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  1. Anyone know of a good book or someone on youtube who wont make me fall asleep?🤣
  2. its got 16 70 stamped on the flats
  3. Anyone recommend someone to do the above or know of a good video for dummies
  4. C1 so 1957 according to the net
  5. Got hold of this today and was wondering if anyone could tell me the easiest way to tell how old it is?
  6. I'm in deepest darkest devon 😂 if anyone knows of a good instructor just to look me over and the gun
  7. I brought a kofs 12 bore last year and haven't been getting along with it very well after seeking advice from someone with a bit more knowledge about shotguns I pattern tested a few different cartridges and they all patterned well. How much of the rib should I be seeing is the question as I can see all the way down it and he thinks I need the Combe dropped?
  8. Yes my plan was too use them though my sxs which is choked at 1/2 and full perhaps they won’t work too well maybe pattern test time if I can find some to play with
  9. Oh good I will find out how much a slab is currently apparently there rather cheap
  10. I have had a google and can’t seem to find many stockiest in the uk anyone used them and what did you think of them?
  11. Lincoln model Jubilee Prestige 6 pounds 6oz apparently
  12. I’ll have a look into it though I have found a nice 16 bore
  13. Revo three shot semi and a baikal sxs which i know kicks like a mule before I had shoulder issues
  14. Looks like I’ll be giving the Mrs 20 bore a whirl then it’s soo bloody light feels like I’m swinging a matchstick around though 😂
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