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    Deer stalking lamping everything shooting :D

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  1. andrew f

    bornaghi cartridges Pigeon 36

    Yes my plan was too use them though my sxs which is choked at 1/2 and full perhaps they won’t work too well maybe pattern test time if I can find some to play with
  2. andrew f

    bornaghi cartridges Pigeon 36

    Oh good I will find out how much a slab is currently apparently there rather cheap
  3. I have had a google and can’t seem to find many stockiest in the uk anyone used them and what did you think of them?
  4. andrew f

    16 or 20 bore

    Lincoln model Jubilee Prestige 6 pounds 6oz apparently
  5. andrew f

    16 or 20 bore

    The 16 bore is a o/u
  6. andrew f

    16 or 20 bore

    I’ll have a look into it though I have found a nice 16 bore
  7. andrew f

    16 or 20 bore

    Revo three shot semi and a baikal sxs which i know kicks like a mule before I had shoulder issues
  8. andrew f

    16 or 20 bore

    Looks like I’ll be giving the Mrs 20 bore a whirl then it’s soo bloody light feels like I’m swinging a matchstick around though 😂
  9. andrew f

    16 or 20 bore

    After hurting my shoulder and taking more than the required time to let it heal I have a slight problem with my shoulder being rather sore and stiff after a good day on the clays or corvids using my 12 bore . I was thinking perhaps a change to a 16 or 20 might help with the issue any advice will be greatly received
  10. andrew f

    Farmers to be paid for shooting badgers

    try £10-15 a badger not £50 lol
  11. andrew f


    the front of the finger so to speak
  12. andrew f


    My bakial sxs seems to have a thing about ripping skin off my trigger finger while shooting it, anyone have a idea why?
  13. andrew f

    The Badger Cull

    Farmers can choose a shooter for themselves all the shooter as to do is pass the shooting test and some other bits
  14. andrew f

    .308 brass

    127 once fired sako .308 £30+postage 77 once fired .308 federal open to offers 60 once fired Winchester.308 open to offers
  15. andrew f

    The rut is on

    Broke the cabinet queen out Sunday evening for a spot of roe buck calling. Went to my perm walked down to my high seat which is outside of a little wood got settled in loaded up the .243 and gave the Buattlo little squeak after a few seconds I could hear a bit of noise in the wood to my left gave a another squeak on the buattlo and out comes a big roe buck not what I was after, he soon trotted back in the wood. I looked back up the field and could see a deer up the top gave the buattlo a squeak and it comes in like a train and stops around 50 yards turns broadside and I let the round go. knocked him down and he gets back up to my surprise and makes it back to the wood. Had a quick check of the shot sight and big chunks of lung and bright frothy red blood walked to were he went in and he was dead on top the bank