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  1. WelshMike

    Are we in for a bad winter this year?

    It is going to be lovely and warm..at least I hope so as I wont have any heating (apart from a fan heater)
  2. WelshMike

    Foxy in the street

    Nice pic. Amazing how confident urban foxes are. One of the guys I know was in London a few years back and went to pat a dog that was sat by his van...realised it was a fox when his hand was about 6 inches from its head.
  3. WelshMike

    Lamping with the hmr

    ? how did you learn about that trick? didnt think there were cliffs in Norfolk
  4. WelshMike

    Lamping with the hmr

    Not sure what the problems is here Its the velcro suit that gets me in trouble
  5. WelshMike

    Lamping with the hmr

    124 lovely ladies sounds about spot on the me
  6. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Sorry gents, had my dad visiting for the last 3 weeks so between that and the usual stately home build I havent had much time to get out or get on here. The weather looks pretty rough for most of this week so I doubt I will venture out. Off to south Wales wed followed by Suffolk next week so that wont help... Big girl but well done on the cub...brave wee soldier
  7. WelshMike

    Grumpy thread

    Plenty of bodgers about mate. Renovating an old house at the moment and shocking what has been done. Removed some old boarding where a wall had been knocked through...boarding was holding up about 150 kilos of stonework...all came down in a big pile of dust and rubble...3 days to sort it out but at least the house didnt fall down ...and the wall is now solid..
  8. WelshMike

    FAO Walker570

    Nasty northern swine shooting gods fluffy creatures....go and shoot some foxes instead
  9. WelshMike

    Fox club

    One from last night
  10. WelshMike

    Resin Fox Garden Ornament

    Tried a real fox once...total waste of time, stick to crow decoys mate. Fox was dead so wouldnt have minded much
  11. WelshMike


    Wish I could find some more of the wasp nests at home..managed to kill 3 so far but there are a couple left.. Im a beekeeper so have a wasp prejudice (a well deserved one though)..horrible little blighters. Interesting pic though
  12. WelshMike

    How many Foxes are killed in 2018

    8 over the last couple of weeks with the .243 +N750A Total - 404
  13. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Back out last night..one of the many neglected pieces of land I make a poor attempt to look after Farm is about 350 acres of which 150 or so is now stubble which makes life a lot easier. The ground is flat as a pancake so I parked the truck and set the rifle up on the roof to give me a decent shooting angle. I set the caller up about 50 yards away and before I got back to the truck I heard a vixen call about 1/2 mile away. Tried a few calls on the caller with little luck. As is often the case a fox then appeared from nowhere and trotted towards the caller (it had a distress call running), by the time I took the shot it was only about 60 yards away and fell to a chest shot. Not a challenging shot but the farmers chickens will be a little safer. I was expecting to see a cub but it was a big old dog fox. Watched the barn owls for a bit and called it a night about 1.00...getting older and cant cope with late nights...getting out of bed was a real struggle...
  14. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Sorry mate, life is all a little mad at the moment. I reckon Ed needs to change his manfume Butler resigned, living conditions were substandard
  15. WelshMike

    Fox club

    I decided to have a bit of a go at the foxes at home for a change as I knew a few were about. First go was Sunday night. Bumped a fox before I got to the top of the drive..little sod stopped right in front of the gate so no safe shot. Got into position in the bottom corner of the field, fired up the spotter and looked into next doors field and there were 4....called off and on for about 30 minutes before the fist decided to come through onto my field, it fell at about 100 yards to a chest shot. After another hour I was fed up of watching foxes with no interest in any calls so decided to call it a night...last check and another was in my field. I watched it through the scope for another 5 minutes before it presented a safe shot. 2 dog fox cubs about 80% grown in cracking nick. Back out Monday night and up to the same spot. Put the caller out again and carried on much the same as the other outing. Watched 3 foxes next door....looked up the top of my field and there was a fox looking at the caller. 140 yard chest shot and No 1 was down....more calling..more watching and then checked the top of the field again and there was another fox. Round away, fox screamed and legged it but I lost sight of it pretty quick. Solid chest shot so wouldnt have made it far but could only look on my ground so that limited my search. Final check to see if the 3 had shown any interest in the call...one was on my lane so watched for a couple of minutes until it jumped through the fence to be met with a .243 round in the bib at about 60 yards. Despite looking the next day I couldnt find the 1 fox, it had also rained for a good few hours so any blood had been washed away. 4 confirmed in 2 outings so happy at the moment with a few more to go at by the look of it. Off out on 150 acres of stubble tonight so fingers crossed.