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  1. Are you a Vicar ? Is it to get them into the church or get them out of it.😁😁
  2. 500 .22lr is a lot easier to carry than 500 12g
  3. One of my mates (a builder) buys bungalows, takes the roof off and turns them into massive houses. all he has to do is make sure the foundations are deep enough to take the extra weight and if their are already houses in the street planning permission is more or less guaranteed.
  4. They sell 175 million pot noodles a year.🤯🤯🤯
  5. Brake Fluid gets you hammered and you can stop whenever you want..😀
  6. Probably......😀
  7. daveboy

    Top Gear

    Only a matter of time before Freddy injures himself or somebody else.😂 not a full bob.
  8. No... cutting bags open Stonedust/cement and trimming belts....changed to Stanley knifes later.
  9. We were issued with something like this to use down the coal mine.
  10. How many years since his wife had a good seeing too...….. Anybody got her number?
  11. Go for it, Keep it under £12500 a year (profit not turnover) and pay no tax or keep it under £5200 if you don't want to pay Ni. Don,t forget it's £12500 profit and you can claim for your van/mileage, phone,tools and even part of your house bills.
  12. daveboy

    Smart Meters

    I was put off by them telling the Mother in law that they would never cut off her electric at times of high demand because she was over 70 yeas of age, Does that mean people under 70 would get cut off first.??
  13. For the first time this year we booked into a local restaurant (curry house) only £30 quid a head …It was brilliant.
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