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  1. You need to tighten that group up bud I would reload but its the cost of the setup and the time that I dont have at the moment so just sticking with factory ammo for the time being. I ll have plenty of brass to keep me going if I do go down the home loading route at some point. Keep up the good work.
  2. Winchester varmint x rounds certainly do the trick. Nicely done Well done Grant. Nice to see you arent on holiday for once
  3. Unreal number mate thats for sure. I managed 40 on 1 perm a couple of years back which was a shed load more then I would expect. Keep up the good work. I am in double figures for the year which is good going considering the lack of time I have available
  4. The magic 100 is drawing near mate.
  5. Cubs and 58 grain BT .243 rounds dont mix very well lol
  6. Cheers Mark. Its always typical that the worst field is the one that the foxes want to be in I was lucky that there is a track that runs back to the farm and I shot 2 or the 3 on that. Glad you didnt do the rifle any damage when you dropped it.
  7. Good work gents Headed out saturday night as the farmer said there were a few about and most of the grass was a height where I could shoot...that was kind of true but the foxes seemed to be in the part where the grass was about 3 foot high It was a full moon which didnt help. There are a couple of patches of woodland that normally hold litters of cubs so I headed to the first and spotted a fox heading towards me down the track so set the sticks up. The cub stopped at about 60 yards and no 1 was down. Headed to the side of the wood and saw 2 more in the thermal. These were in some long grass so a bit of patience and no 2 was down...no 3 disappeared. A bot more waiting and faffing about and then I heard the vixen making a racket the far side of the farm....waded through 3 foot of wet grass to get there and she appeared the far side of the field in long grass so no shot....she then headed about 200 yards and carried on screaming her head off...headed to try and intercept her and saw a cub next to the other 2 so cub no 3 dropped. At this point it was coming up to 2 so I headed home. Hopefully once the grass is cleared on the bit where I want to shoot It should be a liitle easier lol
  8. Scared the poop out of me thats for sure. I found half of the front section but never the other half....The ironic thing was that this one replaced one that had flame eroded and collapsed...just as a bullet was going through it...I was starting to dislike sound mods at this point but no issues since then (touch wood).
  9. Faulty mods burst during normal use. I had one disintegrate when I sent a 58 Grain .243 round down it...my hearing knew about it for a few days. Im not going to name and shame as the company sorted things out really well but it wasnt much fun. Killed the fox I was shooting out so not due to misalignment or bullet strike, just the result of pressure and some defect in the mod. The mod was less then 4 months old and hadnt been used much. I have a triton 50 mod at the moment. The base is proofed for .338 and the baffle section for .243..
  10. Cracking job Ed. Thats an impressive garden your parents have
  11. Yeah yeah... ..very true about the discs, you definitely get what you pay for.
  12. 42 mixed corvids this morning before work I didnt encounter any vulgar Northern midgets either which is always a bonus in the early hours of the morning . The pigs seemed a little confused to be fed at 3.30 rather then 7.00 but still came out and were demolishing their feed as I left....best get on with some work lol
  13. True...but at least im tall and ugly rather than an ugly midget ...like some...and yes you are included
  14. Thats a bit personal really isnt it boys It may be true but is still upsetting.......
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