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  1. On my 18th birthday I got a 1 year old Ford Capri (I was working down a coal mine on good money) On average I got pulled once a month. I would pass a cop car, they would do a double take then spin round and come after me. I wasn't black (still not) but I was a young lad in a flash car. was that profiling.....probably.
  2. Camping shops sell fuel containers of that size.
  3. My first Ford Capri was brilliant at decoying virgins 😁
  4. Stand outside with a Hi-Viz jacket and a hairdryer.
  5. I'm very pleased with it, never had a jam (touch wood) and as good as my bolt action at 50m.
  6. I've got a rimfire magic they just replace the action, trigger. barrel and stock😁
  7. Fill it with ice then stick bottles of beer in it.
  8. From the best fittings website.(this seems to match the markings) Design Life 15 Years, 15 Year Design Life is typical of the vast majority of composite cylinders available for use in the UK/EU. 5 Year cylinder hydro-static test cycle from date of manufacture. Cylinder Decommission Date: 15 Years from Manufacture Date detailed on the cylinder. Decommission date refers to the last date that the cylinder can be filled at a commercial fill station. You can safely continue to use the cylinder after this date until the air is depleted, it just cannot be commercially re-filled.
  9. You have no idea the abuse bank staff have had to put up with at the moment.. Some of them have had to employ security guards to man the doors..
  10. Big horse fair coming up (first week in June) will they stay away???
  11. In 2014....5% of the prison population were travellers (England and Wales) yet they account for far less than 1% of the general population . Google it. and we all know how hard it is to get jail nowadays.
  12. Put some clothes on next time.🤣
  13. Are you a Vicar ? Is it to get them into the church or get them out of it.😁😁
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