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  1. That was my best guess too, those pigeons are obviously seeing something I'm not!
  2. Not a lot about in my neck of the woods either (mid Norfolk). Thought there would be some good sport on the flailed maize strips but very little activity when I have had time and my scouts tell me the supply of birds has dried up all around. Oddly enough, the only places I've seen any real numbers seems to be on rough grassy areas and field margins. Walking the dog early yesterday morning, I put 30 or 40 up off on the scoots of a big ploughed field. Closer inspection yielded no real explanation for them being there and not on nearby osr/drillings. Very odd.
  3. 1981 Mk1 golf gti. Bought from a scrap yard with no engine but good bodywork when I was 16. Engine and gearbox bought the following year and fitted by me over the summer amongst other things. Dad put it through an mot for me as a present for passing my test and I promptly drove it into a wall a few days later. My friend bought it off me as his project car for college and he did a first class job of restoring it and still owns it over 20 years later.
  4. I was merely pointing out that I'm not keen on my council lying about why they are raising taxes. I am fully aware that central government have cut funding for all sorts of local services. I would rather Norfolk had just called it a council pensions surcharge which is what it is. As it goes I don't think anyone would mind paying more for genuine services be they social care, housing or buses.
  5. In Norfolk, they couldn't put the council tax up enough so they added an extra separate payment for 'adult social care'. But funnily enough, they still cut the funding for such things despite the extra income. Much the same as everyone else, services decline but tax goes up every year. Norfolk county council has an eyewatering pensions liability which will only get bigger and the poor unfortunate inhabitants are forced to pay. Much like the TV licence, council tax demands are becoming unsustainable, and they will eventually be forced to find a fairer means of funding local services.
  6. Most enjoyable for me was my five years at bisley shooting ground as a groundsman. Sometimes hard, sometimes frustrating but with lots of good times and good people to work with. Went from there straight into another good job as a gfw/maintenance man on a hobby farm for a very wealthy family. No two days the same and had a lot of freedom as the boss was out of the country for over half a year. Gave it up to do very boring but well paying work in Motorsport.
  7. I'm hoping to have an afternoon decoying on the flailed maize once the estate boys finally get round to it. Very lazy this year.
  8. So, it looks like the end of the road for roost shooting this year. The unseasonable weather and wary pigeons made for a very frustrating afternoon. The rugby being on and Norwich playing at home meant we had a few less shooters out this afternoon and we suspected a difficult time ahead. I made my way to the usual place and dad decided to head over the river to the big wood to help fill a gap. Sounded like we had about 3 other lads out, but the banging was very sporadic and all seemed to be centred in the village end of the estate. I started well taking a snap shot through the trees that sent a pigeon spiralling down into the ditch at the edge of the wood. A flock went over very high just after but well out of range for me, they didn't seem to want to stop either so I settled in. Nothing for 20 minutes or more and frustration started to creep in. Whoever was in the wood far to my right seemed to be in the birds as a steady stream of doubles sounded out. My chance came when a single pigeon made to land just ahead of me. I fired twice and hit it with my second shot, but it limped off to crash out in the rape field to the east side. That noise made a pair of pigeons who had snuck in behind me take flight and I had time to get off my third cartridge but missed. Chances were few and far between after that and what I saw were high, wide and very wary. I decided to collect my meagre bounty and went rooting through the rape. Found it after much head scratching on the headland, a long way away from where I thought it had come down. Dad wandered over just after 5 saying he'd had enough, hadn't fired a shot (not even the obligatory crow) so we called it a day. I cut some sticks to put away for beating next season, as I probably won't be back here now until the first shoot day in November. Roll on decoying!
  9. The village where I grew up had 4 pubs up until very recently. There is now only one proper pub, one is now a gastro pub, one a Thai restaurant and the last one closed down when the owner died and there is a big battle going on over its future. They all used to be busy and the remaining ones still are. On the plus side, the sports and social club has reopened after several years. I moved away a few years ago but still return from time to time to see my mates. My new home has over 10 pubs within walking distance so we are still well served, but there used to be over 40 in the local area.
  10. I'll be out definitely. It usually tails off here at the end of the month, but some years back we were getting decent bags into the back end of march. Then it's back to reality. I would like to do a bit more decoying this year but work and family are always getting in the way of my fun.....
  11. There are virtually none here in my part of mid Norfolk, has been the same for about 5 years. They did show signs of rallying last year with increased digging activity but that ended in the autumn. A bit further afield, during the season out beating I saw the odd one or two pushed out of cover but no where near what you used to see. On one of my permissions on the border with Suffolk, he reckons he's never seen so many and is out lamping them himself most nights. I might go ferreting there next weekend.
  12. Not so windy conditions this time out, but a group of 30-40 pigeons moved off as we arrived gave us hope that the afternoon might be a busy one. Weather forecast promised 10-15mph southerly winds and partial cloud, so conditions were set to be good. Lots of banging around and about as the more enthusiastic lads were already out, and it sounded like a good turn out with several woods not covered last week now occupied. Dad took the opportunity to do a bit of training with his spaniel so didn't have his gun this time, relying on me to provide retrievals (possibly a mistake...). I had the semi out again today after a decent showing last week. It started slowly with ones and twos coming over but out of range for me, but a couple came in to a sitty poplar at the edge and I managed to hit one but missed the other with my last two shots and it flew away unharmed. The downed bird fell into thick ivy below it and hung up, so I left it for the moment hoping it would fall in time. The promised breeze never materialised, save for the odd gust and the birds just weren't there in the numbers we saw last week. I shot another two for several shots but only fired a total of 12 cartridges at pigeons in a disappointing afternoon. Young Teal the spaniel got to make a couple of retrieves and did well, but needs a lot of obedience work before she can be relied upon. Whether or not dad has the patience for this remains to be seen. Decided to pack it in early and had to shoot the hung up pigeon down. Hopefully next week will be better. Not sure what the other lads were shooting at all afternoon, as a call to the keeper later that evening had him scratching his head too.
  13. It's been well used, and it shows. It started not firing the second barrel occasionally which didn't bother me enough to get it sorted, but it got to the point where it never fired the second so now it's getting sorted. No idea what's wrong though. Hope it's not too bad, I love that gun, it's like a part of me. I enjoy the challenge of really windy days. Cheers marsh man Well If I don't have a total mare I'll do another one next week...
  14. I never know if people want to read these things. Thanks jdog!
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