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  1. .20 has a flatter trajectory than a .22 but not as flat as the .177. Best way to describe the .20 is that it hits harder than a .177 without the massive trajectory curve of a .22. My next will also be a .20. Their only drawback is that at present the selection of different .20 pellets are not great.
  2. Both types can be as accurate as each other, it depends on the skill of the shooter. As for choice, it is very much a personal choice. PCPs's offer no 'recoil reaction' to the shooter whilst a springer does. I own all types and shoot them all and enjoy the challenges they individually give. Go with your heart and shoot whichever type you enjoy most. When you buy do not buy from the advice of others and their preferences. Go to a decent RFD or gun shop and shoulder as many as you can until you find one that 'fits like a glove'. Only then test it on their range if they have one. I have seen
  3. To make myself clear I only requested information on how to repair this rifle. I did not request irrelevant information pertaining to the laws which do not govern external countries who have no 'pact' with the UK. To respond to your advice I requested information from Trading Standards and they told me that if it is a single person making a claim then they cannot act unless its for a huge amount because it would be uncertain to reach the courts. Their best advice was to contact that TV consumer rights program to see if they would take it on. I did and received very much the same response,
  4. Ah but many of the problem rifles are well under a £100.00 so are not covered. Add to that many are also bought with cash too. - the fact is that SMK are constantly getting away with poor customer service and support even to Registered Firearms Dealers so it would only be truly redressed if Joe Public set the stance that they were not going to buy any of the cheaper (why not them all) SMK rifles until they provided a decent level of Customer Service and support. Any company losing so many customers and sales would soon come to their senses. At no time did I ask for a refund or exchange kn
  5. These rifles are not mine cos I wouldn't give them house room. They are used at a range to learn others safety and basic shooting. All of mine are quality (Daystate, Weihrauch, Walther etc because I know that you get what you pay for. It does sadden me though that I have to work on **** belonging to others at times to keep things moving!
  6. Lack of SMK support, lack of parts diagrams, lack of any help at all from them! Seems like this one was about as bad as they could make it too! When stripped it took being put in oven at 120C to literally melt the hardened grease on its internals. It stunk too. Loads of white spirit used to get rid of the remainder then a good inspection, polish off the rough edges where present (everywhere) and re-lube. Its back together finally and the safety catch as others have reported is hit and miss so I might just take it out altogether and blank the holes. Its a disappointing rifle at best, accuracy i
  7. If they do not reply then it is their loss because I will not have any more to do with them. Perhaps if everyone with a problem with their products formally complained publicly online they might start to take customer service seriously. I will keep my progress posted though. Seriously this SYNXS is a total piece of engineering ****. Even at £75 its not value for money in any respect. Typical Chinese **** is what it is and we should give up and coming newbie youngsters better equipment that they can appreciate instead of **** that lets them down across the board. 😄 Wouldn't that be
  8. Would make no difference if it had been left whole because it would not have been accepted for exchange by them. When its out of warranty that becomes a hand washing job as far as it goes.Best I can do now is to recommend that a change of supplier is made. I will keep this post going until its back together and working as it should, or better with luck and help from SMK tech dept.
  9. jantar

    Smk synsg

    If you are looking for a cheapo please STAY AWAY from the SMK SYNXS! A good one is the SMK 19-18XS and is the best you could get for a reasonable low price and have the ease of tuning. I had one, did a Welsh Willy tune up on it and now wish I had never sold it!
  10. Spent a few hours stripping it down and it was nightmare to do. Its the worst strip down I have ever had the misfortune to do. It was designed by some idiot who had no forethought that at some point it would need to be disassembled to be repaired! The trigger group is a Chinese puzzle, the pre-tension on the mainspring can be measured in inches not millimetres, the safety catch is near on impossible to remove without damaging the spring (much the same as the 2 in the trigger), in fact the easiest ans most straightforward removal was the stock and barrel assembly. Why the hell the trigger group
  11. Cheers, I will try to obtain one from Chambers or perhaps a kit from TR Robb. Its not a rifle I would have considered buying, in fact any of the basic SMK ones. The only SMK I did have and fully tuned was the SMK 19/18XS and that once the TR Robb kit had been installed was good enough for HFT. Now onto the strip down. I have also now been informed of the shop from which it was bought so I will be paying them a visit considering that they apparently supplied all of the club ones either new or used. Hi ho.
  12. Cheers, but being over 70 years I own a full set of gun-smithing tools and have stripped many air rifles of all types and actions but never have come across this fault before. There is literally no sense of any compressed air at all once it has been cocked and the trigger pressed. It is owned by a small shooting club for which I am the Equipment Officer. The SMK SYNXS is a break barrel which was bought new but never shot and is now out of warranty. By stating there was no air in it I meant there was no air from the action when shot. You can both feel and hear the piston travelling inside
  13. Anyone know how to strip this down because there is no air at all when shot yet the piston is felt to operate normally. Cheers for any help.
  14. Hiya Mike, Yeah, I am going to try a few different 'engineering' plastics to see which deals both with the impact and resulting vibration best. I have tried the usual fibre washer but they were useless. Even tried a cut down tap washer too. PEEK will be too hard so I think nylon or a similar polymer may be better by having a little flex and give. At least I have found a UK company who can supply any type of plastic required and deliver next day and will be messaging them today for advice on type.
  15. So much for expecting responsible answers and suggestions! As for putting it in my ear only someone with no ideas or engineering expertise at all would think of that one. No help mat all! Seadog 1408, I removed the Air reservoir tube and placed a poly (not nitrile) O ring as a just fit over the end threads on the end of it according to the advice I was given but only as a stopgap until I had given the problem more thought. It did work though so I based my latest ideas of modification on that. On insertion of the reservoir it does not need to be fully tightened, just enough to stop a
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