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  1. Yes it's old data,it was sent to me by pictures from old clay game manual,so not sure of era. Would you recommend a drop in powder ?👍
  2. Thanks for replies lads, so ya think Cx2000,37.0grn ao ,nitro card,fibre wad ,1 5/8oz lead be ok then?
  3. Looking at knocking up some cartridge and data uses the above wads (waa209) ..... I can't find any info on them, it's old data from clay game book, 1 5/8oz lead with AO powder. Is there a primer I could use instead of this?
  4. Is that the guy "10gaugenut" or something like that off the USA sites?
  5. At similar pellet count in the 1oz, tss 18 #6 = 139 to Oz Lead #4 = 135 to Oz... So these pellet's must be similar in density each pellet? ( Is that right??) IV battered my own head looking at numbers and data with this stuff now. So how does the tss over so much more downwind energy?? I know it's slightly smaller so less friction per pellet, but it isn't that much difference, is it due to the hardness of the shot??? I'm starting to think it's witchcraft 😂
  6. Yes,your right...that makes perfect sense...I don't have any so can't weigh them individually, I got the weights and pellet count off www earlier...
  7. It was for comparison, an individual #7 tss weighs more than a lead #AAA pellet... The #7 has 185 pellet's to ounce, the AAA has 37 to ounce...
  8. Did you pattern the shells through Aya? Be interesting to see them compared to the smaller tight choked patterns from smaller gauged guns that are on youtube
  9. It's hard to tell if it's an improvement on clip, but certainly seems to put plenty on the paper at 60-70 yards.... The obviously use a smaller pattern plate area than us over here , (turkey head as opposed to our 30" circle) but that looks as tho it would still be giving a nice even pattern at 70 yards
  10. Looking at the pattern on that pic,is it a duplexed load? Some of the holes look different sizes
  11. Can the tss be fired in old fixed choked guns? Or is steel proofed only?with it being much smaller shot can you still get the issues of bulging?
  12. Yes,agree with that ,not a very even pattern,seems to be very top heavy... On the American sites there patterns with tss and small bore guns with tight chokes are unreal...
  13. Ok, so a 1oz load of tss18 #7 has similar shot count and pellet density to a 4oz load of #AAA lead.... obviously the lead would leave a bigger wound pattern ,but the tss should pattern much better therefore giving multiple strikes... So a .410 1oz load of tss out performs a 4oz load from a 4 bore, on pattern and pellet density.... Just not on £££££?????
  14. If I'm right in what I'm thinking a tss #7 pellet weighs slightly more than a lead #AAA pellet with 185 to ounce, where aaa is 37
  15. At the minute I shoot #bbb through bps 10 bore with terror choke in, but if the tss18 offers a greater/ more leathul combination I don't mind buying a small bore gun to run some through.,.looking at some of the results/ testing that's been done with the stuff.....a 1oz load of #6 tss18 should be out performing a 4 bore
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