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  1. Dad has had his 800 since new, must have been through 10s of thousands of carts through it. Still nice and tight and the wood has lasted well although the finish has now seen better days.
  2. Got to say, I agree with oowee here. That response was ridiculously over the top and in another situation could have ended very badly. Your calmness saved the day this time and its clear that the standards for armed response police aren't as high as they used to be so definitely consider a complaint. I know you don't want to upset the coppers, but some of that team sound dangerous.
  3. I had a (admittedly the 5 door) 2000 x reg rav4 gx petrol from new and only sold it 3 years ago because the wife needed something a bit more economical. 120000 trouble free miles, and with a decent set of tyres (latterly Michelin latitude Cross) it went everywhere I needed it to go on or off road. As others have said it does lack some ground clearance but careful driving will negate its shortcomings. Really comfortable even on long drives and simple enough to do most jobs at home. I'd say they are a bargain compared to the suzuki.
  4. I did exactly the same in my shed when we had our kitchen done. Then promptly decided to knock down the shed and build a new bigger one with purpose built storage and work surfaces the following year! Dad got the old worktops though so it didn't all go to waste. Tidy looking job
  5. Hi ditchy. I think they did an attempt at costing out independence a few years ago and the bulk of their income was to be from oil revenue from the north Sea fields, like a Caledonian version of Norway. Given that the ownership of North Sea oil and gas is debatable in the first place, even back then it was a laughable attempt at financing independence. Fast forward a few years to the present situation we find ourselves in regards to green policies and net zero/carbon neutrality the snps claims look even more ludicrous. They also wanted to keep the pound sterling meaning they couldn't set their own interest rates (until they rejoined the eu and adopted the euro, highly unlikely in the short to medium term). As the pound isn't what it once was, and with Scotland taking on their share of the UK national debt one can only assume if they'd won the vote first time round they'd be broke or defaulted by now. Presently it looks even more bleak, so any claims nicola and Co make with regard to support for independence are very likely to be unfounded, at least outside of the braveheart fantasists. In my opinion, this is being stirred up to distract from other problems in Scotland. The Scots deserve better.
  6. What like the video game series?
  7. Although 'spirited', she is very obedient and totally under my control now. Just because she is mad, it doesnt mean she isnt listening. Her engine is well tempered by her desire to please me, so I suppose I'm very lucky, but I spent a good (and sometimes frustrating) 18 months drilling the basics until she was right. She's totally different to my older dog who was a joy to train and is so easy to work. I won't see another like her.
  8. Fantastic looking dog, as the owner of two black labs myself I congratulate you on finding this one, well done. My youngest, now 3 is still as mad as a box of frogs, but has hunting instincts and drive like a spaniel so I'm rather pleased she hasn't calmed down yet.
  9. I said when the bga was first mooted that it sounded like a con. IF they did what they said they were going to do and find a market for game when traditional routes had been tapped out then few could argue against them. But they haven't to my knowledge even scratched the surface of the problem, merely creamed their % off the top with the outrageous tribute they demand from the shoots that sign up, driving up their costs which get passed onto the end user. Problem is, through networking with our worthless organisational bodies (the same names pop up time and time again within these NGOs, like a merry-go-round of jobs for the boys) and sweet talking the big game dealers, they have made themselves a defacto governing body for the disposal of game meat and there are very few other ways of getting it into the food chain without them taking their cut. Its nothing more than a protection racket, as 8 shot has said already, just like the despised red tractor.
  10. Basc and the others will not be negotiating from a position of strength, they showed their hand a long time ago either through stupidity or misjudgement (that they were ok with banning lead). What possible influence can they have on the consultation now? HSE are pretty clear in their stated aims and when do these quangocrats ever listen to the public? Basc sadly don't have a brain between them, now would have been the time to state their position but they gave away what influence they had. They are now about as effective a voice of shooting as the monster raving loony party.
  11. Yep, nothing we say or do matters its happening. Cheers BASC et al good job.
  12. adzyvilla


    Its going to take more than fine words to dislodge these freeloaders and grifters. Does PW sell branded pitchforks and flaming torches?
  13. Wow raker game! The first carts I bought with my own money.
  14. I feel your pain wildfowler.250 as I'm currently going through a similar experience with my youngest dog, but in my case she is a bitch in every sense of the word. It all started out well enough, house training a breeze, simple commands like sit stay and heel seemed to come easily, indeed requiring very little effort. She was always hyper, but eager to please, and controllable. But then she just seemed to stop maturing after an initial purple patch at around the 1 year mark, or just after her first season. She appears to be stuck in the adolescent phase and is showing no sign of coming out of it nearly 2 years later. I've been to a couple of professional trainers and even a behaviourist but no one seems to be able to calm her down. She still does the basics but is hard to control out of familiar environments to the point that we are no reluctant to take her out places with our other dogs. She's good enough round the home and on local quiet walks but that's about it. I won't stop trying with her, but it looks like my best pedigree and most expensive gundog will only ever be a pet. My dad had a springer that remained like a puppy for her entire life once, and she lived to a ripe old 17. I hope you make a breakthrough with yours soon.
