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  1. daveboy

    canabis oil

    Heroin addict = smack head ............. Collins English Dictionary . https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/smackhead
  2. daveboy

    canabis oil

    Partly true but plenty of famous people were heroin addicts, Sid Vicious could have spent some money on food if he wanted .
  3. daveboy

    canabis oil

    You can't compare it to anti- vax when people are taking it that have been told to go home and die. A lot of people use it as a anti sickness drug when having Chemo, You can't argue with the fact that it increases appetite, the "munches" have been well known for decades and taking Opiates for pain decreases appetite........You don't see many fat smack heads.
  4. daveboy

    canabis oil

    A close friend of mine is on it (the good stuff with THC ) she makes it herself using a rice cooker. She is terminally ill and was told nothing more can be done (bowel cancer) The Mcmillian nurse who came out to see her said half her patients are on it (with or without THC) My friend was taking oral morphine 4 times a day and was told to double this as still in pain. Since taking the oil she has stopped taking morphine and her appetite has returned. She is also sleeping better and her ankles are less swollen. She doesn't believe it will cure her cancer but because she was discharged by her consultant and told to see her GP and Mcmillan nurse to manage her pain what has she got to lose.
  5. I've just watched a Drone display on the gadget show, Far better than fireworks and silent.
  6. Have any men complained about the Ladybird.?
  7. If this had been a normal assault ( a punch in the stomach for example) and was one persons word against the other it would never result in a charge, never mind a court case.
  8. My brother is in France at the moment and the hunters are nuts (and like a drink) It's so bad that if a hunter gets injured the Paramedics will not go into the woods, The other hunters have to get the injured person to the nearest road.
  9. Weight and price....you are only getting half a bino to be fair.....Opticron dba vhd binos 8x42 £579 monocular £289. One of the big things for me is I can hand them to the wife to use without having to change the dioptre.
  10. Have you tried a monocular ? I got an opticron monocular and would not go back to binos.
  11. When I checked mine I had to live about 3 years past 67 to get my money back. The only thing I would be worried about is if they move the goalposts again, you only needed 30 years to get a full pension then they changed it to 35, will they change it again ??
  12. daveboy


    People are putting everything through the tills as carrots. One supermarket sold more carrots than it had ever bought. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/avocados-carrots-self-service-scam-supermarkets-checkout-stealing-a8370621.html
  13. I hope the dealers next **** is a Hedgehog.
  14. Can't argue with that......The other 90% should be in jail.
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