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  1. I've had good results on a few full moons before but only when tucked up or a long way off..this time was a waste of time.
  2. ...that would make a grown man cry...
  3. Typical lol. I saw 3 last night but it may as well have been daylight so I had no chance of a shot......
  4. Thats only fashionable in the South West
  5. Most of them are RSPCA sponsored tame foxes though mate. Ed gets his monies worth from his membership
  6. LOL, you shoot them all thats why theres nowt about The weather here was vile so no chance to get out. Heading out tonight to see whats what.
  7. I do indeed buddy. I have them stored in the caravan for safe keeping
  8. Cheers buddy. You should know my sense of humor by now lol.
  9. Cheers Mark. Nice to have time to get out..finally. Hoping I can get out again over the weekend. Thermal is rubbish mate, waste of money and doesnt help...honest stick with the lamp mate, much better.
  10. Out last night...a bit of a farce as I havent been out for a while lol. Got to the chicken sheds and the one that normally has visitors was lit up like a football pitch..fortunately the farmer turned up to turn the lights off after about 5 mins. Within 10 seconds of him driving off a fox appears the far side of the fence. I get the rifle set up and the battery in the external IR is flat...the internal ir is rubbish so I have to wait for the very grainy looking fox to come close enough for a shot...down he goes so a good start. Good size dog fox. I headed off to the far side of the
  11. Well done gents. I went out, fog arrived at the same time as I did, I went home Try again tomorrow ...
  12. Lol...cheers boys. The mansion is getting worse at the moment so thats something else that is taking up even more time. Condensation in the loft so it rains some nights....sorting out vapour barriers , additional ventilation and more insulation this weekend. We now have to clad a load of the house as the water is getting through the walls (penetrating damp)...should have purchased a new build bungalow
  13. Good work gents...Sorry I am still alive lol. Work has been mental and away a lot over the last few months. Hoping it will calm down and with the rain forecast to stop I am hoping to get out over the next few days and see if I can remember what shooting is all about
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