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  1. I have 2 .410 RTO tools here for sale.£50 each.Do a lovely tight rto.Also a steel decapper/capper and a cylinder shaped resizer tool.
  2. Agreed Jim wigeon local to use taste like a camels anus(not that i have personal experience in eating camel anus(es)
  3. I have 2 Briley extended full chokes coming for my yilditz.Takes ages though.Still waiting and thats been 4 weeks now.They did say about 4 weeks but apparently its in a log jam at customs.Good old UK wants to stick it to us with taxes at every turn
  4. Sorry i might be thick here but what exactly are you saying here?
  5. Pity-would have been handy me thinks in some situations.
  6. where you get the inflatable Kayak from????
  7. Aye i have em loaded with 42 grains.Someone else said the same.
  8. thanks for that.I have a few more now than i did before.Its all good.
  9. Fast steel used simply for its own sake does not always put a bird in the bag we all know theres a lot more to shooting than the cartridge but if the added confidence instilled by its use improves a shooters mindset ,or the shorter lead distance improves his/her marksmanship then by all means fill yer boots i say and use fast cartridges.At the end of the day its each shooters own choice.
  10. Motty i see from your previous comment ,you have not used the# 3 shot ,so really,you are not in a position to agree or disagree. Best try a box first .A few fellas i know have tried them on duck making their opinions valid,lads who like myself have been at this a very long time and they do agree the #3 are wanting..They are fine for shorter distances.Over water you can really see how dire the patterning is.I sure as hell would not use them on a goose.
  11. bought a box of vip steel #3 as a temporary stop gap till i could reload a batch for duck myself.Good to 25 yards on teal for example --after that its flapper.Utter rubbish for the foreshore so for gawds sake do not use on geese even close geese.Good for ponds or close mallard aye but not for shoregunning.
  12. Looking for a 10 bore steel load for csb-0 with tps wads also one using blue dot?? Anyone?Also any lead loads using these???I prefer a RTO but can do a crimp
  13. bishop

    Butt pads

    just woke up had to read this twice.thought it said butt plugs for a split second.😁
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