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  1. Somebody tried to get loans and credit cards in my name a number of years ago. We had an address from the applications (not ours obviously) I went to the local police station and at then desk I informed them of the attempted fraud. The guy on the desk wasn't interested and said " well, they only tried" so I responded with "OK then, so does that mean I can go home and try and kill my wife then???". There was a few people in line behind me and it got quite a laugh and the guy on the desk had a sense of humor failure. Nothing got done though.
  2. Bring out the Branston!!!!
  3. https://heat-group.co.uk/collections/spare-parts/range_worcester-bosch-highflow-400?gclid=CjwKCAiAlajvBRB_EiwA4vAqiKl0pveRaPpisZiCwbPZ8UXUANVS5wmb4dRebEvWEty-FShdfW4R4xoCHPcQAvD_BwE
  4. Ill do that and hide the remote - he won't know what to do with himself I do understand you there Thunderbird - I'm also afraid that that my wife is going to suffer from both ends - when her parents go and also when the kids go!!! I don't have much family on my side - and I was kicked out of home at 16 - then I joined up so for me my wife and my kids are everything. TBH the kids are 14 & 16 so they are up in the rooms online with their friends. For me, I wish there was somewhere I could go and shoot on Christmas Day for an hour or two
  5. that is soooooooo true . I didn't really know my wife's family as we met overseas - by the time I did it was too late!! I love her dearly - but somehow she feels guilty that we are "better off" than them - however I look at it as it has been their choice and I have worked and still work bloody hard for what we have now!!!
  6. I can't stand Christmas since we moved close to the wife's family. Now we have had the in laws every Christmas for 15 years despite my wife having a sister and two step brothers. My F-I-L walks in, sits down and hogs the remote - being unable to watch anything longer than 5 minutes without him changing the channel is really irritating, and the wife is in the kitchen with the M-I-L telling her what to do. Then Boxing day, we have the rest of the wife's vulture family turn up - with nothing in hand - expecting food and drink, and then usually another time around New Year they all turn up again - still with nothing in their hands. It really irritates me how they all buy (c@rp) presents for my wife whereas she has spent time and effort finding something particular for each of them (all the way down to grand-nephews and nieces). The worst is the M-I-L, she buys the same present for my wife and S-I-L, like she does on their birthday which they share (although there are 6 years between them). The worst thing is though that since we moved up, Christmas hasn't been for our kids - it has all been for the wife's family.
  7. New with tags - unwanted present Size GB44 £55 inc postage
  8. I remember in the forces, this is the late 80's and early 90's - WRAC's signed to a contract that informed them that if they got pregnant they would have to leave the forces. Gave quite a few a cheap way out after meeting somebody. The law changed which was fair enough and should have been put in place going forward - however solicitors got onto it and then those that had left previously were getting nice payouts..... Whereas if men wanted to leave, they needed to PVR which could be 18 months and possibly a few thousands pounds
  9. The SMG looked the part in the Star Wars movies though
  10. I still hit the target on the 25mtr range - gun was perfectly in control
  11. There is both - negligent and accidental I had an AD when the working parts flew forward on changing the mag on an SMG. It was treated initially as a ND until a report from the armoury confirmed a fault with the safety (which basically held the working parts to the rear). It has a fixed firing pin and loaded and fired the round without the trigger being touched. Somebody I served with had an ND while we were guarding Nukes in Germany in the 80’s which involved having loaded magazines with live rounds. He got fined. The lance jack supervising the unload got fined and demoted. The real cause though was exhaustion
  12. I met somebody who had lost his ticket when his ex partner (with diagnosed personality issues) made allegations against him. His kids supported him with relevant statements but to no avail. Been a number of years and he still can’t get his license back. somebody else - from the horses mouth - said he put something on his renewal to effect of see previous application. They didn’t issue him a ticket for a year and he had to store his guns with an RFD
  13. We have only one direct house neighboring onto our house and they are the best neighbors in world ever - we buy them a good wine and a very good bottle of Whiskey every year for Christmas It's a shame they can't say the same about us!!!
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