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  1. discobob

    PC Package

    TBH - Only get a PC if you need a PC - My lads have a PC each for gaming that I give rolling updates on but that suits our situation I would recommend getting a laptop. Always a good resource is hotukdeals and see what is getting hot on there. As an FYI, I am working on a 32" screen, wireless keyboard and mouse from my works laptop - and then I can take it anywhere in the house if I want to have a different view (just the laptop obviously) This has been getting a lot of heat in the past week https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/dell-156-inspiron-5505-laptop-ryzen-5-4500u-8gb-3200mhz-ram-ips-256gb-nvme-3497944 which should far exceed your needs and is within your price range
  2. incompatible operating system for me ????
  3. ca glue aka mitre fix - drip glue into the open end of the utensil and spray the activator on end of the handle. I know it was a separate material but when I lifted her favorite cup out of the dishwasher and the handle came off I used that as it was what I had to hand not expecting much of it (I thought it would be affected by the heat or the dishwasher) but it is still going strong.
  4. He was a brickie - damned secretive lot that they are 😉
  5. I knew that was coming 🤣 The wife watches it and I am WFH over the period and was having my lunch break - honest guv!!
  6. I heard a presenter on Loose Women who was absolutely livid that her son had been stopped by Police. It turned out that the police were actively looking for someone - a black lad wearing a hoody who had committed a crime - her son was black and wearing a hoody - but she viewed it as proof of institutional racism in the police?????
  7. Agreed - if you lot carry on with this we will be forced to take the buffet 🤣 to appease our feelings
  8. I had a bad start to life, mainly due to my father having psychiatric issues. Not his fault and he ended up spending all of his life from the age of 22 in the care system, initially in what was known as a sanatorium (God - that was a horrible place) and he passed away at the age of 60 in a care in the community "home". Because of this, I didn't (not couldn't) speak for a number of years and when I did start, I had a very bad speech impediment. This was fine at my initial school however my parents (mum and step-dad at this point) moved to a different area. My life became hell for about 4 years or so. I can remember when I was in senior school my step-dad had enough of it and he told me similar to @London Best dad - just hit them. Turned out I was quite good at it and most of the 'bullying' stopped however I nearly got expelled from school 😳 Roll on a few years, I was at Lime Street about to catch my train back to camp, with my step-dad who said that guy over there is trying to get your attention. It was one of my worst persecutors from that time at school. He was under military escort as he had gone AWOL from the marines and done a stint in the French Foreign Legion but had returned and had given himself up voluntarily. We had a good catch up (after I had flashed my military ID to his escorts) and I heard later that he went into the SBS. Did I hold any grudges against him because of what he had done in the past - No Did I demand that he apologize for what he done in the past - No Life had moved on and it was history (even though at that time it was only about 10 years).
  9. Areas with disproportionately high crime will require a more active policing strategy. So, with an increased police presence in that area it will mean that people in that area will more likely be subject to police interaction. I am sure that there are many areas which are of different ethnicity will also encounter the same sort police interaction. I know of a few around here - in fact my wife is from one of them
  10. forget that - the social distancing queue is too long 🙃
  11. whose fingers though 🤣
  12. I listed the one I did as there would be no messing about with drivers as (please don't take this the wrong way @steve_b_wales) the OP doesn't seem to clued up on computers
  13. I had my lad do Karting for a while in Cadet class 10 years ago. I couldn't compete with the money required to get to the top levels. To go into a race team tent could cost you north of £600 for a weekend - something like Zip Kart would be £1k+ then there was the new chassis x2 every season plus engines and you had the people with custom motor homes etc.. - however the main reason we had to pack it in was down to the wife who wasn't happy with it. Nearly ended our marriage I know a guy from then though - who knew and beat Hamilton and all the others of that era in karting but never got picked up - Dad couldn't afford the teams although they are a 'racing' family he wanted to do it all themselves.He goes to Silverstone on a GA ticket and gets invited into the paddock from the drivers (one time from LH himself - about 5 years ago) My lad now does sim racing - last year at Silverstone he was the DHL fastest lap and lost out in the final where there were a pair of paddock tickets up for grabs - to a professional eSporter who shouldn't have been in the final who couldn't overtake my lad so he done a bit of a hamilton on him (turned into him to knock him off track - a known issue with the software and why the proper virtual races have stewards). He also raced against the F2 drivers where he trounced them and had a good laugh with Anthione Hubert who he had a bit of a battle with in the race - who unfortunately died two weeks later at Spa 😞 In that time though the only discrimination I saw was the money type.
  14. They said that there is nothing they can do about it!! Don't know how true that is but it wouldn't surprise me
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