  15. Thats a great price for a fantastic classic, wish I had the garage space. Very best of luck with the sale.
  16. These posts never fail to bring a tear to my eye. Seen lots of dogs come and go, lots of other animals growing up on the farm but working dogs are just a bit special and I feel your loss like I have with my own in days past. He looked a wonderful dog and obviously had a great life.
  17. Welcome to the club! I have both the 9422 and the 9410.
  18. Yep, still seeing big flocks so looks positive for later on. Dad complained about the cold (he is 75 now) when the sun dipped, he's still game though. cant imagine going out without her now. I am bringing her little sister along slowly, maybe get her into a hide with me over the summer.
  19. Well what a difference a week makes. Just as well we didn't venture out last week looking at the carnage in our new shelter belt. I counted 9 trees down in the top 30 yards or so, with large gaps in the canopy. Mostly Scots pine covered in ivy, many showing signs of rot I think this belt is ripe for clear felling and replanting as it is a total dead zone underneath the trees. Anyway, a distinct lack of activity and fewer people out this week meant we decided to move one wood up to one of the outlying forestry blocks on the estate which is also home to an ancient release pen long since abandoned. Plenty of signs of pigeon about though in this seldom disturbed spot. I took up position amongst a hawthorn thicket on the far corner with good visibility to the south and east, dad used his field craft and secreted himself in the corner where the boundary hedge ran away westwards from the wood. Slight winds from the south east with bright sunshine, hopefully we would see a few. Didn't take long to make a mark, downing a long crosser that pitched into the ditch about 70 yards from the end of the wood which marks the edge of the estate. Dog dispatched for a good retrieve. I could hear dad blamming away at something so I had evidently stirred the birds off the huge rape field below us. I missed a few with speculative efforts at some sky scrapers as the birds became wary and once the initial flurry was over it quietened right down. The sun was streaming through the wood behind me no doubt lighting me up like a Christmas tree, but occasional ones and twos floated past which I rarely bothered, taking only one more for half a dozen shots. Dad continued his intermittent progress with a handful of shots over half an hour or so. As the sun began to sink lower, the stream of birds dwindled with a few fruitless shots. With the exception of one large flock which came from the neighbouring field and flew right over me, it looked like a damp squib. I managed two for three shots and they both crashed down behind me in the thick of the wood. The dog picked her way in and recovered them both over two trips, she really is a star performer, but neither were stone dead and had to be dispatched. As the sky began to darken I had one more chance but missed. As always, the willing participants dwindle as the weeks go on and there just weren't enough woods with a shooter in to keep the birds moving. There are still good numbers of pigeon about but I think the time is coming to switch to decoys. We just made it to double figures between us for about 30 shots, so not the greatest return but it was still nice to be out in some lovely weather. P.s. After my cartridge issues two weeks ago, I switched to a slab of clear pigeon and can report no further problems. Seems my semi auto didn't like the fiocchi pl30s, possibly because they are fibre wads. Cutting a couple open yielded inconclusive results as they seemed OK to me but I will have to try a box full when I get the decoys out with a different gun. Until next time.
  20. There could be something in that, they are fibre and the previous pl32s were plaswads. I will definitely need to do some research into why they are so different. could be, although I tested a box in amongst a normal 100 sporting clays round and noticed no difference in my ability to hit the clays against the rio target loads I was also using. Just seems to be the feathered targets that elude me.
  21. Right, heres my experience. Love the PL32 6s, probably one of my favourite pigeon cartridges and I've used 1000s. Could'nt get any last time I went to the shops, so on recommendation of the salesman, took a few slabs of PL30 6s home as according to him they are just as good. Whether its me, the gun or the carts I can't be 100% certain, but they are maybe the worst cartridges I have ever used, worse than the baikal record I had when I first started shooting. They didn't seem to make a dent in anything I shot at and my usual ratio was well down, requiring two or three bangs to bring anything down. How 2g of shot can make such a difference I don't know, but it does. I am in the process of doing a semi scientific comparison with some other similar carts I still have a few of and will try to find out why., just need to find the time and a day when it isn't horrible outside.
  22. Maybe time for the house of Windsor to step aside after Brenda shuffles off, but I still think a constitutional monarchy is the least worse option. Maybe we could hold a lottery to found the next dynasty?
  23. Glad you got some shooting in eventually. Enjoyed this, thanks.
  24. Glad someone had a good go this afternoon. I think Norfolk holds its own when it comes to roost shooting, there's always good numbers out in February.
  25. I've no experience with fiocchi steel but I've used the brand many times before and I've never had any problems. In fact, I would rate the PL32s I had a few years ago as one of the best cartridges I've ever shot, so I'm more than a little disappointed in these PL30s. Cheap for a reason?
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