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    Woodburner.. Morso 6143 vs contura 510

    Be aware the contura has a fixed baffle plate, you will need a sweep who knows what he is doing or a access plate on the vit pipe!
  2. R1nut

    Most bizzare job you've had

    I had to take an evening job to make ends meet. Spring maker by day then of an evening I did a bit of turning. My main task was turn a taper on some wooden handles, and radius the ends. One day I asked what the handles were actually used for, to my surprise they were being leather bound during the day shift then sold by Ann summers as whips!!!! That made the job a little more interesting!!
  3. R1nut

    Selling Defender

    Try landyzone first
  4. R1nut

    Hawke Scope. Buy One Get One Free!!

    ? brilliant!!
  5. R1nut

    TD5 Turbo Replacement Help

    Remove the pipe and give it a good clean, a makeshift pull through works wonders!
  6. R1nut

    Help with Petrol Strimmers/Brush cutters decision

    I do a lot of grass cutting this time of year, over the past couple of weeks I have gone through 2 cheap Chinese strimmers! They just can't handle hours of work! Either stihl or echo, my old srm echo I have just keeps going! I've had to replace the head due to bearings wearing out but it's worked for hours on end for years!
  7. R1nut

    TD5 Turbo Replacement Help

    Oil starvation is the reason, at 120000 rpm they don't last long dry!
  8. R1nut

    Who drives a boxster?

    We have had a boxster for years, you can't beat the sound of the flat 6! Ours is used as an every day driver, it's used as a work car and has racked up some miles. We found the more it was used the better it was. In 5 years of ownership it has never let us down!!
  9. R1nut

    Asphalt Sealer

    The in laws used similar a couple of years ago and I was quite impressed with the outcome. Still looks good now.
  10. R1nut

    Stoney point target caps

    Stoney point target turret caps A small mark on one cap, apart from that very good! £22 delivered
  11. R1nut


    Unopened box of devcon. expiry date is 2017, I've just used another tub that expired in 2014 and it's fine £20 posted
  12. I can't speak highly enough of the Subaru awd system! It's a phenomenal car, mpg isn't great but try not grinning ear to ear after driving the turbo version. If you want more ground clearance check out the forester or outback, they offer better measurements than most so called 4x4s
  13. R1nut

    Issues with moderator on 17

    Uk gun repairs Taunton.
  14. R1nut

    Issues with moderator on 17

    They use the greatest tolerance on both male and female threads so they will feel loose, it's the shoulders that square them up!
  15. R1nut

    Stock repair on BSA Ultra.

    So basically you are telling him to "tea bag" his stick
  16. R1nut

    Motorcycle test

    Good luck, you will be grinning from ear to ear. The 600 will feel a lot more stable which inspires confidence. Try not to get nervous and keep a clear head!! When my partner did her test she really couldn't get on with the 125, she was being pushed all over because of the weather, stuck her on the 600 and it transformed her riding confidence Don't panic about the high speed stuff, I was told years ago the bike is better at straight lines than you, just relax and let it move about beneath you. Riding motocross teaches a lot about how they behave, to a beginner it can feel unnerving.
  17. R1nut

    Land Rover Spares

    Depending on which turbo it is they are between £300-£500 new
  18. R1nut

    Land Rover Spares

    If you get a list of bit there are a few I'm after!! The best way would be to google the part number and get an idea of price.
  19. R1nut

    Which Dog Coat ?

    We use equafleece on ours. They are brilliant for drying them off once they have gotten wet!
  20. R1nut

    Dog bite - what to do

    I would have said report it, could be a child next!
  21. R1nut

    Travelling Distance to far?

    If the money is that good digs and work every hour possible. Rather than sitting staring at the walls you could be earning a lot more. Then come home Friday and enjoy family time. I commuted to Bristol every day a few years ago, the worst part of the job was the journey. If I caught it wrong it would add hours onto my day.
  22. R1nut

    Leupold turret cap

    Sadly, no I don’t have any contacts in America. Wish I had though after watching man vs food!! I had my fingers crossed that someone had a spare squirrelled away!
  23. R1nut

    Leupold turret cap

    Has anyone got a spare turret cap lying around? I contacted the importers with no joy!
  24. R1nut

    Leupold turret cap

    That was who I first contacted and put me on to the importers here. I'm at a bit of a dead end now!!