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  1. My brother has just been done for his motorbike, His wife put it on sorn online instead of taxing it. She also manage to put another owner on his truck when they moved house by adding his middle name to the log book.
  2. The old "can you put it in writing" trick seems to make them rethink their position.
  3. This is a home made one on the tube.
  4. Coal burnt at power stations could be made Carbon neutral, they are already doing it with Bio mass carbon capture at DRAX. https://www.drax.com/press_release/world-first-co2-beccs-ccus/
  5. My landlord insurance is minimum 6 months tenancy. Tenants to have passed a credit check. Tenants to be employed or retired.
  6. Anybody thinking of some sort of booby trap. I can guarantee, you will at some time set it off yourself...……...Don't ask me how I know.
  7. You can get pet friendly PIR's that will not pick up less then 20kg so the Owls should not set them off.
  8. Me too .Yale autodialer, all I had to add was one pet friendly PIR , Even managed to use the spare normal PIR for the Garage. Alarm rings me within 20 seconds if activated and I can turn it off by pressing 9 on my phone.
  9. How many of us on here drove like an idiot from 17-21 years of age. I know I did and most of my mates were the same. I sometimes go for a KFC on a weekend to my local retail park and they have a weekly "cruise" night. Every week we see near misses as the boy racer's go round a big roundabout with the tail end hanging out. The police have a crackdown a couple of times a year then it goes back to normal.
  10. One in five new drivers have an accident in their first year. I hate to think what the average claim is (whiplash etc) https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/4918639/one-in-five-new-drivers-have-an-accident-in-their-first-year-and-3000-get-banned/
  11. 2 of my mates have had new hips and they both started with groin pain before the hip started hurting.
  12. This is from the Motorist lawyer website. There are some related offences you need to be aware of. It is an offence to cause or permit someone without insurance to drive a vehicle without insurance. So if you allow a friend or relative to drive your vehicle and they do not have insurance, you will commit the offence of permitting them to drive without insurance. The fact that you did not know they were uninsured will not be a defence. However, if you gave them permission to drive on the strict condition they were in fact insured, you will be ok.
  13. You should say sorry and ask her how much she weighs.... 😁
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