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  1. For that reason alone, I load mine with a 20 bore was inside of a 12 wad. The petal joints lined up so that they are not in line with the outside wad ( if that makes sense)
  2. Iv a Mobie number for him if you'd like, get it to him direct rather than through shop
  3. Vaughan landless, just down road from malmo guns.not only good gunsmith,very reasonable priced with it
  4. I fit all of the above brands of kitchen, for me personally if I was getting a kitchen tomorrow I'd choose DIY, then wren.. Howdens I only use now to get plan and list then send to DIY, for roughly 50% cheaper
  5. DIY kitchens, there in Pontefract but do deliver, I fit slot of kitchens over a year and these are top class, at a very affordable price..they also come fully assembled, doors, drawers baskets etc, all you have to do is push legs on and do handles
  6. I have a tub of csbo surplus to requirements now, just over 4lb of the stuff. £100
  7. The late Alan Myers wife is apparently still operating the business. Last time I was there he had lots of wads in stock.
  8. My missus caught this on her phone today,
  9. Black 86mm new cheddite cases, £35 per 100 Inc delivery
  10. It's a bit far from most places to be honest 😂
  11. Hello, I haven't got any idea on pp price,I'd imagine it won't be cheap tho as it's a fairly heavy lump. I'm based in barrow in Furness, Cumbria
  12. Smiler23

    Vhit 3n38

    Just under 4lb. £150. Pick up
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