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  1. Black 86mm new cheddite cases, £35 per 100 Inc delivery
  2. It's a bit far from most places to be honest 😂
  3. Hello, I haven't got any idea on pp price,I'd imagine it won't be cheap tho as it's a fairly heavy lump. I'm based in barrow in Furness, Cumbria
  4. Smiler23

    Vhit 3n38

    Just under 4lb. £150. Pick up
  5. For sale , full working order £150 +p&p
  6. Managed to get few different bits of data so far, IV not patterned any yet but my mate has, and for first attempt it's very impressive, through a 1/4 choke in Aya 3" he got 96% at 50 yards, that was with a 36gram load, which is probably more than we want to use, going to try a 28gram one next,
  7. Same as price above, the product is alot cheaper from them, it's the delivery that bumps price up
  8. I got 20kg last week, straight from China , I was given the number by a member off here... I wish the UK could make transactions and deliver as efficiently as they did.. ordered Monday morning was in my kitchen by Thursday afternoon
  9. I use 2, a 3" magnum with 3/4 chokes and a 2 3/4" with 1/2 &full choke.. both get plenty of steel through them up to #b... Get lovely patterns with them
  10. Mgreeny off this site is selling one .. £200
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