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  1. Sorry mate, that was very tongue in cheek hence the comment. It highlights the stupidity of it all. Must put next time lol
  2. I have been a mentor for a few people. As time goes on I am less and less inclined to be one. It tends to be imposed for CF only so they can go out with a .17 HMR that is a totally safe and harmless round on their own and then I have to go with them for using a .223 for example. When I am happy that they are safe I tell the police and they remove the condition. If the legislation gets any more complicated nobody is going to want to be a mentor. I agree with a number of your points and my general feeling is that the police should either grant a FAC or not. I moved from a .223 to a .270 and they were a little bit funny about this until I pointed out that both are pretty lethal if you make a mistake. FEOs dont seem to understand logic at times.
  3. Cheers bud. Fed up with it as well mate. Ironic as the mansion had a moat ..not one that we wanted and one that took a few hours of digging to make it a stream instead lol. The fields are so wet I cant take my truck out to feed the bees so have to lug syrup back and forth ...and generally in the rain as well.
  4. Back out last night. Lots of time spent spotting but not seeing anything. Spotted a couple of thermal signatures a long way off but couldnt make them out due to cover etc. About 20 minutes later a fox appears on the edge of the pen and went straight under the fence. There were 10-12 birds out and it headed straight towards the first of them ..made it about 5 yards before it met a 58 grain round in the chest. I waited 30 minutes to see if the other was going to follow...and its didnt. Went and picked the fox up and back out of the pen. Checked back with the thermal and fox 2 was heading into the pen.....No shot from where I was so legged it up the bank only to see the fox disappear.....20 mins later the fox appears and I watch it with the crosshairs on its head but cant take the shot as there is no safe backstop...it looks in my direction and then legs it. To cut a long story short there lots of faffing and muddy legs to get a shot..as well as moving 4 times as its going through a wood and along the ridge....finally stops but I can only see part of it and off it goes on its merry way ....oh well at least I got 1 lol
  5. Tidy job mate. Nicely done buddy, cant get much better then that.
  6. Nicely done mate. I played watch the fox with no safe shot then watch the fox run off and not present a shot....wary old vixen that is going to take a bit of time and luck to get.
  7. Actually it was chicken on my clothing and the sheep variety required a wet wipe ...no more to say
  8. done that a few times myself. I was forced to strip off in the garage once before I was let in the house ..managed not to scare any of the neighbors though to be fair they would need pretty good eye sight
  9. ...break in the weather Sunday night...quick diversion as 1 road was shut due to a land slide. The river at the farm was about 40 feet wider then usual and the duck pond was about 2 acres bigger. All quiet until I could hear the ducks kicking off. Now the usual route the foxes take would have required a raft so I headed off to have a look. Muddy wade across the field and as I got to the top of the bank I spotted the fox heading back to where I had just come from. It must have had some wet paws as it was wading through some water. I managed to get set up on the top of the bank..lay down in the mud and realised I wasnt over the crest of the bank as all I could see was grass.... By the time I got up and checked the fox had made 200 metres and was gone....muddy and nothing to show for it Off home...must try and not be a numpty next time
  10. Now what were you doing with the magical hand Ed...I hope Grant wasnt anywhere near
  11. Good luck mate. Weather here has been vile so looks like evenings will be spent with wiring and plasterboarding. The mansion is so plush that we now need to wash up in the bath and have to take the shower out on the weekend to make the utility room bigger.....I love being lord of the manor
  12. Very true mate. No 3 was chewing on a sheeps ear ..fair play he was trying to get it off the sheeps head with some fair force (sheep was dead by the way lol). A 58 grain in the forehead stopped him. Looks like your fears of no foxes has disappeared. Keep up the good work.
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