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  1. Any person in Fife area wondering if they can or should develop a piece of ground for duck but may need a hand let me now.Just a passing thought.I dug a few out in the past with varying levels of success. Im thinking of looking about for a farm with some undeveloped land or perhaps a lease on such land but quite happy to buddy up with someone likeminded. Massive returns not the priority(for me anyways).
  2. my outlander was that synthetic wood .Looked great mind you .
  3. saw one identical go for 900 at auction not long back
  4. agreed nic,there is a plus i suppose
  5. I remember back in the late 70's during a severe snowstorm we we were sat on the sea wall on the Eden estuary up by St Andrews .Late afternoon ,tide full in , we watched thousands and thousands of pigeon migrating south. Coming over from Tentsmuir forest area by RAF Leuchars ,right across the estuary and on down towards Anstruther.We shot a couple when we initially realised there was a bizzare flight on ,to discover these pigeon were bloody huge. Stunning birds not like our locals at all. Really rich deep colours on them and as i say,massive.We decided to let them be given it was hellish weat
  6. For far too many people especially younger shooters its about nothing other than pulling the trigger and shotcams. I find it sad the way wildfowling has became through social media
  7. My tool can be adapted from 3.5 right down to 25/8 cases.Ill be reloading the short 10's mainly
  8. My old10 bore rto machine is not behaving nowadays-i could do with a replacement.?????
  9. Hi m8 ,yes ive loaded since i was a kid back in the 70's.Got all i need apart from my 10 bore cylinder resizer thats disappeared someplace.Ive not done 2 5/8 rounds before.in fact the last time i had anything to do with 2 5/8 10 bores was cleaning my old mans rotary tolley 10 bore when i was a wee lad.The new gun below.im going to see if i can pick up a hand skiver if at all possible as my rto leaves a double tram line these days due to it being a tad wobbly/thinning the plastic may help keep the roll over even.
  10. yes just back from proof house earlier this year im told so she can handle nitro loads
  11. Im looking for as many loads as possible black powder and smokeless .Both for lead and bismuth. New toy cometh forth cheers. Allen;.
  12. Could you send me some of those recipes for the 2 5/8 ten??
  13. pity they never made these with a removeable breech "plug" that could convert from breech to percussion by removal of said plug
  14. One for sale on guntrader but his price is a wee bitty too high .
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