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  1. They have been moved as that was while building it. I popped them there just while I got the next gantry up. On the instructions it shows them clipped to the horizontal lengths of the sides panels. To me it is the diagonals that’s give the strength with the exception of the bottom horizontal ones. After that I think they are for safety . I need to figure out how to get the top gantry up and on for tomorrow’s painting at the top of the eaves
  2. Well - back soffits and fasias done. Side and front tomorrow didn’t collapse but will be unable to do the last side with it because of space and overhang ☹️
  3. Wife's going shopping later - I will get her to get an extra roll of Bacofoil - the own brand ones don't block the signal as good!!🤣
  4. And if our powers that be are not careful then this will be our future - we already have no go zones in the UK
  5. Loved the Vulcan and went to see it when it was doing it's goodbye flights around the country. I spent a week at Scampton with the ATC when they were active and fell in love with them.
  6. I was reversed into while parked and sat in the car. The guy tried to make out it was my fault because I was on the phone. I told him that even if I was doing away with my wife in the car it wouldn't have an impact on where the blame lay!!!
  7. The way I look at insurance now it is a necessity for when the worst happens. They find any excuse to raise the premium nowadays and are even refusing to insure people in some areas. Any claim that you make will generally cause the premium to go up (above the loyalty punishment increase) so they claw that money back over 3-5 years irrespective of the previous 10 years you didn't claim anything and you was money in the bank. Ditch and Switch is the name of the game.
  8. For sporting go in the afternoon - for skeet/trap try to avoid late afternoon/evenings at this time as you will be getting the sun Why not try Sealand (North Wales Shooting School) as it is a bit closer to you
  9. 😆 I'm leaving it all to the donkeys!!!!
  10. Except for Norfolk - they are a complete breed apart - something to do with breeding patterns apparently 😜
  11. discobob


    I might get a chance to drive for them then - I was awesome on the ranges in Germany in the 90's and 110's that were brought in in the 80's 🤣
  12. I put that to my wife - she disagrees with you 😜
  13. Thanks 👍 @sky gipsy- I have download the app and I have also watched a few manufacturers video's. I am not the greatest at heights nowadays (a neighbour down the lane put it brilliantly - you loose your ladder legs the older you get) which should work in my favour - I am cautious enough to take my time, but not overly nervous to make a mistake
  14. discobob


    Rumour has it that Ineos are going to buy out Mercedes F1 at the end of this season but the deal would mean that the Mercedes name would still be used for 2 years.
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