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  1. The Charity that the money went to is a scam for funding his lifestyle apparently
  2. I bet the screw was loose in the forend - otherside of the diamond - happened on my Summit Black Impact.......
  3. And he will be King in the not too distant future
  4. But there is the element that this will go favorable for them with someone in our Monarchy who (and it is Charles that we are talking of) is known to try and interfere in government policy
  5. I did post this elsewhere - when my lad was young there was one by his foot that reared up - became a pancake quite quickly to a lot of chiding from my wife. A day or so later she encountered one in the hall - went to pick it up to put it outside and it reared up - and instantly became a pancake!!!
  6. Not sure if you are on about the very recent series which was not well received - but yes - there are ways and means of streaming it - in very high quality but I know that you only have a dongle with small capacity For your internet I mean!!
  7. Grounds can actually get the lead out (obviously this doesn't apply to shooting elsewhere) by getting a company in that uses a trummel to remove the lead shot- and splits the money with the ground - how green is that!!!
  8. I had a call off the boss the other day - no pay rise for this year - now going into my 4th year without one (basically my time there) - along with my colleagues. The company are using this salary review compared to market thing - but it isn't that cut and dried - I am a senior with 25 years experience and the company stands on me for my skills as there is only me in my role - whereas a lot of jobs advertised are for people in teams I miss contracting and really want to go back to it but I have to give my notice first and my wife doesn't like the thought of that
  9. Awesome film - great fun - perhaps one of Clooney's best
  10. your obviously not aware of Gingergate 😂
  11. @gamekeeper1960 What did you use to seal the wood - Ginger Oil???
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