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  1. Tibs28

    Sept 1st

    Did it sound thornham way by any chance ?.I only got informed yesterday that we still can’t go due to a certain farmer appealing a decision which you probably have heard about
  2. Have now reduced the price to £550 and is collection only.
  3. I have now found the user manual and warranty card.
  4. This is my gun and any questions please ask
  5. Tibs28

    Gin Traps

    Do you mean the gin trap inn in ringstead.it’s certainly changed a lot since then
  6. Tibs28

    Semi auto 12g

    I don’t mate unfortunately
  7. Tibs28

    Semi auto 12g

    I have a Winchester sx4 for sale for £500.it’s basically brand new with less than 100 shots threw it and under a year old with original receipt located near hunstanton
  8. Thanks jamesrhodes and it was a pleasure to deal with you also.hope you found the beach cafe ok and had a good breakfast 👍👍
  9. This is my gun and if you have any questions please message me
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