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  1. That's a very smart,powerful looking dog
  2. What wads do you use bishop, the data I have uses Kleena or plaswad, both of which I'm led to believe no longer in production. I have 1 bit of data I'm going to try using the gualandi super-g
  3. Has anyone/ know of anyone that has damaged the barrels while using steel through an un steel proofed gun choked more than half??
  4. All i fish for on the boat is tope, this year I bought a couple of Abu seven trolling rods, unbelievable light rods, I use pen 515 reel with them, great fun once you hook up, and a reletively cheap set up
  5. Smiler23


    Even a few in south Cumbria since the 2nd
  6. Thanks for reply, that's ok if it's not compatible with 20 bore, I'll use powder just with the 12. Found a little bit of info in the archives, 👍🏻
  7. Evening folks, Iv just purchased bit of old reloading gear , anyone got any data there willing to share please? Iv got Nobel 78 & 80, z-21 12 bore wads, and wwa20,.... Z-19...super g wads for 20 bore, cx2000 wads, cheers in advance👍🏻
  8. Get a box of few different ones, see which work best in your gun,
  9. It's unreal how easy it is to walk into clubs down south with open arms, yet up here they want blood samples and at least 80% of the club members must know you
  10. I'll take that please, how you want paying? Thanks
  11. I have one, and use supersteel shells in it. Mine is 3/4 & 3/4, it also has 3" home load #bb through, cracking guns...
  12. Iv shot steel, through my sxs aya yeoman, choked half and full,..it's my main duck gun, I am out shooting most mornings during the season... It normally gets gamebore super steel, # 3&4 but I have loaded up nickel plated #b steel and used that through it too when after geese. Gun is still in fine working order and barrels are spotless
  13. What fitting are they? Don't suppose I'd be lucky enough for them to fit in a bps pump would they?
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