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  1. I took this from it - looks like a contradiction?? We jointly own our home – how will it be assessed? In the means test the local council must take into account joint owners who own different amounts of the property. They shouldn’t assume that joint owners have equal shares, although you may have to provide evidence to prove this. Check the information above to see if your home should be ignored in the means test.
  2. Had chance to read that link I posted above Lloyd?? Do you still stand by what you posted?? just interested to know what your thoughts are on it buddy
  3. Do you mean like this God help you if you have a bang in an electric vehicle - have you seen what the fire brigade are doing to them
  4. I am having a new battery fitted as well - to be honest - I knew it needed one - had it in the garage for a couple of months as the car was playing up towards the end of winter - but they are a pig to change as they put a rod through a captive bolt and that seizes!!! The current battery is the one from new - 8.5 years 😱
  5. Maybe I am and maybe I am reading this the wrong way https://www.ageuk.org.uk/information-advice/care/paying-for-care/paying-for-a-care-home/do-i-have-to-sell-my-home-to-pay-for-care/ The bottom section is the most pertinent @Scully- sorry what do you think I was saying is so totally wrong - are you referring to the adoption bit - I said it was the last resort but it does have to be there but I also listed exclusions to this....
  6. Don't know if it has changed with the new system - but I was buying 6 for £36 @TK421
  7. So, Tuesday night on the way back home went from a lighted area into dark - and no headlights - dash showing main beam on. Stopped car put 4 ways on - turned off and on and they were working!! Yesterday (the day after) went out to find a horrible dent on the passenger wing - hopefully PDR will get that sorted. Last night - went for a shoot at Faux Degla, and on the way back the "Battery not Charging" came on - knocked the air con off and it went away. This morning leaving for work it came on straight away - checked voltage on the battery - Off 11.6v - running - 11.6v - booked in for a new alternator on Monday.... What next I ask myselft
  8. be careful with these - if you leave the card on you may end up with a slight delay - that is what happens at FD anyway But I have 36 tokens to exchange on Saturday
  9. They put a charge on the house - to be repaid when sold or on death of the occupant oh - and more than likely interest as well
  10. The problem is we have to keep putting our money where the politicians put their mouth who..... Change the laws..
  11. But if you want a decent one - YOU will have to pay more - read the small print
  12. Someone will be along with the "statistics" that immigrants are a net positive to the country - I have written their name and put it into a sealed envelope and posted it to myself!!!! It is a sad state when immigrants get more than what our elderly are entitled to - and our veterans and the truly needy in our society.
  13. Smoke and mirrors - separating the costs and care and then banging the drum "CARE COSTS COVERED AFTER £86K" but you will still be screwed by accommodation fees
  14. You mean to feed the Ponzi Scheme that is the pension and benefits set up in this country!!!
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