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  1. I use a aya yeoman, choked 1/2 & full, had hundreds of super steel 3&4's through it, it's had up to steel #B also.wouldnt say its punchy and chokes are still same
  2. I recently dealt with this seller, straight forward transaction, no messing about, I sent money.....he sent item, it is in full, looked after working order, nothing to worry about👍🏻
  3. Somebody with a bit of engineering background /know how could make a few quid now if they could design and manufacture a jig to make own wads for the various calibres
  4. Cracking thread lads, very helpful/informative👍🏻.
  5. Thanks for that lancer,thought I was doing it wrong, on pic 12 that old farrier put on ,it looks like card cup is in other way round
  6. Which way round does that card cup go into cartridge?
  7. I use them in my 8 bore with steel.... Barrel still fine,
  8. Smiler23


    If he changes his mind and fancies a bps pump I'm going to be shifting mine
  9. I bought 3.5 kg of Powershot at a very good price last season, I haven't loaded any up yet,but while loading up some steel few days ago, I grabbed a tub to weigh the pellets, can't remember the exact figures, but I usually load #BBB steel for my goose load... I weighed the power shot in 4.0mm and it was less in weight than BBB steel....so for the cost of it,I'd not buy it again,steel will do me for my shooting
  10. Was out with hounds last Sunday working gorse and brambles, must of seen 40+. None were shot
  11. That's a very smart,powerful looking dog
  12. What wads do you use bishop, the data I have uses Kleena or plaswad, both of which I'm led to believe no longer in production. I have 1 bit of data I'm going to try using the gualandi super-g
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