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  1. discobob


    When stationed in Cyprus I had a leave where I took a civvie flight back - Cyprus Airways - I got on the plane and then the Pilot made his announcement and he was Cypriot - I was banging at the door to get off shouting "They can't even drive cars!!!!!!!"😲
  2. A guy I shoot with has just picked up a bargain - A DT11 with original stock and a Manuel Ricardo adjustable stock which is a beautiful piece of work, and had done next to nothing - he got it for the price of a straight version which would have done a lot more!! lucky guy
  3. Sort of reminds me of when I was working away in Swindon. One night in the bar of the place I was staying in the conversation got round to marriage I said "My wife asked me why I don't do any of the washing, ironing, cooking etc? and I replied with Why do you think I got married?" There was some laughter and one guy asked "what did she say to that" to which I responded "why do you think I am staying here!!!" 😜 p.s. Being military trained I can wash, iron and clean better than my wife but because I am a gentleman I don't like to rub her face in it 🀣
  4. where do you think the not suitable for animals came from on Microwaves!!!
  5. @oldypigeonpopperI don't know what it was but we didn't frequent the chippy that much while we were down there (we left nearly 17 years ago) - My wife used to work at the Mulberry Bush School at Standlake and a lot of our evening meals were provided from there as a perk of the job!! The Big Fish chippy in Mold is very good I think - Chips are never soggy from there - I hate soggy chips - but from the way my waistband has expanded (especially since packing up smoking) I should hate chips full stop - and biscuits - and crisps and....... 😜
  6. The OLD one that was by the pub before the supermarket got built, the one in the center or the one down by the back gates next to what was Maryville Garage Don't know if any more have been built in the time!!
  7. Comes up on 192.com - https://www.192.com/atoz/business/witney-ox28/fish-farms/continental-crayfish-limited/fdf20dc35fe6a91aa14a36b680d10d2516857eb8/comp/ listed as a fish farm πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I used to live in Carterton (RAF and then civvie) and we loved going down the water meadows there especially in hot weather as it was always a couple of degrees cooler. Also loved doing the path round to Black Bourton around the camp on an icy morning with the dogs - wish I still lived down that way but I believe that Brize is a lot more busier than it was when we left in 2004. I can remember my firs
  8. @oldypigeonpopper it was here - on the River Windrush https://www.walkandcycle.co.uk/trail?trailcode=OXFOTR0042 Although googling for it I found there is a company called Continental Crayfish Ltd in Witney and a story of someone dumping crayfish in Witney 😞
  9. I don't tout myself as a crayfish expert but I seem to recall it being very dark (it was in a shallow but fast moving clear stream by a footbridge on a footpath. It does come to mind that it had one much larger claw than the other one. Make of that what you will πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  10. @ditchmandefinitely had something to do with that
  11. I thought it was Ditchman that had been found πŸ˜†
  12. I worked at the BICC in Prescot after leaving school in the company TV studio - and Fred was taking down a Chimney on site - we filmed the demolition and interviewed him as well (I was the camera man). Only link I can find - I remember being on top of the gatehouse with a camera at the massive age of 16 (YTS Scheme) with old schoolmates shouting all sorts at me!! https://en-gb.facebook.com/prescote/posts/anybody-remember-fred-dibnah-in-prescot-c1983a-nice-share-from-tony-croxford/1665506537072049/
  13. I like it under here - now leave me alone 🀣
  14. psst - I have a bridge, and some snake oil for sale if your interested 😜
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