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  1. 12g Cartridge Clearance

    Hi Schmitty, sorry but all the cartridges have been picked up by sishypops. Atb Ian
  2. 20g Cartridge clearout

    Cheers Richard, see you in a bit. Ian
  3. 20g Cartridge clearout

    Having decided to sell my 20g I have these cartridges up for sale. Located just outside Norwich, SGC only. 197 Gamebore Traditional Game, fibre wad, 6 shot 28g 150 Gamebore competition plastic wad, 7.5 shot, 24g 30 odds and ends £50 Thanks Ian
  4. 12g Cartridge Clearance

    Sold to the man above pending collection. Cheers Ian
  5. 12g Cartridge Clearance

    I am having a bit of a clear out of some of my cartridges and as such have the following up for sale, all plastic wads and lead shot. SGC holders only. For those on mobiles I am just outside Norwich. Thanks Ian 250 RC Sipe 32g 5 shot - £40 325 Trust 28g 6 shot - £35 50 RC JK6 35g 4 shot - £10
  6. 12g Cartridges over 2000

    Cheers GP1. See you later tonight. Ian
  7. 12g Cartridges over 2000

    Yes please. Pm sent. Cheers Ian
  8. .17HMR Cleaning rod

    Cheers Spandit, What rounds are you using as I use the 17g hornady which really work well through my CZ. My mate has purchased some cheaper Federal's which are accurate but do seem to split around the neck of the round, thankfully nothing stuck in the barrel yet. Ian
  9. .17HMR Cleaning rod

    Cheers guys, I have a bore snake but really struggle to get it through the barrel without a "bit of assistance" which I am worried will damage the barrel more than a decent rod? Have been looking at some carbon rods but they are a touch pricey but probably cheaper than scoring the barrel?
  10. .17HMR Cleaning rod

    Pm sent with email thanks Ian
  11. .17HMR Cleaning rod

    Hi, I am in Norwich but happy to pay postage, what have you got? Thanks Ian
  12. .17HMR Cleaning rod

    Hi all, I am looking for a cleaning rod/kit for my .17hmr. I know there is a lot of debate regarding to clean or not to clean but I always clean after every outing and my current pull through is really not that great. Please let me know if you have any thing for sale or recommendations of where to look and what to buy. Thanks Ian
  13. Empty caes

    Hi Dave, I have about 150 going spare that I can post up to you. Should have bought them with me last time we met up. Please PM the address details. Hawkfanz was kind enough to help me out last time I put out a call on here for them. All the best Ian
  14. BRNO mod2/cz452 10 shot steel magazine

    Hi Brett1985 , found these which may help? https://riflemags.co.uk/cz-10-round-steel-22lr-magazine-452-453-455-brno/ Cheers Ian
  15. Black Gold

    Hi Jimmy, if for any reason Marsh Man changes his mind I would love to take them. Thanks Ian