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  1. Smiler23


    Well done, nice bit of kit there too
  2. Smiler23

    Wigeon numbers

    Around our way, the north west there are good amounts of pintail,wigeon and teal..more than last year
  3. Smiler23

    Usyk v bellew... Undercard too

    Yeah got to agree there, Hearn puts on great shows. Dave Allen a tough lad, and could do so much more if he committed to training. Josh Kelly is cut from the same cloth as usyk and loma...his style is top class. Crolla be no danger to loma but deserves a big pay day when they meet.and Bellew went out on his shield. Good night of boxing
  4. Smiler23

    New coat required, need advice

    Sf keela jacket.... Perfect jacket , waterproof ,warm, got lovely big pockets and plenty of room/movement in it
  5. Smiler23

    PR Steel data!

    Clay game sell them
  6. Smiler23

    PR Steel data!

    That's a lot of data, thanks for putting it up
  7. Smiler23


    Well done fella, keep up the good work and get them young lads addicted
  8. Smiler23

    Too warm ... ?

    I'm over in south/west cumbria. We've had plenty of good Autumn weather for most of season so far. Only noticeable warm day was few days ago.
  9. Smiler23

    American E shot

    Cheers for input on this lads, where's cheapest place to get itx? Clay game ?
  10. Smiler23

    American E shot

    Never really looked at itx, readily available too. Is that just loaded up as lead data?
  11. Smiler23

    American E shot

    £87 delivery??? There isn't a lot of info about e shot on the www. Little bit I found says it may fracture( like bismuth) . The stuff sounds perfect for older guns.
  12. Smiler23

    American E shot

    What's the delivery cost on stuff from bucks run? Did you find many pellets lost (broke up) on firing? At pattern plate? Cheers
  13. Smiler23

    American E shot

    It was more for an 8 bore I was thinking motty, with it being softer. Can't seem to find that much info on this E-shot anywhere. You use hw13 a fair bit dont you?
  14. Smiler23

    American E shot

    Know this is an old post, but did any of you lads purchase/try this e-shot out?
  15. Smiler23


    At the minute I use a little 2 3/4 aya, 900kg.I put super steel #3 through that , choked half and full, no problems whatsoever... The choke issue on this gun isn't a problem. On the side of super steel box, it says must be used in guns proofed 1370 ( I think)