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  1. Smiler23

    Once fired 10 Gauge Hulls

    Haha I can sort some out for you to start with but it won't be a 1000, send me your address and I'll post you some
  2. Smiler23

    Once fired 10 Gauge Hulls

    How many you after?
  3. Smiler23

    Lil-Gun Geese

    That's as good as it gets that, well done
  4. Smiler23

    Sam 1 10 gauge

    Myers are £18 a 100, cheapest I can get my hands on and has plenty there too
  5. Smiler23

    Wigtown bay

    Don't bother going till after Xmas mate, I've a friend who lives there now, bulk of geese don't seem to arrive till then bar odd little groups
  6. Smiler23

    Wigtown, Dumfries & Galloway....

    We always go freelance... But be warned, you will (if your normal) be annoyed most mornings, watching folk try shoot any goose in sight regardless of height and there not to fussy on species they pop shot at either... Saying that tho, I love the week up.. You certainly earn your geese
  7. Smiler23


    Not here, I'm not even getting them off boat yet, drifted for few hours Sunday on feathers .... Not one.
  8. Smiler23

    Shetland sea fishing

    Belter of a fish that, well done
  9. I've just made my first batch, I loaded 75grain of Swiss , to 32 gram of shot...can't wait to get out with them
  10. Smiler23

    GGG v Clenelo 2,rematch,Sept 15th

    Yep me too.i feel alverez has played the game in the same way may weather did with pacman... Let the sting go out of them before meeting..ggg for me easily won that last fight with alverez,
  11. Smiler23

    GGG v Clenelo 2,rematch,Sept 15th

    I think Canelo will take it this time, hope I'm wrong, but ggg has been going the distance and Father Time is catching him up...
  12. Smiler23

    10g SAM1 wads

    Would it matter if gas seals are blown? If the load patterns well and kills well?, I've had some do it too. But going off published data it's all within limits. Sam 1 are my preferred wad for 10'bore,
  13. What's minimal speed folk would use, for say steel 3?
  14. Smiler23

    20 bore data

    Thank you, that's a great help, I'll pass info on to him. Cheers
  15. Smiler23

    20 bore data

    Thank you very much that