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  1. What fitting are they? Don't suppose I'd be lucky enough for them to fit in a bps pump would they?
  2. Fair play fella, very well written
  3. Fair play, you certainly seem to get stuck into the pigeons.well done
  4. Smiler23

    Bps 10 pump

    As above, anyone thinking of parting with 1? Cheers
  5. Yes please - Have been looking at these this morning - Would you be willing to (a) Wait 13 days for me to get paid and (b) RFD it to Essex at my expense? 

    1. Nice pack there Dave at kelton, dog second from right is very similar to my bitch I have here
    2. My favourite place is 10 mins from home, 20 min walk out onto the mud flats, surrounded by industrial lights, and docked boats only thing there really is wigeon, but it's the best shooting I do once they start flighting up and down the little creeks, love it
    3. Back to the origional Question, Iv recently bought 2k super steel, for £440. Slightly larger at 32grm, than op asked for but for my ducking needs these little shells will do me nicely
    4. Cx2000, 34.72 grin ssb150 vp65 30grm steel shot rto Know it's under the weight you want, but it's only one Iv got sorry
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