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  1. discobob


    A bit of a reverse dictatorship at the moment. Imagine what it would be like if it was Conservatives doing this to Labour!!
  2. Caerwys and District then -£23 100 birder - fiber only - on twice a month (inc. this Sunday)
  3. discobob


    He reckons the first referendum was poorly implemented. Don't know why he thinks that it would be any different for a second one besides the options Remain in the EU Leave with May's Deal Leave with BoJo Deal Leave with some deal yet to be agreed in x years Leave with BRINO Leave with No Deal
  4. Don't know about Gwynedd but there is Ynis Mon on Anglesey that have a layout - moving further westwards along the coast and inland you have Caerwys and District near Hollywell and then Leadbrook at Flint. Inland you have Faux Degla at Llandegla You also have North Wales Shooting School near Chester Hope that helps
  5. discobob


    TBH - I have always said that just the very nature of somebody wanting to be a politician should disbar them from the role - doubly applies with the career politicians that we have nowadays
  6. discobob


    He would say it was night time in the blazing sun if the government said it was daytime. When will they learn that they are not there to disagree with the government on everything they say - they are there to make a better .....(fill in the blanks) for the country and the people.
  7. https://www.techradar.com/uk/best/best-free-file-recovery-software One of these should help you
  8. discobob

    Back pain?

    I swear by Diclofenac really helps when my back goes (I got smashed about in the back of a Landrover on Exercise) - double dose at the start of it then take as per normal over the space of 2-3 days and it sorts it out. This is from somebody (being ex-forces) who hated to take tablets - saying I would get through it - tried all the pain killers on prescription etc... The only trouble is it is now hard to get a doctor to write the script for these due to side effect issues over prolonged use (arthritis sufferers predominantly)
  9. hub caps is a bit below the belt - anyway - its all about Alloy Wheels nowadays 🤣
  10. Way back - an officer in my squadron in Germany returned to the UK in his car by ferry - at Dover he went into a petrol station and then exited it onto the wrong side of the road straight into a lorry - he looked left when he should have looked right. He survived but spent quite a bit of time in hospital.
  11. I agree - the fine should be the estimated cost to put the land back to as it was - + 50% plus use of ramp for local kids
  12. discobob


    Where are you based?? Would you mind posting it? I know somebody who would fix this for you. He fixed the capacitor in mine for pittence compared to the quotes I received
  13. So you remember Mike Harding??? Do you remember the tortoise as well 🤣
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