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  1. Like i say m8 i loaded up a few 1 3/8 BB lead (scotland) and they patterned very well if a bit too thin at 30 yards in a 1/4 choked hammer 10.With 3 shot it would have been lovely out to 35-40 yards. With tighter chokes its a given the range would be greater,but then as you said the birds would not be sky scrapers anyways. You cant beat that sulphur reek and distinctive plume of smoke hanging about a damp reedbed from an old hammergun.Do ensure it has been live fired recently and the proof marks are reasonably recent as some do sell on guns only fit for the wall. Hope you grab one soon.
  2. The pattern with a RTO 1 3/8 load of BB may be ok for 30 yards max as most are very lightly choked if not cylinder bore.I used one for a short while but had to return the gun as it misfired unfortunately. But the black powder loads i done were the dogs danglies. It patterned lovely at 30 yards and a pretty big swoosh of smoke .I would have enjoyed the gun but if i buy another breech loader ill just get an old 12 bore hammergun and use the black powder in that. The same enjoyment--much cheaper to buy and same range if not better.
  3. I read a few days back that 300 seasonals or so were issued --must be getting old as i cant find the article again !Probably was a bit of info stating how many had been applied for.
  4. still in Fife m8 but may be over in lothian in a few years.I checked into Holy island permits and they dont issue that many seasonals do they!
  5. Marsh gun thanks for that. I live in Fife though m8 ,perfectly placed for the Tay,Eden and the Forth.Unfortunately is a step back and down planting myself in East Lothian. Compared with the usual haunts and quality of foreshores i have found myself in over the last 45 years but hey ho if and when it happens we make the best do we not.
  6. I assumed this was sorted.Ask Sean to message me pls
  7. out of interest Rab whats the cost involved m8.Im interested as i might persue an opening like this myself .Be peachy using my percussion on walked up long tails cheers, Allen
  8. Might try this load later on.I still have a dose of the green case primed cheddites that need loading up. They are 23/4 cases and wont hold a big load of steel.
  9. It may be the case i end up in Dunbar/North Berwick etc in the future for my retirement years but it looks so so bad for fowling.Does anyone know what goose or duck shooting is available there apart from the john muir or aberlady obvious places that seem ,quite bluntly , meagre
  10. the yilditz has a single selective trigger yes.
  11. Also have an extrema i may sell if anyones interested
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