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  1. Fox club

    Nicely done Grant, girly rifle is working nicely. Good presentation mate
  2. Fox club

    Nicely done mate. I managed to break the 100 mark last year with 108 but have been a little bit less dedicated this year and have just hit the 60 mark. Hope the man flu clears up. My view with farmers and chickens is that if the chickens went in and the fences were decent the fox wouldnt cause any problems I keep telling one of my farmers that but with 55,000 chickens the stupid 1% still causes me a lot of hassle.
  3. Fox club

    Fox fur it is then buddy. Me in fur is the stuff nightmares are made of Glad you are over your strop mate fantastic result as ever. I am assuming you are well past the 100 mark this year?
  4. Fox club

    Guys Racing Snake and I are going back to basics and selling all our rifles and kit and investing in : A cave, fur clothing, spear,large rock and a bow and arrow. May be a while before we have any pics of foxes to post
  5. Fox club

    Thanks Ed. With my current bad behaviour I dont think I will be getting a new Man Bag for xmas. Looks like Man Bag Mike may need a new nickname...no suggestions unless they are polite
  6. Fox club

    Gents, and specifically RS, DO NOT STOP POSTING....Please... I cant say I have been great at posting of late but with a new house and some family issues I sort of have an excuse. RS has some of the most detailed posts and I always enjoy reading these as well as all the other posts from our regular posters (dont want to mention Mark as he is very rude to me ). One of the main reasons I started Fox Club was to avoid the general stupidity of the main parts of the PW forum and daft comments from people who had probably never shot a fox. PLEASE please please keep on posting boys....
  7. Fox club

    Cheers bud, the rifle sounds a lot better as well Nice pair and good work as usual. Well done mark. Couple of bonny wee foxes there.
  8. Fox club

    I think it is the same as most fox shooting , sometimes you have a good night and sometimes its a waste of time Since I have the NV I dont tend to bother with the lamp as whenever I take the lamp out I find the lamp shy ones. I think that whatever works for you is the most important buddy. If you go out in the cold and dont get anything please dont shout at me
  9. Fox club

    Cheers Mark. This weekend is planned as follows : Cherry picker delivery Friday Weekend- Cap chimney, new guttering on the front and back of a 45ft shed and trim the trees that are all around the phone line down the lane (all 200 metres or so) ..... No shooting for me I have had good results on fully moonlit nights before just a little more tricky. I tend to find a spot where I can get tucked up under a hedge or in the shadow of a tree and try the caller. Always good to spot them 150-200 out not 30 yards as they tend to do a Usain Bolt impression
  10. How many Foxes are killed by PW members in 2017

    2 vixens last night with the .243 + N750A Total- 567
  11. Fox club

    Headed out last night to have a look round 4 farms. Farms 1, 2 and 3 drew a blank but I was hoping the last one would be productive. I only started shooting there earlier this year and can only shoot it over Dec, Jan and Feb because of various reasons including lambing and mad local residents. The ground is about 70 acres and consist of a nice steep hill to get the heart rate up on a cold night and a good flat field on the top of the hill. Arrived and after about 2 minutes spotted a fox mooching about around the 150 yard mark, Quick squeak didnt do much so when she turned I sent 58 grains of bad luck her way. Lovely big vixen: Headed up the bank and after a bit of huffing and puffing set the caller up. Mix of vixen and dog for 5 minutes and then onto the gekkering call. Flash of eyes coming across the next field so set got set up behind the rifle just as the fox cleared a stone wall. She stopped for a quick look and that ended her night with a 100 yard neck shot. Another lovely vixen and a good start for this piece of ground.
  12. Fox club

    Nice work Bornfree and Babs
  13. .410 action

    Nicely done mate, good result and creative presentation
  14. Quick walk

    Not as good as your usual mooching buddy but a nice result nonetheless
  15. Fox club

    gets worse. Peasantastic indeed Mark