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  1. Now on hold until tomorrow morning (Monday). Many thanks Ian
  2. Hi, yes it is 3". It's the 3" cartridges I am including with the gun. Thanks Ian
  3. ikerrison

    .204 brass

    Hi, just picked up 150 hornady from another site but always looking for some more if you have any spare? Many thanks Ian
  4. ikerrison

    .204 brass

    Hi everyone. As my reloading journey begins I was just wondering if anyone has some .204 brass looking for a new home. I'm in Norfolk (local would be great) but happy to pay for postage cost on top of the brass. Please let me know what you have. Many thanks Ian
  5. Hi Steve, if this still available can I take it please? Thanks Ian
  6. Thanks Dukeboy. I have just messaged you. I have sorted a press but still looking for a neck sizing die. Many thanks Ian
  7. Hi all. I have just purchased a new to me Howa .204. I am considering starting reloading as may do some target shooting in addition to my usual vermin control. So my question is, does anyone have a 2nd hand turret press and or dies they no longer use and would be willing to sell? Ideally I would like some Lee collett dies along with a full length set. I'm not worried about the make of press as long as it will take standard dies and it works (I presume dies are not press specific?) I'm in Dereham, Norfolk so local would be lovely otherwise I'm happy to pay additional postage costs. Many thanks Ian
  8. Thanks Archi, Nice to hear from a fellow Norfolk member and thanks for the advice on recoil. Old,un. I think you are right, probably not an essential piece of kit but possibly a bit more convenient to use than the shotgun? Never used one before with my other dogs but I have probably got more time than usual to look for things to buy . 😁
  9. Hi all, I’m considering buying a hand held dummy launcher to use while training my spaniel. Before buying new I just wanted to see if there was anything second hand available, I am in Dereham, Norfolk but happy to pay postage. Many thanks Ian
  10. Hi Steve, just messaged you. Cheers Ian
  11. Thank you everyone who has responded so far it is appreciated. I am sold on the electronic ones, mainly to help my failing hearing in between pulling the trigger, the passive plugs I have tried so far make me feel isolated and make my hearing worse although I'm sure they work really well for some people? I'm still mulling over Cens, CFG and the varios. Not much difference in terms of price although CFG seem a bit cheaper but not sure if they are the same quality?? That's really helpful thank you. I'm moving towards the Varios, for now..
  12. Hello all. I am looking for some advice if possible? I have finally decided its time to buy some decent ear plugs after years of leaving cheap ones in my pocket as they are either uncomfortable or fiddly to use. My hearing has suffered badly as it turns out they dont do a great job unless they are in your ears. My left ear for some reason is particularly bad and I need to protect what I have left, although my partial deafness is sometimes convenient. I use cans when I occasionally shoot Clay's but the majority of my shooting is either pigeons,walked up or rifle (rimfire and centrefire) I struggle to use cans for this as don't like to be hampered so prefer plug ins. I have a budget of £500ish (birthday pending) and I have been looking at the following 3 brands, CENS, Custom fit guards and finally Vario revolution 4. I am currently favouring the Vario coming in at £474 with Basc discount. So my question is this before I part with my cash, what would you recommend and why? Any advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks Ian
  13. Thank you. I got 1 collar with the Pard that fits one of my scopes, however the Hawke scope for the. 223 is smaller. I did read that you could put tape on to build it up but was unsure if it would be firm enough? Steve is going to drop me a line today regarding a couple of collars so fingers crossed I will be sorted, if not the insulation tape will be out as I'm keen to try it out. Ian
  14. Thank you all for your suggestions. Now chatting with Steve who is helping out.
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