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  1. discobob

    1917 film

    It was definitely a 5 round clip that was loaded (used to use them when I was in the Air Cadets) - wasn't it the US version that took the 10 round?? or if it was in use in the Army, it was limited.
  2. discobob

    1917 film

    it was alright - only just though!! Suffered with the magic gun syndrome of Hollywood - rifle was loaded before going over the top, and was never reloaded again - despite firing several shots within seconds at the German Sniper
  3. I believe they won't because it is legacy kit - they will provision a new Master Socket to your house. Any wiring after this internal will be at a price, or do it yourself
  4. Found this on SD https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/after-the-dsc1-another-training-option-lantra.41811/page-2 and also an older thread on here - from looking at the website it appears there are a number of providers around the country..
  5. Has anybody heard about this course? https://www.lantra.co.uk/course/shotgun-coaching A one day course when the CPSA Coaching accreditation is a whole series of courses (Safety officer, Instructor Development Workshop and Instructor Training Course). The Lantra ones don't even look like they take place on a shooting ground Discuss
  6. discobob

    Pension info

    I have to start asking questions soon of Forces Pensions - I done 3 years Army, 9 months break then 9 years RAF - So 12 years continuous service (less than a years break) but I can foresee that it won't be that simple!! While in the RAF I got the 4.5 Year retention bonus while I was still in training in the RAF (1.5 years of service) and the 7.5 year retention at 4.5 years of RAF service!
  7. Do you remember that thing he done for the Royal Family - on stage - watched about 5 minute and turned it off - like others I can't take to the guy in any shape or form 😞 My youngest (14) is funnier than he is (just waiting to hear if he has been selected for Britains Got Talent). Somebody asked me what side of the family he gets his humor from - I said the Milkman
  8. I did think that this is one of the best things over the festive period - until the third episode which was a car crash
  9. discobob

    What 3 words

    I don't know if it is still the case, but I remember when GPS was coming into service in the forces - Military has resolution down to 1 meter but civil licensing had it to 10 meters. I do know that there is now a European system now.
  10. Off to watch the new Star Ways tomorrow- IMAX 3D - just taking the youngest lad 😉
  11. Get your wife to add you to her family then you get the benefit under your own account
  12. It actually ended up not too bad in the end - food was at 3pm then it was tipping point quiz game and then they got off at 5.30pm which was a record - previously it has been as early as 11 and leaving at 8... I WAS watching Lost in space on Netflix but just before they arrive I had a call of nature and when I came back he had already got the eldest lad to flick back to Sky
  13. Well the father in law has been here 20 minutes and he up to channel 406 on Sky By flicking up every channel - MIL is ruling the roost in the kitchen!!!
  14. You have Phase 4 and Phase 5 coming - End Game was the end of Phase 3 Yes I am a (closet) Nerd - when I was young I used to go out on the roads with my Dad - HGV Driver - and we used to stop regularly at newsagents to get stuff for me to read - occasionally I would find a Marvel or DC comic which was an absolute highlight - they were rare as hens teeth back in the 70's Personally I loved the Hulk character in the Marvel versions - he was a good point of humour along with Bruce Banner - don't like the "smart" hulk - maybe the way it just happened
  15. I go quite regular with my youngest lad (14) and occasionally the eldest (16) comes as well. We love the experience. One of the last films we all saw together, The Joker, was awesome - to be sat in a full cinema with nobody uttering a sound helps with the atmosphere of the movie. Le Mans 66 I had to turn round to the people behind and tell them to shut up and they were my age and older who seemed to be trying to out brag each other about their racing experiences. We are big Marvel fans for that pure blockbuster switch brain off and enjoy the ride. We will be going to see the new Star Wars over the festive period - Meerkat Movies - take your own drink and popcorn and it isn't too bad a cost (90% of cinemas now allow you take food as long as it isn't a Sunday dinner ) When I worked away a lot I would go one night in the week and ended up seeing some turkeys - but it killed a night and gave a break from staring at 4 walls and a small telly
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