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  1. ikerrison

    Bipod wanted

    Now sorted. Many thanks for the replies. Cheers Ian
  2. ikerrison

    Bipod wanted

    Hi all, I am looking for a 6-9" bipod for my CZ .22lr. It has a sling stud fitted. Ideally I would like a tilt ( side to side) model. Ideally not looking to spend a fortune as rifle only cost £100. Hopefully someone out there has one not in use before I buy new. many thanks Ian
  3. ikerrison

    1/2 unf thread protector

    Hi, just sent PM if you have a couple left? Cheers Ian
  4. ikerrison

    Pigeon Decoy kit (clear out)

    Now sold. Good to meet you Mike. Cheers Ian
  5. ikerrison

    Pigeon Decoy kit (clear out)

    Hi Mike. Look forward to meeting up Friday. Cheers Ian
  6. ikerrison

    Cartridges (clear out)

    28 gauge cartridges still available. cheers Ian
  7. ikerrison

    Cartridges (clear out)

    12g cartridges sold pending collection. 28 gauge still available. Thanks Ian
  8. ikerrison

    Cartridges (clear out)

    Pm sent to Decoy 1979 ref 12g carts, Cheers Ian
  9. ikerrison

    Cartridges (clear out)

    Continuing the clear out so these cartridges are up for grabs. 250 12g Trust cartridges. 28g 6 shot. £35 72 12g Gamebore super steel. 32g 5 shot. £10 80 28gauge Gamebore pure gold. 19g 6 shot £15 Collection from Gt Plumstead, Norwich with SGC Thanks for looking Ian
  10. ikerrison

    Pigeon Decoy kit (clear out)

    Hi all, Soon to be moving house so I have to slim down on some of my gear so here goes for the first item. 12 good quality shell decoys with pegs, 9 full bodied decoys complete with 5 lofting weights. pigeon magnet in full working order with 2 magnet decoys (decoys a bit tatty) no battery 1army style net and one clear view net, both tatty but make a good hide. (No poles) small plastic hide seat £75 Collection from Gt Plumsted, Norwich Likely to be some more items for sale as I continue to clear my shed. thanks for looking Ian
  11. ikerrison

    stihll chainsaw

    That's a good bargain for someone closer than me. Good luck with the sale, although I suspect it won't hang around long
  12. ikerrison

    Pigeon Shooting Set Up

    Pm sent
  13. ikerrison

    Dog Kennel/Run

    Hi all, I am selling my dog kennel through lack of use, I bought this new three years ago and my spaniel has only used it once, so has been a bike store since then. It measures 8' 9" long by 4' 1" wide. It has an internal kennel at both ends which have both been insulated but it can be used with just one or no kennels, it also comes with a central partition to make two separate areas if you have small dogs, the partition also has a door. The run is in good condition and is currently still assembled so any buyer can see how to reassemble but I am happy to dismantle if required. £200. Located in Gt Plumstead, NR13. Thanks for looking and any questions please ask
  14. ikerrison

    iPhone 6 plus

    Hi all, I am looking for an iPhone 6plus, not too fussed on the colour but either unlocked or on O2/Tesco network. Ideally £150 or under. Many thanks for looking
  15. ikerrison

    Eley first select fibre

    Lol, it's the webbed fingers that make us so fast......