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  1. half 8 at night???? No idea what he was shooting at lads a fud -period.Could have been anything he let got at--or anyone for that matter!
  2. I was offered a stock from an aya 10 last year as i needed one at the time.The barrels had been (allegedly)bulged by the owner using--------- large steel.Who knows bud its one of those areas where i agree misinformation leads to misdirection.
  3. Utter **** wit 50 grains .too low a volume.seems for whatever the reasoning ,better patterns can be achieved with TSS and a percussion gun when you raise the powder charge.70 grains perhaps even 75.I patterned 11/4 oz at 45 yards and its a dead goose .Bout what you would expect from a lead round using full choked .Now that aint 70 yards--but then again this aint TSS 18 its TSS 15.I dont normally shoot at geese beyond 40-45 yards with my 3.5 s/s gun so i dun want to start doing it with a percussion black powder job really either.Im content i have a black powder gun that will drop birds humanely at normal ranges.Jobs a good un. single overshot wad on top of the 70 grians of 777 powder, one ounce of TSS in a fibre cup with 20g thick spacer placed in the cup after the wad is seated in the bore otherwise it wont twist in .Overshot card wad on top of shotcolumn.Done. Closer birds can be taken with bismuth or steel .Cylinder choke on my percussion both barrels ,i would not be happy throwing steel out at geese beyond 30-35 yards
  4. Dram (powder) Grains (powder) Ounce (shot) 2 55 3/4 2 1/4 62 7/8 2 1/2 68 1 2 3/4 75 1 1/8 3 82 1 1/4 3 1/4 89 1 3/8 3 1/2 96 1 1/2 3 3/4 102 1 5/8 4 109 1 3/4 4 1/4 116 1 7/8 4 1/2 123 2 4 3/4 130 2 1/8 5 137 2 1/4 This chart is typical. Im using 70 grains on this most successful pattern test.i put that down to the whole unmolested wad being used.not the increase in powder.,the lowest i went was 60 of 777.If im replicating the square load id be using the one ounce load-- just 68 grains of black OR 68 times 0.85% to get the equivalent in 777 powder--thats just 57.8 grains!.Less powder more shot is the statement to tighten things up . im above the square load with both 60 and certainly 70 grains of 777 , im very optimistic i can tighten things up by dropping it back from 70 or 60 to say---50 grains as mentioned a moment ago.This is 8 grains less than the square load conversion from black to 777 but with TSS its a new ball game and the higher density of the shot may simply need a gentler "push" rather than a heavy shove so to speak.I agree the extra height of the complete fibre wad is helping.the reduction in powder can do nothing but good.velocity is incredible to be honest with 60 or 70 grains.Its not overload, but it is, my experience tells me,--too pokey.It reminds me of firing a baikal record 12 bore cartridge if you remember them??Thats what its like firing off 60 or 70 grains.50 should make the gun behave more like firing a grand prix i hope!!!!
  5. To let you understand 777 powder as i have came to over the last few weeks.Its written to drop the standard BP charge by 15% to allow 777 to replicate velocities normally expected from BP load.A normal 1oz BP load is around 70 grains.using the 15% reduction idea is optional with 777.they advise you to do this IF you want to replicate a BP load in pressure /velocity--but with TSS you may not want to do this --unless as you suggest the pattern is being blown..I have tried 60 grains at 50 yards and its ok but not impressive as we know.I tried the 70 grains with the full wad and its pretty damned good--but i agree with you ,not what it could be.I may try dropping the charge back down to say 50 grains 777 with the full wad and the 1oz.It would still have plenty poke most likely and maybe bring the shot tighter together.who knows! Ill try one more trip out using less powder,fold the petals right out and then back into place so i know they will "give" when fired.and see what i get on the pattern paper.
  6. Ach im being fussy m8.Lets be honest, a 50 yard range is outstanding from a cylinder choked percussion 12.Pellets will go clean through the bird i can be sure of that.hellova wallop they have to them.I normally shoot at 30-45 yards anyways.Im confident ill have a good few pinks this season with the pedersoli.ill keep a look out for the 10 bore percussion version too,would love to grab hold of one of them
  7. perhaps aye. more pellets in the ounce too.This was today pattern tested with the full fibre cup wad with 1oz of tss15 .still 80 or so pellets outside that paper someplace.Not as tight as i had hoped but certainly a dead goose.
