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  1. WelshMike

    Fox club

    No worries mate. .243 is a cracking round, have fun Well placed .243 round tends to put most things on the deck.
  2. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Cheers gents..some bits true some bits not so I use 58 Grain Winchester Varmint x rounds in my .243 for the foxes. Fast and hard hitting and certainly do the job. Well done mate. As Grant says I am letting the side down...no chance of any cheap foxing kit though
  3. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Thanks Gents. I feel I am letting the side down by doing virtually no shooting at all...but needs must at the moment...need heating lol
  4. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Well done gents ...apart from the bag related comments House and work seem to take all of my time...last fox I shot was in a fox trap so not worthy of reporting back. Think I need to step down as fox club president..Grant and Ed- care to take it on as a dual role?
  5. WelshMike

    6 species

    Well done Mark. I cant count so no comment from me on the 5,6,7 or 8 species
  6. WelshMike

    A bird in the hand

    Just what an exhausted bird needs...your ugly mug scaring it
  7. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Sounds a good deal mate. I barely get thanks from most of the farmers I shoot for
  8. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Nicely done mate
  9. WelshMike


    Good point mate. Dont get anything other then a Tikka T3, Ed says they are rubbish
  10. WelshMike


    ....T3 is a nice rifle but not the only option Ed ...but a very good choice. I have a Howa 1500 and Browning X bolt in .243 and both do the job well.
  11. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Did a bit of work on the "mansion" last night (building regs are round tomorrow to inspect my footings) so wasnt planning to head out. Got a text from the farmer at the chicken farm saying a fox had been spotted so thought I better head out. Arrived and got set up with the caller. After about 10 mins I was frozen so headed off for a walk to warm me up Had a check on the one field where the fox had been seen and was met with seriously bright eye shine that was perfectly white...bloody cats...or so I thought. Headed over the gate into the field and another check with the lamp showed the same eyes...I thought I better check as the farm cats dont normally head off in the direction that the eyes had gone in..NV on ..FOX....NUMPTY Managed to get set up and he was still there. He dropped at about 70 yards to a chest shot. Happy farmer and a lesson learnt.
  12. WelshMike

    Fox club

    You cheeky swines It isnt easy when evenings and weekends are the only time we can do stuff. We have done a fair bit since we started in Feb but have lost a lot of time with the unexpected issues. We have replaced about half of the oak floor joist and a main beam, downstairs, built 2 new full height structural walls, installed new stairs, replaced a load of flooring upstairs.... Currently...knocking through a main external wall (which is now internal) to make the front room bigger. Wall is 500mm thick stone so fun and games with doing that and not collapsing the wall on top of us Thats probably bored you all to tears for the moment.
  13. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Sorry to hear you havent been well buddy. Glad you are feeling better and well done on the foxes. Lambs at this time of year....madness.
  14. WelshMike

    Carlsberg year on the deer and other pics.

    Stunning, stunning and more stunning Some lovely Sika stags there mate. Out of interest have you built another house just to house the trophies or do you have one enormous wall
  15. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Thanks for the support Ed.....wait a mo..its usually you poking fun at me Tied up with building works as usual and work is madly busy....need to dust the rifle off (literally) and get out.