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  1. Sorry answered my own question. Yeah a tad far
  2. Where in the country are you?
  3. Preferably a pump action, but anything considered
  4. I appreciate it is a needle in a haystack looking for shooting online, however if anyone could point me in the right direction of any syndicates or rough shoots or stalking in these areas, that would be a great help. Also, as with anyone, any vermin/pigeon shooting available would be keenly appreciate Thanks in advance
  5. I am on the look out for an old lee Enfield that has been converted to .410 and smooth bored. Rare as hens teeth I know, but worth a try. An SMLE our a no.4 would do. I would consider one of the Indian made ones, however ideally I’m after a proper rifle that has been converted. many thanks
  6. This is mine if anyone has any questions
  7. Just to let everyone know this gun has provisionally sold. I've had quite a lot of enquirys, but don't think I missed anyone in replying but apologies if I did. I appreciate the comments and advice received. Thanks Aaron
  8. Thanks Paulandtoni. You can email me at: aaroncrawley@hotmail.co.uk or PM me through here. If you need my number I can send you it via email. Thanks for the interest. Aaron
  9. Hey yeah as stated above it has the rubber but pad fitted and then the harder one spare. I thought that was to do with changing the length of pull, and I didn't know that was the difference between the spotter and field model. Thanks for the help
  10. This is my gun. I'm happy to answer any questions. Thanks
  11. Yeah I shoot over at craigihall, but not very often as its run by a guy who's not very reliable. Also I'm not an officer and it's very hard for the military to believe that a ranker can be trusted ha
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