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  1. I do use a semi auto and have used a browning humpback on geese many times but its the usual story.Its who is behind the gun that decides the ethics of the day.I have found the percussion 12 has a 25-30 yard range on most game geese included and hopefully cash flow permitting ill pick up a 10 or an 8 so i can throw up 11/2 oz or perhaps 2 oz next season thus keeping a respectable pattern out to 35-40 yards.I found BB with black powder to be incredibly potent ballistic wise but fails on the pattern density.#2 shot would be my shot size of choice on geese with lead or #1 bismuth on the mud
  2. Loaded up a small batch of 1.5 oz blue dot rounds for the 12 today to finish the inland season off , using the green cheddite 3" .Anyone used blue dot with lead ?I read on alliants site that 39 grains is popular with many wads in fiocchi cases that are i understand similar but not identical to the good ol cheddites.Im not the anal type when reloading but if someone has experience with blue dot/cheddites and 1.5oz lead that would be handy--Gaulandi wad btw.
  3. This may help. a friend sent me this for my black powder ventures Someone pointed out though that a 2oz load of shot with black powder in a 2 5/8 case would take some squeezing in!!!!! more like 11/4 oz for a 2 5/8
  4. walnut stock on the gun my old man gave me.
  5. They were carried as a survival gun by bomber crews in ww2 i was advised.this document backs that up.Burma campaign.My old man was told this back in 64 by US navy fellas Based at sandbank. http://www.fourten.org.uk/mwsavage24.html
  6. Good god heres a blast from the past.My old man bought his savage 410/.22 in Crockarts and used it in Argyle before i was born in 64.I used it in the 80's.Loved it on rabbits and roosting pigeons.Wonder if its the same gun???Im in Fife
  7. This is my gun.Selling to make room in the cabinet for another gun coming.Gun has 2 brand new extended briley chokes (full) that set me back £100 .Note--gunwatch is a tad slow .This gun is selling for £600.Considering its in very good condition with 2 new extended chokes its a bargain.
  8. I may be selling mine very son to play with another gun next season.If i do it will be with 2 brileys (full choke extended)
  9. I often say to my mrs and her adult kids that you dont have to like someone to be able to still respect them for the whole of or even just part of their personality neither do you have to dislike them due to a perceived flaw in their personality.None of us are what we think we are .The gift to see ourselves as others see us comes to mind here i feel.He seems to have been a bit of a show off but mind he was a working class fella with a dubious education with nothing else really to be proud of other than what was really a stage show for a very critical following
  10. Had some memorable flights with mine.
  11. All 3 tools thats for resizer cylinder,capper/decapper and rto machine for all size cases.£100 plus post
  12. brileys extended full chokes i bought via chris potter £50 each specially imported(took 6 weeks)
  13. Ive used mine almost exclusively wildfowling and i have heard some comments about the gun being light .More that 45 years of fowling tells me its a very pointable gun and certainly not too light for me despite what some may tell you -- very attractive as a bonus.Ive shot duck ,geese pigeon game ,the lot, since having bought mine.The wood is superb,if you lightly sand it and use teak oil it comes up stunning.Regarding 3.5 shells,does she kick,yes all guns do ,anyone saying otherwise is a cockwomble.But its not painful nor uncomfortable.I use 3" shells mostly as i think patterning is better with them.Extended brileys full and full are what i bought earlier this season to try.Seem to throw tight steel as you would expect but its a busy time of year so i have not pattern tested them.If you want a s/s its a fine gun.The rib is sunken and i like this so if you want a raised rib this is not for you.
  14. i usually check the auctions m8,not found one im enticed by as yet.Id hope to grab hold of a 10 bore percussion.There was a rotary underlever 10 for sale for 500 a while back but the barrels were very thin i was advised.Im after a s/s
  15. Looking for another black powder percussion gun here.Maybe thinking about getting a rotary underlever breech loader for black powder rounds i can load up.
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