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  1. Another shout for armsan a612. For £700 you can get a new one and 1000 cartridges and still have change. I think they are great value for money.
  2. adzyvilla

    The 1980's

    These guys always looked like they were having fun in their videos. Not groundbreaking but great tune
  3. adzyvilla

    The 1980's

    Another ground breaker. Great song too
  4. adzyvilla

    The 1980's

    Can't say it's his best song but the video was certainly different.
  5. I got some army surplus bib and brace over trousers from a stall in the market. I think they are goretex ones and they take a battering during the season. Not let me down yet and still holding together wear wise. Hopefully a place near you that sells similar.
  6. I'm a laminator, mostly carbon fibre, mostly F1, some LMP cars, some Mod work. I work for the highest bidder for my skills, a mercenary if you will but that is the nature of my sector. Still I've been in the same place for 8 years now so Ive nearly put down roots. I've always worked with my hands, always will whilst the body is willing. Like my father I preferred physical/outdoor work (he was a gamekeeper and farmer now retired) while the rest of my family are well schooled (accountant, pharmacist, actuary and research biologist). I never liked school but my parents insisted I went to university so I have a totally useless degree. I guess I'm better off than average but I work hard for my money, I'm certainly not privileged though.
  7. Check out the dippy detectorists on YouTube. Norfolks finest and a wonderful tongue in cheek window onto the world of magnet fishing.
  8. Miroku mk38 sporterised trap 32". Nothing special, not new to me and she had seen some action. But for some reason, fitted me like a glove and instantly improved my scores on clays by 20%. Sold because I needed the money probably for less than it was worth. Never come close to that feeling with a gun before or since.
  9. If anyone can sort out brexit ditchy, it'll be you.
  10. Another vote for using a good instructor. I am going through a similar situation with my wife who is of slight build and isn't the rough and tumble type. She has done archery for years but fancied a go on the clays, so I got her on a ladies day for a present and she got the bug so we progressed to one to one tuition with an instructor. She has been taught to mount and hold properly which makes a big difference. She started with using the instructors 12b with 21g carts, but she struggled with holding the gun up for an extended period of time, so I got a lighter 20b that was much more comfortable for her to hold up. Still using 21g carts, and the difference in recoil is virtually non existent despite the gun being a good 1lb lighter. She also uses a shoulder pad (purchased from ebay for £7) and is now progressing well. Also gives me an excuse to go off and have a practice myself while she is having her lessons!
  11. Last 3 days in a row here in mid Norfolk. Temp dropped down to 1 on Sunday night.
  12. Much like handy4454 I use get on as a general 'at ease' command and my lab will just do as she pleases, but one word or pip of the whistle and her attention is straight back to me. Never had a problem as she never leaves my sight (her choice), but when she really let's loose in a big open space, she could give a greyhound a run for its money.
  13. I used to go with a mate, every year (for 7 years) from 2001. I did go again a few years ago, but it wasn't the same going without my friend. The way we did it was quite simple, but also a bit dodgy. We both bought a season ticket (every frame of every game on one half of the draw) and we both had our favourite players, so sometimes we would get the same half, sometimes different. These season tickets also included all the semis and the final. We would then decide which games we wanted to see (sometimes I would only go and see one session) and so we would book the time off work and book a hotel (usually the cutlers as it was 2 minutes from the crucible) and the train there and back. Now for the dodgy bit. All the games we didn't want to see, we put on ebay (you used to be able to resell tickets on there in those days). World snooker used to send individual paper tickets for every session in a season ticket, rather than just one ticket for the whole tournament, so it was very easy. The buyer just had to pretend to be either me of my mate. Most years we made so much money reselling that it paid for the season tickets, the hotel and the train, so we went for free! Best part was, you became a preferential fan after buying one season ticket, so we always got one offered to us each before the rest of the tickets went on general sale. It's all changed now of course and you can't do it like that any more. Getting married stopped me going in the end. I saw some absolutely amazing games in that time, met all the great players, had a few drinks with them too, even played a couple of frames with Jimmy White one year in the exhibition hall. We never got closer than row 5. Most of the centre section of the seating (directly in front of the tables) is reserved for world snooker employees and sponsors (such as embassy as it was back then) and the rest of the closest seats are for hospitality (maybe first 3 rows), so it's no surprise you see the same faces on the TV at games. We met so many of the same people there year after year, I should imagine that very few tickets ever come up for general sale that the occasional fan can get.
  14. Spoilt ballots are counted and officially recorded, but the numbers do not have to be made public. My wife has just got back from counting votes here in norfolk for the day.
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