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  1. the 2 3/4 rto paper russians were awesome.we used them on everything. bit harsh on the ferreting though but rabbits running up the sea wall had no chance
  2. We used to buy the odd box now and again for duck only when russian rounds were unobtainable.The poor mans alphamax.Still dropped duck though.
  3. thats a lot of attitude right there. Are you even aware of the demographics of Scotland. How many living here are born outside its geographical boundaries,particularly from England? My own father is one of them I was originally keen on the idea of independence but having done my research more thoroughly these days its something i feel is pointless and deunifying. But that attitude of yours is the very attitude that creates this desire by many to consider independence in the first place .
  4. i found my old hw77 was becoming heavy after it sat in cupboard for a decade and i started using it again.i bought a hw100 instead. getting old aint fun m8
  5. is it free? aaahh just saw price haha
  6. Can anyone shed any light on where long nets can be bought these days---if at all???
  7. always thought he was tony curtis son looks so much like him
  8. used 2 shims and a folded piece of tinfoil- so now shooting pellet on pellet but thats close range < 7m. But i have ample adjustment i reckon now to move that about for zeroing at 30 yards now.
  9. maxed out to 300 on unit when attempting to raise reticule during zeroing i got shims here.Wondering how many shims most people found (if any) they needed.this is on a hw100 btw
  10. You might be right .however i met a muppet boasting of taking 250 in one night the other weekl. That ,if true, shows there are large numbers in some areas still.
  11. sad that the population has taken such a dip.Most of us await the population bounceback and despite the understandable farming reluctance to see rabbits on the land my personal opinion is that one day--we may rely on rabbit again as we once did.
  12. didnt see the AO no worries. cheers.
  13. the hawk eclipse--has sf yes?
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