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  1. Farmers and Mercantile are pretty good. Been with them for 18 months, small holding with buildings, lots of liability cover. Had a break in to one of the barns and £1500 of tools nicked. All sorted with no hassle and premium didnt go up much. Have accidental damage away from the home for the rifles, NV, Thermal etc
  2. Good start as always Mark, keep up the good work bud
  3. Well done mate. Usual house related absence as always. Managed 2 dogs and a vixen one night last week. Full moon so sat and waited under a hedge, caller on...flat battery in the handset so that was a waste of time. Dog called in the wood so I picked him up on the thermal and let him have it when he came out into the field. Bit of hand calling brought a vixen in (barren). Next farm I spent 10 mins following the fox about and another 10 mins trying to get a shot at it. Fox was curled up in the wood and easy to pick up on the thermal but not so easy to pick up with the NV and get a clear shot. Eventually he put his head up and expired. Not bothering much unless I get a call...more time to sort the mansion out
  4. At least I am consistently mental At least the tress were native...not poxy walnut trees lol
  5. You did what you thought was right so no knocking you for that. One farm I shot on had hundreds in every field so anything that showed got shot regardless of size.
  6. Lol..I was watching it thinking how much stick Im going to get. Keep forgetting the "record" function on the spotter, still getting used to it. The farm next door have so many lambs and dont care much about losses so its difficult to know how many they had killed. The 1 vixen was a big lump and the 2 were obviously working together so I reckon mother and daughter. Strange that they tolerated each other given both had cubs but not unheard of. Off next week laying a new limecrete floor so hopefully I can get out a bit more. Good luck with those bucks mate
  7. Sorry guys ...house and life keeping me away from posting and shooting as always I ve had a couple over the last month or so but no problem foxes so I havent been out. That changed yesterday morning when I got a call about missing lambs. A couple of twins only had singles which can be explained due to scanning but a triplet with 1 live, 1 dead and 1 missing a head suggested foul play. I asked the farmer to put a dead ewe out that was starting to smell as that should be an open invitation and hopefully feed the foxes rather then newborn lamb. I headed out just before dark and got set up watching the ground. Lots of badgers about but no sign of foxes. Quick call brought a fox in to about 40 yards but no safe shot through the undergrowth ...now this is where it all gets weird...Fox appears on next doors ground about 70 yards away...fox disappears...fox reappears 10 foot up a tree...I then here the crashing about and watch through the thermal very bemused as it tries to climb about in a hazel thicket.....No i hadnt been drinking I couldnt really shoot it up a tree due to backstop and it disappeared after it came down. Went for a wander and I could see a fox near the ewes across the valley, the fox was getting an unwelcome reception from the sheep. Quick dash from the fox and off it went with a newborn lamb. The fox stopped at the top of the field and started eating which was it final act. Fox no 1 at about 230 yards. I left the rifle the one side of the brook and jumped over to go and recover the fox...checked to see exactly where the fox was..and another was sat in the field. Jumped back over..well into the brook getting very wet feet and headed back to where I has taken the shot on no 1 from. No 2 headed over and decided it was a nice snack and dropped in exactly the same spot as the first. 2 vixens both with cubs so a good result. Unfortunately I cant put terriers down as the earths are all shared with badgers.
  8. If your wiring is reasonably modern the 240v ring mains should be protected by a RCD or RCBO which trips within a fraction of second so 110v or 240v it makes little difference. I totally agree with you for site based applications where cables are at risk of damage and theres water all over the place. 110V CTE will give a max 55V shock which wont kill you. If you have a transformer and the 110v is cheaper go for that.
  9. We had to keep his pay under the £100k for tax reasons
  10. LOL...we decided not to go with the deer farming side of things as the fencing was about £110,000.......It would have taken over 30 years to turn a profit. I ll head down to Devon and Dorset and shoot the ******* for free instead
  11. Wish we had deer here...but then that would be something else I didnt have time to shoot To be fair I have plenty of offers to go and shoot deer just dont have time for a weekend away..maybe 2020 lol.
  12. Lol ...im just lazy really.
  13. Never a truer word spoken....forgotten what the rifle or a fox looks like However a very consistent start to the year...yep...1 fox Jan and 1 in Feb...pathetic Ignoring the time part the weather here has been vile of late..hopefully it improves next week so I can finish the roof and get out with the rifle. Keep up the good work gents
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