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    Think we are staying in hammamet. Is that how you spell it? Will have a look at that place on the net now
  2. How about a NiteSite kit? http://www.airrifleshop.co.uk/Nightvision/Nitesite.htm
  3. mikejt

    Old age talent.

    Lovely! He has great tallent. And you have a lovely house (if that's yours?)
  4. mikejt


    Glad you enjoyed yourself I'm going there next year, looking forward to it!
  5. I found this looking at the mec 600jr converted price was a lot cheaper from midway usa than midway UK (live £150-200 difference from memory) Funny enough I was talking about that in our club last Tuesday. Why so much difference? Is there a middle man collecting the extra? Or is it the store? I understand that it costs to import goods but so much extra is ridiculous. Surely they ship in bulk. I had a rifle stock shipped from boyds in the states and that cost me $65 ish plus £18 import duty. Yet i was told if an rfd tried to get some, they wouldn't be able to get them shippped for
  6. +1 for the isopropyl alcohol and liquid lanolin... excellent stuff!
  7. I've had my licence copied by an rfd when I bought various firearms off them. As far as I know they keep a copy for their records, is this not standard practice?
  8. That seems ok, most insurances I've looked at have similar cover, I joined a wildfowling club which includes a full basc membership (including insurance similar to what you mentioned) I pay £150 ish a year and get access to a lot of land for wildfowling and the basc membership. I've heard of quite a few people who are with the Scottish gamekeepers.
  9. That's the stock I got for my cz 455. Import tax was about £18 I think. Really pleased with it. Sold my original thumbhole stock for £80
  10. If you use silicone spray lubricant instead of oil to lube the mechanism, it won't need cleaning as much
  11. Brake cleaner (safely cleans any part of the gun apart from the stock), silicone spray, decent shooting gloves, allan keys, torch
  12. I use a hatsan escort, lower end of the market costing around £350 new but comes with 3 year Edgar brothers warranty and I've never had a problem with it, a few lads at my club use them and have done for many years
  13. That's going to increase the cost for me :( I do a 40-50 mile round trip for my supplies. Makes 500g of powder a bit dearer. Plus I usually buy other stuff whilst im there and more frequent trips will mean I will buy more other things which also brings the cost up! Haha. I am right in saying this is on all powders, not just black powder?
  14. It won't burn the barrel out quicker or anything?
  15. Tried some loads last night, started with the lower load, 45.2gn H335 sierra 110gn bullet (according to the data this was towards the lower end) I tried 2 rounds and the muzzle flash was unbelievable! The people shooting either side of me stopped and came to see what it was (and thats with a wall either side of me!) Needless to say I didn't try the higher loads!
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