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  1. Crow Shooting

    I am sure you have seen the full collection of Mr Motty on Youtube shooting many a cracking Pigeon. That is the fame of which I talk JDog.
  2. Crow Shooting

    How dare people offer and opinion that differs with yours Motty. With your fame and amazing shooting achievements have they no respect?
  3. Closed ticket and guided stalking?

    Oops...read the post in haste, apologies.
  4. Closed ticket and guided stalking?

    I would expect most professional guides to have an open licence and as such there is no need for the land to be cleared for any specific caliber. I disagree with closed licences. If you are fit to have a gun you should be fit to make the right call about whether it is safe to take a shot or not.
  5. Crow Shooting

    Good for you mate.
  6. Crow Shooting

    There are a lot of variables involved and as such I dont think vindicating shooting crows at 50 yards with 7.5s is particularly responsible advice. I have head shot deer at 200 yards but wouldnt advise doing this to somebody asking about best practice or asking for general advice.
  7. Crow Shooting

    My personal opinion is that they are not worth the effort and dont make much difference, but that is from my own experience. If they work for you great. I have found that a good set up in the right place and they come screaming in without the need for magnets and flappers.
  8. Fox club

    No man bags this time mate...cant cope with the man bag hatred
  9. Crow Shooting

    No worries mate. Good luck.
  10. Crow Shooting

    1- 30 gram 6s 2- Full bodied decoys , 15-20 works well, plenty of space between decoys and a "landing zone" kept clear where you want them to come into. Make sure you keep really still in the hide until you are ready to take the shot as they are canny birds and have fantastic vision 3- First thing in the morning is the best time with crows but make sure you are where they want to be and not where you want to be. 4- see what the farmer says but I chuck them under a hedge or out of site somewhere and the foxes etc tend to clear them up pretty well. 5- Dont be afraid to change the pattern if its not working, keep still and keep your face covered, remember that carrions are tough old birds and take some stopping so keep the ranges sensible. Dont bother with whirlies or flappers with crows, to much effort for very little return. Get a crow caller (not an electronic one as they are illegal), and most importantly...have fun
  11. Best crow call ?

    Best sport in my opinion. I love a day on the corvids.
  12. Best crow call ?

    I spent a lot of time making stupid noises none of which sounded like a crow...much to my wifes amusement Well worth the practice as it works a treat..only problem is I shot the crows so hard that there arent many to go at (farmers are well happy though).
  13. Best crow call ?

    +1. Be aware that the practice makes perfect part comes in with this. It takes a bit of time to master but works a treat when you get the hang of it.
  14. Nicely done, lovely buck
  15. Out with the Rimmie

    Nicely done Mark