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  1. I've a subaru xv and swapped the worn out geolanders for Michelin latitude Cross which are slightly more off road biased than the standard suv yokohamas, but give good on road performance and economy. The standard geos are a good all purpose tyre, but I have found them to be prone to punctures so the a/t ones may be a better bet in that regard. They are both supposed to be m+s tyres, but I didn't rate the geos in the snow, against the Michelin I now have which are a proper all weather tyre.
  2. Anyone believing anti fieldsports propaganda needs their head examined. Are you sure you are on the right forum?
  3. Good for you. I wish I had the motivation to do it. I grew up on a farm and went straight into grounds maintenance and tree work when I left college. I worked for the council and a few private companies, but after 10 years or so I got fed up with the poor money, so I took a much better paid manufacturing job. Now I've done that for 11 years I often think about going back to working outdoors. My advice would be to try and pick up some regular contracts, looking after the greenery on industrial estates and so on. Hope you make a go of it, and as you are in Norfolk too, maybe I'll try and put some business your way.
  4. He was an absolute goal machine, scoring for fun most seasons in an era when strikers were afforded little protection from professional hackers on pitches that made the somme look like a billiard table. A phenomenal record as a pro, before the era of the megastar footballer. We won't see the likes of him again.
  5. I ditched the smart phone for the first time in 15 years last year and just have one that just does calls and texts. I'm fed up with the constant intrusions that technology makes into our lives. I'm really enjoying it so far, and the battery lasts 7 days between charges.
  6. They had a groundsman with a flat cap, a bucket of sand and a fork. He worked his magic.
  7. Tearing my cruciate ligament in a county Cup semifinal at the age of 15, watched by scouts from several professional teams. My team went on to win in the final but I never played at that level again. Witnessing the immediate aftermath of my teenage sisters unsuccessful suicide attempt when I was 7 but not understanding what had happened. Seeing the damage inflicted on the ancient woodland surrounding our farm after the storm of 87.
  8. lovely looking pups. Pete is my youngest dogs sire, they are sure to be great gundogs. Good luck.
  9. My mate still runs his claas dominator 68, bought new for his farm by his grandfather in 1987. This was him last year, and he's just sent me a video of his father combining barley earlier. He managed to get it stuck in a ditch.
  10. As said above, qc is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. My employer built their reputation on the quality of the finished product, but as the company has increased in size and demand for our products gets greater every day, the required standard has been reduced. Training and improvement of staff has been steadily worsening over the last few years, as overheads were reduced meaning we could only attract less skilled workers, with the inevitable effect on output. The company target used to be 99% passing qc, its now 95%, and the criteria for passing has been downgraded too. When I started 10 years ago, there were 3 full time qc technicians out of 40 staff, there's now 2 full and one part time out of 125 staff. Also, to attain 'expert' status, you were supposed to complete 7 years service with at least 5 years out of the 7 attaining the 99% pass rate. Now you are considered an expert after 4, pass rate 95%. A lot of the time served guys are absolutely devastated by what has happened and staff turnover has never been higher.
  11. Yes, subaru discontinued it pretty quickly. They now turbocharge that engine (as seen in the levorg) with the auto box that is much more usable. Shame, as the rest of the car is spot on.
  12. Not sure if Alan is still running the fortnightly shoot at watery Lane near Litcham. Haven't been for a few years, but he always showed some good targets.
  13. Grew up on a farm, roaming the hedgerows with an air rifle when I should have been at school. Fishing and netting in the stream which ran along the boundary. Waking up early and listening to the birdsong. I miss that place, all been built on now.
  14. So easy to criticise, and I'm sure you and others like you will always find a way to continue to do nothing and fail to find ways to fight our corner. At the moment, the long term plan is to keep fiddling while Rome burns. Shooting will never get good PR, no matter how angelic we are.
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