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  1. shouldn't that be ..........moles..
  2. I was on patrol on exercise out in Germany many years ago. I came across a bunch of Techs (now don't get me wrong I was an operator in the Army but then joined the RAF as a Tech) trying to move a Bedford Trailor (1 ton??). Three or four were pushing at the back of it and it was going nowhere. I walked over and said hang on - lifted the front up and in turn lifted the jockey wheel out of the hole it was stuck in - and then went "push" - lo and behold - it moved quite easily then
  3. But they will all have their gold plated pensions by then
  4. I do worry about my kids - for me it has always been the thing that Kids learn more than their parents. The old one about the kids knowing how to program the VHS recorder etc.... My kids, considering they spend a large part of the life on line on a PC have absolutely jack knowledge about a PC - I have built them and tried to get them involved but no. Although they do know about youtube (one is a youtuber and it is all about stats, views, subscribers....) and the other does on-line Sim Racing but relies on me to be his pit crew 😞
  5. that way you only need to dispose of one at some point
  6. "Because of the Corona Virus yadda yadda yadda....we are not strong enough to see through Brexit as we had hoped therefore yadda yadda yadda....." I foresee this in the tea leaves!!!
  7. A couple of years ago I woke up feeling a bit funny @2am - got up thinking it was something was going to happen from one end or the other to 15 minutes later screaming down the house. My eldest was stood at the top of the stairs shaking because he thought I was being murdered. Wife was totally unaware as she sleeps through anything (including an 8.9 earthquake in California circa 1992!!!) My lad woke her and she came down. An ambulance was called as I was concerned that the pain was going to bring on a coronary. On the phone they said to give me an aspirin and within a minute I just felt the p
  8. Come back Theresa May!!! Honestly though - just goes to show the politburo are all a bunch of backstabbers to their electorate - I wouldn't be surprised if their Jaguar cars are replaced with Zil's and they come up with their own lanes for driving through London
  9. I thought you had that copyrighted Dave - if so - contact the lawyers πŸ˜…
  10. I had an X-BOX 1 on order from Amazon - on release day I was watching and watching and it stayed not dispatched. After a few heated calls with Amazon I was told it would be a week 😞 so on the way home I called into a Game and managed to get one - much more than my order because game does stupid bundles and ramps up the price - but at least my lad had what I promised him. Got home and was setting it up when there was a knock at the door at 7.30pm - to an amazon delivery guy with my order of XBOX 1. He said there had been a mess up at the warehouse and somebody realised that a whole pallet
  11. Is it Covid or is it the other news item that has been going on in your country. I know you have said previously that Trump has been good for you??
  12. and you forgot about commoditizing education (and this action has been fully supported by successive governments)
  13. They have just brought in proof of address at ours - apparently there are places in Wales that you have to book two weeks in advance Done gigs in those type of places!! Thats why I tried to stick with project based work - it tended to be a bit more dynamic - one Gov project was very dynamic as it was run as a small business to deliver to the MOD
  14. I didn't have the rights to do the fix 😞 I have done that in the past when a change would have taken months (government systems) where they kept going down - I made the change and waited for someone to say "oooh the systems haven't gone down for a while". I then put a retrospective change in
  15. My last contract before going permanent was under IR35 for a local (English) council. It was 15 miles from the house and I would have walked away after tax with a decent amount considering my expenses were negligible with being local. I lasted a week and quit. I found a big problem that had been reported as what seemed to be a minor problem. I came up with what the fix was and how to do it - all within an hour. They wanted to have a meeting with 8 people to decide who was going to pay for that hour. That along with also having to account for my time 5 different ways on a daily busine
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