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    Arsenal season ticket holder and I enjoy pigeon & driven shooting. Looking to take up clay shooting too :)
  1. ahh ok no problem, message me with an offer if it doesnt sell
  2. i know it is a very low offer but would you take £1550
  3. Hi everybody, looking for a second hand Browning B725 black edition shotgun, the new ones are a bit out of my price range but hopefully will be able to afford a second hand one! must be some out there for around £1,500......*praying*
  4. Does anyone who has owned one recommend this gun? I have the B725 12 bore and fancy having the pair. I love the prince of Wales stock version.
  5. Hi all, Looking for a Browning premium gold sporter, in good condition and with chokes.
  6. ginge_afc


    still for sale??
  7. has anyone owned or even seen one of these? Opinions?? I know the lower end shotguns from them aren't so good now since they are being made in Turkey but want to know if it is the same story for the premium ones.
  8. thanks on their website it says they shoot English sporting layout
  9. Has anyone been to this ground? Is it good? just wanted to know some stuff about it really
  10. ok thanks maybe for under £2000 then but thats even pushing it i think
  11. oh yeah just read that wrong, urg i'm div!
  12. Hi all, I'm looking for a Browning B725 sporter black edition for under £2000. In good condition please, any barrel size will do. Been looking for one of these for ages but a brand new one is a little out of my price range
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