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  1. Purely anecdotal I will admit. My part of the world is Norfolk, where housebuilding is absolutely booming at the moment. In my district there are in the region of 5000 homes either currently being built or in the planning stages. Numerous local campaigns against them (local referenda, petitions etc) are ignored, councillors suddenly change their mind about applications despite being elected on a promise to fight them, lots of cronyism at district and county level (I.e big local builders or their family members getting elected and going straight on to the right committees and so on). If I wasn'
  2. Wow. I take it all back. There's definitely no corruption in local planning.
  3. Sadly, corruption is endemic in this respect, and all councils are up to it. My local council have recently given the go ahead to 243 new homes on agricultural land (very prone to flooding) at the edge of town. This despite the proposal being turned down three times for various reasons including increased traffic, no facility for extra drainage, not enough affordable housing, no extra facilities and so on. Lo and behold, the plans were submitted for a fourth time, there was massive objection, it went to committee (again) and the very people who have turned it down three previous times suddenly
  4. My two on a walk this morning. Winnie (3 years 3 months) on the left and Raven (15 months) on the right.
  5. 10 weeks wages. Incredible. My father bought a w&s 701 in 1967 when he was 21, and he's still got it. Never knew it was worth that much new back then. I suppose 10 weeks wages for me now, I could probably afford entry level perazzi. Not that I would dream of spending that much on a gun.
  6. I have Michelin latitude cross as above on my subaru xv. 10000 miles and so far so good. Superior in every way to the supposedly a/t yokohama geolandars they replaced.
  7. I've had 4 subarus over the years, as you may know they are permanent symmetrical all wheel drive. Never known any such problem, and I have probably covered over 100000 miles in these vehicles. I actually find the tyres wear fairly evenly front to back. I would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced anything different. Certainly no diff problems.
  8. Exactly this. Hit them where it hurts. Our orgs have this fighting fund, put it to good use. Don't go after them for money, make them print a full front page retraction and apology.
  9. I use them professionally, the copy cat mains tools are fine, I would avoid the battery powered ones, if you want cordless, get dremel. At home, i love my dremel, used to use it a lot, but now I have invested in a bigger compressor it's air tools all the way.... 😁 One note of caution. Don't bother with cheap imitation fittings and consumables, buy the genuine dremel stuff, everything else is rubbish.
  10. That crane was decrepit when I was working there 12 years ago. Used to give me the heebie jeebies putting it up and down.
  11. Play him at his own game. Spurious litigation, judicial review, private prosecution? Go after him personally, basc have all this money lying around, put it to good use with some good old fashioned lawfare. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. I'm tired of shooting being on the back foot all the time
  12. Now he's let his guard down, let's destroy him and his crew once and for all......
  13. I think we all know the answer to that. Its pretty clear the BASC et al have decided what course of action they are taking and no amount of evidence to the contrary will persuade them otherwise. In short, they have bet the farm on the non toxic shot horse, and cannot back out now. Its also why the rather excellent suggestion from stonepark is sadly pointless. Any study commissioned by our organisations will be starting with the conclusion (lead shot bad) and will cherry pick data to support that conclusion, rather than hypothesising that lead shot is bad, and seeing where the evide
  14. I helped set the pay and play course on long siberia up and ran it for the first couple of years. There's a lot of variety there, and it's gone from strength to strength since I moved on to pastures new. Great fun for simulated game down the far end of the ground. I hope you enjoy it.
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