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  1. For decorating alone - placcy bags etc are fine (or even just lifting the faces off a bit (depends on the length of the screws) but as I said - he will be plastering - leaving it to dry out, whitewashing/sealing/then decorating - a long time to leave a room/rooms without power I bet though that you will go to the OP's house in a year and the yoozyboxes will still be fitted 😂
  2. We was Aldi down to the quickness of in and out and I have been using Aldi since the 80's stationed in Germany, with top ups from Tesco for the odd things you couldn't get there. However at the start of lockdown we found that the queues for Aldi were massive so gave Lidl a try and we haven't been disappointed on the whole and the bakery is brilliant. They are currently rebuilding our Aldi into a bigger one so we will see what happens there. We stopped buying Fruit and Veg from our only big chain - Tesco - years ago because it was always rubbish and ended up in the recycling
  3. I actually saw the guy at Lime Street Station when he was under prisoner escort after returning from the Foreign Legion - I was going back to camp - my Dad was with me and went that guy over there is trying to get your attention. I had to flash my service ID to his escorts to speak with him!
  4. Remove face plates - if metal back box just plaster up to the hole - if Plaster boxes - the skim should sit about level to the plastic - but the box is nice and flush which makes the face plates sit right. Our builder didn't bother and it always winds me up when I see the face plate and and the plastic edges of the back box. I have trust tried looking but I can't find them - they were things that you could put behind the face plate and then screw the plate back on - leaving the switch/socket standing away from the surface by a CM or two but still safe and usable. Have them in place while
  5. at least it is closer than the Falklands!! and the opposition is more inept than the Argies - unless they call in the Foreign Legion. I had a school mate, joined the Marines, went AWOL to the Foreign Legion, returned, Jailed, then last I knew he was apparently SBS!!
  6. Had a guy in Cyprus (knew him from training as well), and when a Liverpool match was on and he couldn't see it or listen to it (this was the 90's) he used to sit in a chair and sulk all day - lovely for his wife and kid 😕 Never got football even though I come from not far away from Liverpool - wrong shaped balls for me though that dropped off when I was posted to Germany in the 80's due to not getting anything on TV etc.... Although I still like to hear my home town doing well
  7. Have you met Vince's Ex then????
  8. I am finding the insoles are very firm - as to the actual soles - I haven't walked more than a mile in them
  9. I have thought about that - I had a choice of two pairs that fitted (Amazon Wardrobe - 6 pairs ordered) - it actually felt at the time that the Merrels gave more support on the foot where the other ones seem to give no support under my foot - sort of flat so I chose them - only worn them 4 times but every time I have had extreme difficulty walking the next morning. Might give another insole a try through before I sell them on.
  10. I bought some Merrels GTX the other week - only worn them a couple of times - but I am crippled the next day after wearing them on my right foot. Funny as quite a few people I shoot with wear this brand with no issue 😞 so it must be my feet.
  11. discobob

    THEM !

    That's me out then!!!
  12. I believe that she is the driving force behind the Green Initiative that BoJo now worships at. I expect come 2025 and on that subsidies for electric vehicles etc will be done at the cost of the people that can't afford to buy Electric - increased Road Tax would be the first step from what I have heard, and will generate a new poverty for a lot of people. I figure that the extra road tax that is loaded on premium marques will be brought down to apply to all cars - no matter the age of the vehicle - perhaps even onto classics
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