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  1. We use a lot of cordless at work and generally buy in whatever our suppliers stock/what is on special. We currently have Hitachi, bosch and dewalt. The Hitachi (18v) are old and are totally knackered. But they have been used hard, and were popular. The dewalt (18v) are the newer brushless ones, originally came with 1.5amph batteries, which didn't last long. With replacement 4.5amph batteries, they go all day and stand up to some punishment. The chucks all still work as they should and they are very sturdily put together. The bosch blue (14.4v) are the oldest ones and still have the nicad batteries, but are absolutly brilliant if you want to do light work. I personally use dewalt for DIY home use. I bought a 18v xr combi brushless pack with 2 5amph batteries, and I recently upgraded to a 54v 9amph battery pack. It's epic. No need for a corded drill any more.
  2. "Well, opinions are like *** holes. Everybody has one."
  3. Internet shopping has done for department stores, the ones that are left like John Lewis and Debenhams can't last much longer. It's an old fashioned business model that hasn't moved with the times. Coupled with extortionate business rates and rents, green taxes, and staffing costs, its an impossible task for them to thrive. My home town had a small department store that changed hands several times over the last few years limping along until it finally closed and is now a gym. Very sad indeed, but that is the price of progress. Soon the only shops in small towns will be charity, barbers and vape.
  4. Subcontractor manufacturer, various teams (more than 1 at present)*. I'm a composites laminator, and the sector is absolutely booming at the moment. Most companies are turning away contracts simply because there aren't enough experienced staff to do the work, although my company is constantly taking on new starters and training them up, it takes 3-5 years to be considered competent. We have had the added problem of some substandard design meaning quite a few projects have been put on hiatus while problems are sorted out and work is piling up and then all coming back on stream at the same time. It's a case of just because it's theoretically possible, it doesn't mean it's practical. *I'd rather not name names, as it's a smallish community and anyone in the know might be able to work out the name of my employer, and mine as well
  5. I'm very glad they have to be honest. I work in F1 and the extra time to get parts made is a boon.
  6. I don't mind any of them. But then, mum did always say I was a food dustbin.
  7. No new report to post, as the pigeons had other ideas today. Conditions good, plenty of fresh drill around me, lots of birds about and even a few buddies out in other woods. All I saw in the end were up with the angels. After a few shots at these skyscrapers, with nothing to show, I decided a nice cup of tea was in order so I packed up and headed for home. I was out for nearly 2 hours all told so I gave it a good go, the shooting gods just weren't smiling on me. Still, nice to be out amongst nature, spring has truly arrived so my thoughts turn to the decoys. That's it for flighting/roosting this year for me.
  8. We put thick vinyl down in our dog room. The pup had it ripped up in about 2 days. My advice would be floor tiles if you can stretch to it, easy to keep clean.
  9. I suppose I am lucky to be able to spend this time with my dad, he won't always be there so I'll make the most of it. Nearly 30 years now I've been his shooting companion, although way back then all I got to do was be quiet and still and watch it all happen. I'll never forget the first time he let me take a shot with his air rifle at a rabbit. I missed, but the feeling never left me and cemented my place in the shooting fraternity forever. Thanks dad.
  10. I will be in discussion with the keeper during the week to see who else is out (if anyone) next weekend. Some years we have roost shot through until April, literally standing under trees coming into full leaf in our shirtsleeves, and the birds never dried up. Other years, we've knocked it on the head after a couple of weeks, having barely fired a shot. Funny how it goes. If everyone has had enough, I'll dust off the decoys in a few weekends and see what's about.
  11. I love deerhunter stuff, can be got very cheap from places like SGC and ebay on sale. I think they are excellent value for money. I have had several coats over the years and a smock (which is now my go to beating coat). Seem to get 4 or 5 years out of them before any major problems (usually rips or zips breaking), but they do get a hammering during the season.
  12. With East anglia firmly in the grip of storm Jorge, ideal conditions for roost shooting on this Saturday afternoon and a slab of fiocci pl 30 to try out, I loaded up, collected the old man and decamped at our usual place. 30mph southerly winds meant that the birds would be flying slightly differently than usual, and broken cloud with brilliant sunshine and occasional brisk downpours was forecast, although in the end the rain was non existent. The damage of previous storms had not been added to in the intervening 7 days, so I took up my favourite position and settled in. It was a good 20 minutes before I even caught sight of a pigeon, as a solitary bird dropped in to a tree on the edge of the wood some 45 yards away, well out of range, but I was cheered by the sight of it. I opened my account a few minutes later as a wickedly fast group flew over, 4 shots resulted in one bird down, duly retrieved by winnie in no time at all. She really is becoming a dab hand at this shooting lark. It would be a long time before I saw a hittable bird again, although keen to put my new carts through their paces, I was popping off at anything that came close. A bit later bought down two for three shots in quick succession, with some fine shooting long, head on but very wide birds, far to my left. That was a conundrum for the dog, who has never had to chose from two retrieves in the field before, but after some initial prompting from me, she did some good work with a long retrieve that meant she had to leave the wood and go out onto the park. It was a long time before she had any more work to do though. The wind must have shifted enough to effect the flight path as I began to get ones and twos coming in straight driven. Could I hit any? No. God knows what I was doing but I must have missed 6 or 7 and at one point I could have sworn the dog had her head in her paws out of sheer embarrassment. I don't normally struggle with these birds and I was scratching my head to figure out why. A trip to the clay ground might be in order methinks. Anyway, back to the woods. I decided to give myself a break and moved position closer to the edge of the wood where birds were occasionally settling in. The shooting was dying off at this point as it approached 5 o clock and father had made his way up to my end to see if I'd had enough. I was pretty confident there was action ahead so I said I'd give it a little while before packing in. He took up position some way behind me facing away and had a couple of shots while I waited for my chance. It came eventually, and I managed to take one more to make 4 in total as i caught it coming in to land in classic roost style. There it ended, and we called it a day. Dad didn't get anything for his 7 shots. I had a total of 28 in the end, although probably only a dozen or so at actual hittable birds. Might not be able to make it next week, but things may change. I think the cartridges were OK. I need more time with them. They killed well when I connected, and the gun cycled them well, so hopefully it will be the beginning of a new partnership.
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