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  1. norwich shooter


    As much as i would love too its just abit far pal , 2hrs away ? , thanks tho
  2. norwich shooter


    How far we talking mate ? ?
  3. norwich shooter


    Hi all .. worth a shot i guess if u dont ask you dont know .. is anyone willing to take me out for a days shooting , i have all the gear ff5 , enforcers etc etc also have insurance , sgc , im genuine ,sensible and polite and wouldnt ever go behind anyones back im just looking to get out in the field as havent for over a year , i have my own transport and everything .. many thanks
  4. norwich shooter

    Hatsan escort 12g v3 chokes

    I dont know pal ?
  5. norwich shooter

    Shotgun tuition

    No pal
  6. norwich shooter

    Hatsan escort 12g v3 chokes

    As in title .. looking for places that sell the chokes for this gun . Google search to no avail .Thanks
  7. norwich shooter

    Shotgun tuition

    Not much experience really having trouble hitting clays
  8. norwich shooter

    Shotgun tuition

    Looking for some tuition in the norfolk area if anyone knows ? Cheers
  9. norwich shooter

    Out in the field

    Hi all .. looking for someone to take me out pigeon shooting or any type of shooting sg . in the norfolk area , i have all the gear and insurance , just im not a good shot and need someone to point me in the right direction .. polite and respectful and willing to learn many thanks
  10. norwich shooter

    Shotkam 2018

    Has anyone got any hands on reviews of the shotkam , also did it benefit u in the field ?