. It has nearly 11" of ground clearance and is robust enough to tackle moderate terrain without too much effort, in fact the angles are slightly better than the bigger forester, and it's lighter weight makes it arguably the better proposition for muddy bits. Boot big enough to hold two labradors in comfort. Not overly quick, but it will keep up with traffic. I average 38-40 mpg mixed driving over maybe 8000 miles a year. It's comfy, and most have climate/heated seats/sat nav. Owned it just over 3 years and it hasnt needed anything ot
  7. Absolutely not. Whizzing around in glorified milkfloats, the loudest sound coming from the tyres, not exactly glamourous is it? Formula e is a dead end, much like electric vehicles are only a stopgap until the next big leap forward. I don't think we'll see loads of innovation come out of electric racing cars like we did with the world of formula one. I've sadly watched the decline of rallying which was also a brilliant proving ground for some outrageous technology since the end of group b and I think all motor racing is dying a slow death. Who knows what will take its place.
  8. And it's also a handy way to offset profits made in road car manufacturing. Formula e is where the action will be in future.
  9. We have an industrial laser engraver at work and that makes a high pitched noise. You have to be standing in the right (wrong) place to be able to hear it though. It varies in pitch and intensity depending on what material you are engraving.
  10. Subaru forester. Upgrade from the standard geolandar tyres and you won't be disappointed.
  11. As F1 (and Mercedes in particular) provides my employer with 70% of their income, I do hope not. We used to have a much more diverse customer base, but chasing the sums of money involved in F1 was too big a temptation. As far as I know, Mercedes still plan to have a team in F1, but not necessarily a works supported one. Same goes for the other big manufacturers. In essence, they will just become engine suppliers, and everything else will come from private investors. It could well be the beginning of the end though, as many predicted when Bernie Ecclestone was ousted.
  12. Was looking at some old family photos a few weeks ago after my parents had a sort out. Grandad had cars since the early 30s. Got my dad to try and list a few that he could identify, and some that he could remember. Wolesley hornet Austin 10 (2 different ones) Austin 8 MG magnette Ford popular. He worked for Aston Martin in Newport pagnell after the ww2 until he retired, and I have loads of pics of him at the factory and driving Astons. They were a bit different from his own cars. I will scan a few in and see if I can post them later.
  13. Thank you so much! Much less than I thought.
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