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  1. Brace

    Fair play Mark that is one brilliant start to the season. You must be well into double figures. Keep up the good work bud
  2. .17 HMR

    You are a far better shot then me mate. I find it best to blame myself. You must use some big old staples
  3. Mtntjack and kid

    Sorry mate There are none where I live but I used to see them when I worked in Cambridgeshire about 15 years ago.
  4. .17 HMR

    ...and the blunt tool behind the rifle. That is where most of my issues stem from.
  5. Left & Right.

    No need for the flash rifle for that pair. I bet its a custom mouse trap knowing you
  6. Mtntjack and kid

    Interesting. Are they called Muntjac in other counties
  7. Fox club

    Thats one smart looking bit of kit mate, enjoy Nicely done gents. Well done Ed. I spent all weekend digging foundations....oh the joy ...and I now need to spend £500 to fill them back in..
  8. Luck still in

    Well done Mark. There must have been a big gap for you to get under the fence
  9. Fox club

    Thats going to be one snazzy bit of kit. I have had to take my N750A off the .243 as it wont focus and put the Photon Yukon on as I know there are some "wary" foxes on a couple of permissions and given the 50,000 odd chickens that will soon be let out I need to get them dealt with. I had a few shots last night to get it zeroed and it is good to go. Lets see what the end of the week brings. Enjoy your fishing months mate.
  10. Fox club

    Good work mate. I did think the rifle was looking a little bit flash...I though that you had sold all of the organs that you could live without and your kids so how can you afford these extra bits
  11. They keep coming

    Well done Mark, thats a nice buck and a cracking start to the season.
  12. How many Foxes are killed in 2018

    Dog fox last night with the .243 Total 181
  13. Fox club

    I had a call yesterday that a fox had killed a couple of chickens at one of the farms and had proceeded to eat one in full view of the farmer and he was able to get within 15 yards of the fox who seemed well aware he had no gun...cheeky swine. I headed out with the lamp last night to see what I could find. I was met with drizzle and mist so a bit of fun and games. Spotted one fox pretty early on but difficult to get a shot. This farm is flat so all of the shooting is off the sticks so range is more of a consideration then usual. To cut a long story short there was a lot of fox chasing finally culminating in a shot at about 130 yards at which point the fox ran off. As a result I was back at 7 this morning to see if it had returned for a morning taunt of the owners. I walked out to where I had shot at the fox and managed to find him about 50 yards from where he was stood when the shot was taken. The shot was straight in the boiler room with a 100 grain .243 round. I would have stood no chance of finding any signs last night as the corn was tall enough to obscure the fox in the dark. I forgot how much more tricky lamping was compared to NV work....lots more fox chasing Farmer was happy ... though I spotted another 1 as I was leaving with no chance of a shot so a little more to do. I am going to take my N750A off the .243 and put the Yukon on as the N750A will not focus.....hopefully Scott Country will get back to me soon...
  14. A few shots after the rain

    Sorry mate couldnt resist a bit of friendly banter I totally agree with you, I cant get on with Over and unders either. I have an old sbs and a pump action ...which sit in the cabinet on the building site being unloved and unused
  15. Fox club

    You know the feeling well mate. Fortunately the farmer has bought another farm down the road so I have a bit more ground to try and catch them on, the problem is that he has planning in for another couple of sheds...arrrggghhhh more daft chickens.