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    So girl's going through puberty, are all sweetness and are never violent or anti social?
  2. Don't leave, we all know the truth and one Day someone will have a bigger solicitor.
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    Do work for a customer of mine who is a big cheese in the organisation, he has mirror views and i describe him to friends as blofields henchman. What a to**er
  4. I am lost for words. This is P.W. not, Commando training school.
  5. Possibly the best semi ever produced. Tips, use copper grease on the collar that holds the choke in, if not it will seize on. Get an old thin screwdriver and grind it down so it has two flats, this you can use to clean the gas ports out.
  6. wishy735

    BBC licence fee

    Just wondering, how do they know you are watching?
  7. I don't care if he is a terrorist or not. Anyone that starts weilding a knife and hurting people and refuses to surrender should be shot. That's what I call a deterrent and a non re-offender.
  8. wishy735


    Got me worried now! I meant if you fancy a drink to celebrate Pop round. What did you think I meant? No funny business I hope.
  9. wishy735


    Fireworks here also, free house here until 2.00.
  10. wishy735


    My continental quilt has been posted to brussels. I now have an eiderdown and the pate is called meat paste as it always used to be called. Tonight at 11 we will be having Adams and fish and chips. Early tomorrow I will get up early, sit in the garden and smile as I see a new dawn over the Norfolk landscape.
  11. Welcome Henry. Where in Norfolk are you?
  12. It is run by Jessica Thorrold, daughter of Philip. Google Thorrolds ltd.
  13. Going to watch the reply to your post from BASC with interest.
  14. Blast I was 5 miles away yesterday shoting a few clays.
  15. Intelligence? He is a remoner and tried time after time to stop the brexit process. Lock him up.
  16. Unfortunately I have lost all trust in social media posts and a lot of, so called reliable media. They have time after time showed to be unreliable.
  17. KISS . keep it simple springs to mind.
  18. Suggested that........…................ Its cold in my garage
  19. Thanks but unfortunately that's how it has been repaired twice. I think that would work on an area that don't get as much hammer but its on an arm. Did you stick it on top? That's what I am thinking it needs. A page patch with plenty of adhesive
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