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  1. No he didn't breed either I don't think, but they were bred by reliable cocker folk, the pups I bred from this bitch were black, chocolate, black and white and liver and white, yet all have an uncanny resemblance to their grandad (sire of said bitch). It's likely to be a throwback i think, other than colour, the size is similar to your average working cocker. If I was really intrigued id attempt a DNA test but I'm not too bothered, Im just interested as to how common the colour is
  2. Hmmmmmm, I'd never really thought about a split litter occurring, or even being possible! that's interesting though, although if I even mention such a thing to the keeper I got her from he'd probably do his nut. Very proud cocker man lol
  3. Hi all, just wondering whether anyone else out there has liver and white cockers? Ive got a couple as well as a couple black and white ones, I'm just wondering how often people see them about in their area. Whenever Ive been beating/ picking up I have only ever seen one or two, ever, The bitch I have was the only one in her litter that colour, rest were chocolate or black. I guess it's just a throwback to when people used springer blood back in the day. Anyway, just curious Cheers
  4. Been a member for a while, thoroughly enjoy the forum and thought I should say hello , am based up in NE scotland.
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