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  1. The same thing happened at my local RFD (hw90) but when I went in it was a different gun (looked mint) he had sold the other one and not changed the description on the the advert, just the price.
  2. Sue the chief constable through the small claims court for your money back... No way is he going to defend it for less than £100. It might cause problems in five years at renewal though.😁
  3. You are of course correct... I should have said where the Tories have a chance of winning...and the Brexit party targeting Labour seats.
  4. If Boris hasn't got the sense to have a pact with the Brexit party, he doesn't deserve to win. If the Brexit party doesn't stand in Tory strongholds Boris will walk it.
  5. Anybody who has had "Travellers" camped on their land will sign this in a heartbeat, as they have in Ireland. The "Travellers" on the local cricket pitch don't seem to agree.
  6. I've gone over to a monocular.....half the weight and easy to focus for any user. (opticron)
  7. Have a look on here... you will be amazed how low some of the popular brands score. https://www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk/the-dog-food-directory
  8. Fake a Cheque for half a million and put a photocopy on your wall. Everybody will be happy for you and you can spend within reason on holidays etc. The lottery might even write you 2 cheques, one for 500,000 and one for 169.5 million ...lol
  9. It used to say on tampon boxes that they were flushable (not anymore) I found this out after a few blocked drains.
  10. You can still pay in at the post office but not draw cash out (the post office charge Barclays for cash out ) and you can still use any ATM. This is because the post office is bringing in a new agreement, The new agreement involves almost every UK bank and includes an “improved fee structure” under which postmasters will receive about three times more remuneration for providing these services than under the previous deal.
  11. You can't carry any fixed blade knife without good reason. https://www.edcgear.co.uk/uk-knife-law.asp
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