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  1. adzyvilla

    Windy conditions

    I'll be out definitely. It usually tails off here at the end of the month, but some years back we were getting decent bags into the back end of march. Then it's back to reality. I would like to do a bit more decoying this year but work and family are always getting in the way of my fun.....
  2. adzyvilla

    Rabbit numbers in your area?

    There are virtually none here in my part of mid Norfolk, has been the same for about 5 years. They did show signs of rallying last year with increased digging activity but that ended in the autumn. A bit further afield, during the season out beating I saw the odd one or two pushed out of cover but no where near what you used to see. On one of my permissions on the border with Suffolk, he reckons he's never seen so many and is out lamping them himself most nights. I might go ferreting there next weekend.
  3. adzyvilla

    Windy conditions

    Not so windy conditions this time out, but a group of 30-40 pigeons moved off as we arrived gave us hope that the afternoon might be a busy one. Weather forecast promised 10-15mph southerly winds and partial cloud, so conditions were set to be good. Lots of banging around and about as the more enthusiastic lads were already out, and it sounded like a good turn out with several woods not covered last week now occupied. Dad took the opportunity to do a bit of training with his spaniel so didn't have his gun this time, relying on me to provide retrievals (possibly a mistake...). I had the semi out again today after a decent showing last week. It started slowly with ones and twos coming over but out of range for me, but a couple came in to a sitty poplar at the edge and I managed to hit one but missed the other with my last two shots and it flew away unharmed. The downed bird fell into thick ivy below it and hung up, so I left it for the moment hoping it would fall in time. The promised breeze never materialised, save for the odd gust and the birds just weren't there in the numbers we saw last week. I shot another two for several shots but only fired a total of 12 cartridges at pigeons in a disappointing afternoon. Young Teal the spaniel got to make a couple of retrieves and did well, but needs a lot of obedience work before she can be relied upon. Whether or not dad has the patience for this remains to be seen. Decided to pack it in early and had to shoot the hung up pigeon down. Hopefully next week will be better. Not sure what the other lads were shooting at all afternoon, as a call to the keeper later that evening had him scratching his head too.
  4. adzyvilla

    Windy conditions

    It's been well used, and it shows. It started not firing the second barrel occasionally which didn't bother me enough to get it sorted, but it got to the point where it never fired the second so now it's getting sorted. No idea what's wrong though. Hope it's not too bad, I love that gun, it's like a part of me. I enjoy the challenge of really windy days. Cheers marsh man Well If I don't have a total mare I'll do another one next week...
  5. adzyvilla

    Windy conditions

    I never know if people want to read these things. Thanks jdog!
  6. adzyvilla

    Windy conditions

    Evening all. I don't normally post much but I think I'd like to share my outing with you Had an interesting afternoon in my favourite wood in 30+ mph winds. Last weekend was a bust after gun trouble, so first proper go this year. Strong flight lines with big numbers of birds moving through well into dusk. A good turn out from the other lads meant most of the surrounding woods were occupied to keep the bulk of the local population on the move. Father up the other end of the wood in the conifers, me in the poplars in the teeth of the gale, the scene was set for a busy afternoon. Took the semi auto for a change with my browning in the smiths for repairs. Couple of boxes of cartridges in my pockets, settled in about 2:45 and within minutes my first shot high and wide resulted in a downed woodie. Pure luck, as my subsequent half dozen failed to connect. Lots of traffic in the first half hour and another 3 in the bag for 5 shots and I'm getting into a good rhythm. A pause to collect the dead and pick up the empties (most of which have gone in the ditch). Change of tack and I moved to a different position after noting a lot of activity about 30 yards further up the wood. Nothing for a while, but then a pair for 2 shots in quick succession. Very exposed here and I feel like I'm being seen, with a few misses and lots of startled birds so edging back to my usual place I bag a another as I arrive which I moved from a sitty tree. A bit of a lull as the distant shots from other woods dry up, but sounds of a pair of approaching jays keep my attention, so I concentrate on them as they make their way up the wood towards me, only to break out across to the next belt about 50 yards away. As the light starts to fail, I can hear dad having a good go as the birds come in to the firs to roost, but I'm not finished yet, and get another singleton, a shot I was really pleased with being a good 40 yards and with the wind. A movement to my right catches my eye... Squirrel! 3 shots brings him down, but not out and he makes a break for it while I reload. Not quick enough though as my first hastily stuffed cartridge bowls him over on the ground and he's finally still. Getting dark now so I decide to call it a day and head back to the car, not before dropping a box of carts out of my pocket which go everywhere. Dad managed 6 for 12 shots including the now obligatory carrion crow (every time, I'm sure he just brings the same one with him every Saturday). Looking forward to next weekend when hopefully I'll have the browning back although I did well enough with the auto.
  7. adzyvilla

    Snow on last shoot then

    5 years out of the last 6 in it has snowed on cock day. We had 2 days back to back this year and it was a fantastic turn out on two very cold days and the bag of 168 on day 1 and 159 on day 2 did us proud. Shame I forgot how to shoot on the first day and spent most of it bothering clouds. Made up for it on the second day. Bring on the roost shooting!
  8. adzyvilla

    Shooting related New Year's Resolutions?

    I'd love to do more shooting this year, but I said that last year and ended up doing more or less the same as previous years. Pigeon wise, I tend to get out doing as much as I can in February, roost and decoying, then as the roost shooting dies down, I do less and less and by may, the guns are put away until November. Had my first go out on the foreshore last month, and this has awakened my hunger for more wildfowling, so I might see about a membership. Our guide was excellent, worth it for his breakfast alone! Step up the training of my dog, prepare her for more work next season.
  9. adzyvilla

    Any Spare Islands in the UK?

  10. adzyvilla

    Semi Auto Club

    Just purchased a 12 bore armsan a612 28" in synthetic black. Had choice of that and a hatsan escort. Wasn't much between them really, but I preferred the soft touch finish on the armsan. Very pleased with it so far, but will need a bit of extra length on the stock before it fits.
  11. adzyvilla

    First lab pup

    What a little smasher 👍
  12. adzyvilla

    First lab pup

    Can we have some more pics please? Here's one of mine from Saturday to inspire...
  13. adzyvilla

    Budget tires

    My advice is always get the best you can afford. Plenty of tyre review sites on the net that sort by size, manufacturer, type and price. Budget tyres can look like a good proposition on the basis that they last longer than more established brands, but the reason for that is that they have a harder compound and that severely compromises handling and braking distances. Some are better than others, and they are all having to up their game to stay competitive. Shop around and check the reviews. If you can source your own fitter, camskill tyres (online) are worth a look.
  14. adzyvilla

    First lab pup

    Other advice for the early weeks would be patience and understanding. It's a massive change for the little things. They all have their own personalities, but labradors can be quite sensitive. Lots of rewards and praise for the right things, lots of encouragement to try again when things don't quite go to plan. No need to rush things in the first weeks, toilet training is a must, but they pick it up quickly. Just spend as much time with your dog as you can and enjoy every minute.
  15. adzyvilla

    First lab pup

    We got our first black lab last July. Picked her up at just over 8 weeks, we were lucky to have her from a friend so spent lots of time getting to know her before taking her home. We set her bed up in the kitchen, she had a crate which I covered half of with a blanket and then made a pen do she had a little space to get up and have a stretch. First night I slept downstairs on the sofa, but I need not have worried. She had a few howls and whimpers, but she settled after a while and only woke me up at six with a yap. My advice is get your pup started on the right path and start as you mean to go on. Good luck, and although it's had its low points, training my Winnie had been one of the best experiences of my life