  8. This is with the 70 grains of 777 powder.i may do one more pattern test using 55 grains and once ounce of TSS with the full wad etc again-see of the lower powder charge draws it in (or out).Mind this is NOT TSS wt18 this is its poor cousin TSS wt 15. heavier than hevishot but lighter than the TSS 18 that is being bantered about on facebook pages
  9. Pattern testing today with a few different loads.I decided to use the entire bio wad rather than cutting it back with the TSS . So---70 grains NOT the usual 60 used this time .Thick Over powder wad put on top of charge .I then placed a 20 bore hard packing wad inside the cup once the wad was manipulated and squeezed into the bore.A nice bit of saliva helped it in .Gently pushed down a few inches then tss (one ounce only) placed in barrels with overshot light card wad on top.Pattern was fairly good at 50 yards the first barrel and well--the pic below says it all.Quite happy if i can replicate this more often than not.I have noticed this gun shoots LOW .It did so on 5 different pattern sheets.Incredibly lifelike goose shape is goose sized BTW 30" circle.23 hits to the bird and of course a few more to wings bome/meat if i had drawn them on .Wads were blown god knows where -i found only 3 . i recon they flew sideways into the tide.Very chewed up wads opened right out like a pitbull got hold of them--but bore of gun is fine .I think the 70 grains is helping 10 grains more this time plus entire wad used not a cut down job.The gun shoots low--i know this now.on every pattern the base is heaviest in strikes due to the guns aim point being lower than would have imagined.I aimed(wind pushing me all over the place) at the base of the neck but at 50 yards in a strong wind i struggled to hold the gun true. Now this load IF i can do it as a constant will suffice.Its fiddly getting these fibre cups to fit the 13 bore barrels ,you have to bite em and squeeze em around very firmly but delicate like then rotate them into the muzzle.With no 20 bore hard wad inside the cup you would poke the bottom of the wad out if you tried to push it down.You need the hard wad in place ,then shove it down 6 inches or so then drop the shot,over powder card wad on top then ram it very firm but also quite gently watching out for the hydraulic pressure hiss when you are pushing it home.
  10. http://www.namlhunt.com/mlshotguns4.html another page--this lad knows his stuff.
  11. cheers, this is uncharted territory for me with the muzzle loader. http://www.namlhunt.com/mlshotguns5.html# Thsi is well worth a read ref muzle loading.Wad may well be battering into the shot instead of falling away correctly.
  12. plastic solves the worry of these thick fibre beasts not opening up.im sure its due to them being cut down for the 1oz load to fit and the petals being too short and thick to open correctly .My only concern with plastic is the risk of them melting but a wad between them and the powder should sort that.Mind this is a muzzle loader so each flight i expect to let off a handful of rounds.And i bought this gun for quality of the shot not quantity of the bag. Stomping up 15 quid for TSS shot for half a dozen loads that will reach out and kill with good patterns and incredible energy is a bargain .Remember that with muzzle loading you have your two shots with your s/s and then you must stop everything you are doing and reload.Its important to drop birds cleanly if at all possible ,Its great to have shot that will be so efficient in the barrels regardless of the extra cost.Three steel to one TSS cost wise ? Maybe so, but for percussion shooting its worth it i assure you.Im out at 50 yards with these loads right now --patchy yes,but ill sort this.Im now able to relax,enjoy the dawn and pick my shots knowing that the bird im takings is going to come down with a lovely cloud of smoke and flame.Dropping the geese back on the 2nd was really outstanding.Close birds at 30 yards i grant you but worth 10 birds with a breech loader.By the time the pinks are in ill have a percussion load that drops birds like a sack of wheat at 45-50 yards if i wanted to. The boring part is making up all these pattern papers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. fibre is rubbed down to fit but slides in snug and comfortable.mind they have a 1/8 over powder wad under them also so no gas escaping.
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