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  1. 'How’s it going with your club?' It started off barmy, which was why I asked. Full members as of today 400; total members 550. Finished with 788 last year, so a long way to go to beat that. I agree with an earlier post, that I think Covid has made people stir-crazy and desperate to get out and do something.
  2. Following the various problems over the last year including lead shot, wildfowling consents, general licences, 300-metre buffer zones around SSSIs, coronavirus etc, it would be interesting to know whether participation is holding up. How are wildfowling club renewals and recruitment going? Are numbers likely to go up or down?
  3. Institutionally anti shooting
  4. Inquiries for membership to KWCA almost ceased with the advent of the GL fiasco. It won't affect wildfowling members, but may have an adverse affect on those wanting to join for rough shooting etc. If its not sorted soonest I fear it is going to drive some people away from shooting altogether. Alan
  5. Got my licence for corvid control for flora and fauna which took almost exactly a week. Applied by snail mail and got the licence by email. Still waiting for the licence for public health etc. which I applied for at the same time. Alan
  6. The new pigeon GL reinforces this. Huge areas of land now taken out of pigeon shooting. People need to emphasise this when responding to the DEFRA consulation
  7. Yes, section 11 is. I don't think that bonfire ever really got going - rather a good political soundbite!
  8. My limited understanding of EU law as it relates to wild birds is that we would need a derogation under the Birds Directive for any changes, and we all know how easy it is to deal with European matters!
  9. See the new Thread I have started about extending SSSIs See the new Thread I have started about extending SSSIs
  10. NE has been sniffing around opportunities to create buffers around SSSIs for some while. My understanding is that these can be brought forward under the CRoW Act via bylaws. However bylaws are not easy to put in place and require public consultation and due process. It seems that NE are trying another route which requires neither public consultation or due process! SSSIs are high priority sites for predator control. Not only is NE not going to allow that as per below, it is trying to introduce huge buffer zones without any consultation, or indeed any science attached to it. This rei
  11. Collared Doves should come under serious damage to foodstuffs for livestock and public health and safety
  12. What!? Why would we stump up more money when there is probably in excess of £6 million in the bank doing nothing!
  13. Kent continues to expand its shooting offer. Every expectation of an even better offer for next season! Now open for membership application for 2019/2020 at www.kentwildfowlers.co.uk We finished the season with a record 750 members, with applications already coming in. Apply now
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