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  1. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Just to clarify..said pink handbag owner sent said call to Mr Ed a while back who lost it....If I sent the Gekkering call to anybody else who can send it to Ed that would be great..I am certainly not inclined to try and find it
  2. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Nicely done gents
  3. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Well done mate (apart from the miss of course ). At least you got him with the second one. I have been on squirrel duty as they seem to have found the seed feeder in the garden. I have shot 13 in the last 5 days with the air rifle. Need to find some foxes this week and use my proper guns
  4. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Cheers Grant. Lots of it going on just really winds you up. Cheers Ed. Just adds a load more work to the list and makes you even less trusting of people.
  5. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Sorry boys...not fox related and just a rant about morality.... ..some thieving scum bags broke into my tool shed on tuesday and robbed off with over a grand of tools including my chainsaw, strimmer, disc cutter... Apart from that I had a wander about tuesday night to let off steam and saw plenty of stuff I couldnt shoot All in all not a great week.
  6. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Well done mate. Saw 6 cubs playing in a field about 400 yards from the house about 16.00 the other day. Not ground I shoot or would be able to shoot but more then likely they will be over onto our ground soon enough at which point they are fair game. Keep up the good work
  7. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Sorry mate, will crack on Nicely done gents. Chicken farms are a nightmare as loads to bring the foxes in and loads to prevent a safe shot. Keep up the good work.
  8. WelshMike

    Fox club

    I wish the house was even ready for the occupants let alone the public mate. It is getting there slowly which is always the trouble with doing most of the work ourselves. I have just forked out a grand or so for a load of new oak beams to replace the knackered old ones so there will be a couple of days work to get those in. I have a set of steels to go in this weekend and then we should be ready to take the final measurements for the stairs. ... the list kind of goes on from there really. It doesnt help with the place being old stonework which has a tendency to either crumble when you dont want it to or be hard as iron when you want it to crumble. It took me nearly an hour with a disc cutter on Monday to remove enough of one bit of stone to allow the steel to slide into place. The day before I took some boarding away from another section of wall and a shed load of stone fell out of the wall... Keeps me out of mischief though mate Enjoy the hols, cant beat a nice bit of trekking.
  9. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Sounds like and exciting session with your scope mate Enjoy your holiday. Let us know if you see any Kudu ...sure there will be a few baboons about
  10. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Thats why I go out on my own (apart from being a tool and having no friends)..it avoids being scorned when I miss..lol
  11. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Nicely done mate You boys must be on for at least 76 this year
  12. WelshMike

    A few more bunnies

    Nice one Mark
  13. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Well done gents. Bornfree- I am sure you will catch up with the fox soon mate. Apologies for the absence...BT Broadband has been playing up as usual so no internet at home...plus the mansion requires lots of work. Sunday morning I took some old timber panelling off (not posh oak stuff, some cheap painted pine) ...and about 200 kg of stone came out with it. That kept me busy for a couple of days rebuilding the wall. It doesnt look pretty with a mix of stone, brick and blockword but its certainly not going to fall down again thats for sure. Keep up the good work gents
  14. WelshMike

    Spring pest control

    Like you would care if I wasnt
  15. WelshMike

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    I am happy to confess that I watched none of it as I was block laying all day. Always happy to see people getting married but as they are not friends of mine I couldnt really care less.