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  1. Most seem to use this lil' gun powder. Anyone using alliant steel for their 20g steel loads??I was made aware that alliant took their steel data off their site a while back as the old powder was different than the new. Im not 100% on this.But if true ,makes load data gleaned off the internet a tad dubious unless proof house validated me thinks.
  2. i got hold of some 30g lead #5 shot, gamebore. felt wad i think they are.Cant say at this point they get a wow star really.Sitting doo at 30 yards flew off!!
  3. OK OK i never saw the date stamp delete delete delete🙄
  4. Did you sell this 20g? Im expecting a second hand mossberg pump up from a gunshop down staffordshire.Same issue .It has a single mod choke.
  5. As title.1/4 and 1/2 chokes needed for mossberg 500 .Can buy new but fine with undamaged 2nd hand. 20 bore
  6. Met a couple of twitchers out today. I was showing them some barnies out on the mud and then advised them of the barnacle tragic events taking place on caerlaverock and i added that RSPB i have discovered ,encouraged the birds to feed in an unnatural manner in a congested area etc causing the bloody virus to multiply.. Their faces were a picture. Truth is truth. If one lads accidentally shoots a barnie and it was posted on facebook it would be national name and shame followed by a prosecution.The RSPB messes us in a gigantic way it seems and its all quiet on the western front.Not us guv.etc.
  7. If the baikal is 3" im interested m8.Fixed or multickoked?? cheerrs, Allen.
  8. Got one here.its shot thousands of pigeon and rabbits in its time.My old man had it in his cupboard the last 15 years.As you probably know,powerful,heavy and solidly built to last a lifetime.Got loads of big scopes my old man kept buying so you can have your pick of what you fancy.
  9. I have literally just bought a nice mossberg pump 20 but i am struggling to find tss recipes so i can do a bloody order from c&g .Anyone got other loads or know where i can get a few from for steel and tss for geese ????
  10. Could you confirm the model etc please m8. cheers.
  11. As above .semi preferred but s/s considered or pump IF its multichoked .steel being used.
  12. Im geting good patterns although i found a wad on the saltings the other day from a round i fired up at the geese in that fog.Whole layer of copper coated steel #1 pellets still in wad ***!!!!.Well indented too
  13. The only DIRECT way of birds picking this up and spreading it (other than hugging or kissing each other) would be through contact with droppings or ingesting contaminated food ( i cant see 4000 barnacles eagerly eating ,even accidentally, each others droppings Id be interested to have some independent research done on exactly how many of these dead geese were killed by avian flu .Its easy enough to say its flu that killed them but being open minded id feel id want to ask for proof .I would also like to have this tracked in as much as where these birds had been roosting and feeding and if the recorded incidences and deaths had birds that showed commonalities in their movements. No one seems to be asking if its an issue with commonality of feeding areas or contact with something other than each other that could have caused such a rapid spreading of this killer be it avian flu or whatever. Im no virologist but flu ,we all know, has an incubation period. These birds have been in the UK for months,Its not ben brought in by a barnie .To have a sudden outbreak such as this has a patient zero as with any virus. That bird ,if there was one, would have incubated the virus here and then probably died. The ability for it to spread so prolifically i find odd and im interested in why no mention of human involvement is not suggested through perhaps contaminated feed put down on those reserves that are showing fatalities .My limited observations do allow me to ponder a more open mind on this issue without going off the deep end. My concern is that either domestic birds have infected the wild geese via their **** blowing in the wind (hmmm) or perhaps some idiot has had sick poultry and then wandered about some reserve someplace spreading the virus off his or her wellies? Possibly contaminated feed though bought from poultry feed suppliers and dished out on some reserves ???? ".I doubt any organisation will do a hands up if thats the case. Remembering that some idiotic poultry farmer could have spread chicken **** on his fields and the geese may have picked up the virus on some contaminated arable..I do think the where from question is as important as any other question here. Avian Influenza (AI) is spread in direct bird to bird contact through secretions and faecal material. Transmission can also be on the clothing, contaminated feed, water, equipment, boots etc. Transmission can also be in the wind is when faecal material is in dust and blown in the wind."
  14. bishop

    Avian Flu

    Such significant numbers being quoted , remembering of course HOW flu is transmitted. Close contact between birds being the official explanation. These are wild birds not battery caged chooks . Geese feeding/pecking about thru other geese on fields seems possible or indeed ingesting minute trace amounts of infection via each others faeces but its still rather odd overall .I do recall cases back in the day (1970's) of wild geese dying in their thousands nationwide due to seed dressings "dieldrin" and carcasses in some cases being buried pronto to hide the fact. They underplayed exactly how many had died as it was a very sensitive topic at the time. One could be forgiven for asking if this is perhaps an issue related to habitat or feeding ? Probably is what they are saying of course but given the huge leap in goose numbers i do wonder how long before some eejit decides to do a myxomatosis on other species deemed to be heading out of control
  15. I may pick up some sam1 wads solely to use this recipe with blue dot.I have a good few gamebore 3.5 once fired cases im contemplating using.Anyone able to validate what cases gamebore use?? Sam 1 3.5 inch wads i assume?
  16. Loaded up a half dozen using mammoth steel once fire hulls and trimmed down for the RTO. ill see what i think after tomorrows flight if there is one.
  17. Like i say m8 i loaded up a few 1 3/8 BB lead (scotland) and they patterned very well if a bit too thin at 30 yards in a 1/4 choked hammer 10.With 3 shot it would have been lovely out to 35-40 yards. With tighter chokes its a given the range would be greater,but then as you said the birds would not be sky scrapers anyways. You cant beat that sulphur reek and distinctive plume of smoke hanging about a damp reedbed from an old hammergun.Do ensure it has been live fired recently and the proof marks are reasonably recent as some do sell on guns only fit for the wall. Hope you grab one soon.
  18. The pattern with a RTO 1 3/8 load of BB may be ok for 30 yards max as most are very lightly choked if not cylinder bore.I used one for a short while but had to return the gun as it misfired unfortunately. But the black powder loads i done were the dogs danglies. It patterned lovely at 30 yards and a pretty big swoosh of smoke .I would have enjoyed the gun but if i buy another breech loader ill just get an old 12 bore hammergun and use the black powder in that. The same enjoyment--much cheaper to buy and same range if not better.
  19. I read a few days back that 300 seasonals or so were issued --must be getting old as i cant find the article again !Probably was a bit of info stating how many had been applied for.
  20. still in Fife m8 but may be over in lothian in a few years.I checked into Holy island permits and they dont issue that many seasonals do they!
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