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  1. Hello George any plans toco e down Cambridge way? After a 2000 30g 6s in fibre 12g and may be some 28bore

  2. mail order or shop means of getting them please dave cheers george
  3. look at the money been dropped on these 2 videos on you tube lead shot production daugavpils shot factory and another shot tower how lead shot is made 1950 british pathe loads of sights on the gear you need
  4. i am looking at elevator manafactures i see the northampton tower which was used for testing lifts has now been turned into absailing prodject may ask a few quotations to these different makers for a price later today but very busy wi carts need to get to livan st annes wi 30000 carts then get back and make about 30k for scottish trip this coming weekend to deliver and shoot a few doos up round about turriff its all go c u later cheers george
  5. ok start by doing a bit home work a lift would be needed to lift 20 kilo ingots up 70 meters if you get time do a bit pricing theres a lift maker in north hampton up the side of there tower i dont know what you call them but theres a start for furnace about 10k wots best gas or electric got to be power on the site then the altering a water bath and a chain drive buckets to scoop the shot out with very small holes in buckets to let water out then a grader for shot sizes it can be done believe me
  6. from my side there is no buy in it was only a sugestion thrown open to all on here as maybe like me there may be people looking for a challange i have given prices of lead and turning it into shot by the long drop method then the retail price of shot makes it a nearly double your money job on a daily basis to run that in say 4 days a month and make over 10k per month is not dreaming i can say no more put it this way what do you think about brexit and maybe your answer is there cheers george
  7. ohh well done my man now does that not look the part thank you very very much cheers george
  8. if you go on google earth put the little man on walkabout in birtley head towards chester le street you will see it on the right cannot miss it 70 meters high white in a 6 or eight sides its a proper job what a shame if it gets pulled down thanks are you in i rekon 50k will cover all that
  9. oh sorry boys forgot to tell you the 1600 propfit minus a few bits of expenses is a trade price so go on 4 ton and add 50pence a kilo to end user which will be about 3 quid a kilo inc vat so at mo we are producing at say 1600 plus vat and we sell at 2.50 plus vat a kilo we are now 90p a kilo which is 900 pounds a ton times only 4 ton is 3800 pounds per day sorry everybody was talking trade price all this time what a silly billy i am well at 3800 i can give the lads 4 weetabix a day and all the lead shot to victims on here at 3 quid a kilo nice round tower dropped none of this
  10. i have always found him ok so whats the beef with him
  11. eye and thats at only 4 ton a day as quick as you can melt it down it goes they honestly tell me this method is capable of 40 tons a day mind you will have to give the lads 3 weetabix not 2 58 mile to the border then all the rabbits and pigeons you want knee probs wi daft liecences
  12. come up ill rent you a house i have 6 standing empty 100 days to get your money back then you on the pigs back
  13. eye on the green green grass of hodnet ask for mary
  14. i was told years ago 50 feet from the crown of the road which to me ment the middle or white line but then in my head and travelling alot what about a duel carriage way where the 50 feet would nearly put you on the grass verge food for thought then the 300 yard fallout of shot which the local copper once quoted to me and also i believe the spec of the cpsa its hard to get a roadside shot where wind and every thing stacks up keep your heads down
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