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  1. Nice, I only have an internal garage - and a 7x7 shed so a bit limited. The worst thing is that I can't do anything in the garage as stuff is also stored in there on shelves!
  2. wouldn't be essential travel though - N Wales to midlands for some MDF 😆
  3. I have purchased a Track saw (titan - 2nd hand), a Makita Track, a decent blade with a thin kerf(?), a Trend router, and an RYOBI Hinge Jig (from the US as UK prices were stupid). I am trying to source some thinish MDF around 8mm to make some templates as well so I can route out the door frame as well as I am not very good with chisels - mainly due to them not being sharp enough I think. I will be practicing on some sacrificial wood and a door that I am replacing first. The part that is really causing me issues is the drilling in of the latch. I can see me going off and breaking out the face of the door!! I also have a nice Bosch Sliding Miter Saw and stand. What I would like to do is to get to a level where I can replace components of our staircase which isn't straight forward as it is a closed string with a stupid bottom half landing step. The Newel posts need replacing as they are a bit loose. The handrail needs replacing as this was broke when some spindles got broken. The spindles for some reason I can only find on Irish sites and the postage for them are astronomical and would be as cheap to replace all of them with nice straight ones or ones with minimal chamfering (?) Sadly though, I know what I need to do, just don't have the skills to do it at this time!!!
  4. https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-CB-base-station-antenna/ Might help
  5. This would be something that I would love to do and would definitely take you up on this offer!! I am filling a lot of my time watching Next Level Joinery on youtube along with some others on there. While WFH I have a couple of doors to replace (already got them in) and some others to "fix" - once the decorating is finished which will tax me a bit
  6. I keep on getting contacted about taking a job at this place - and I saw last week that they are still advertising roles - but there seems to be a lot of churn at the company which is never a good sign!!!
  7. Try doing refresh internet content - or a hard reset instructions should be in your manual This does come up from time to time on our telly with YouTube. The only apps we have left are Netflix and YouTube now but have other sources 😉
  8. I would have had it repaired by an independent- along with sending a report to Currys beforehand. If nothing from them I would have taken small claims action against them
  9. Love my Viking- 15 years old and puts the hayter to shame which we have owned from new. The Viking was a main body from Facebook market place about 4 years ago. Grass basket was found on eBay early last year. the hayter needs emptying 4 times on our back lawn - the Viking does it in one pass
  10. Catton Hall Registered this Sunday is cancelled - still open Saturday for practice
  11. They have been trading a while on the interweb But not goo feedback scores here
  12. I haven't actually been there - just what we are getting on the welsh news (printed). Been like that for years but now they want to save costs (the council). It may be being blamed on the possible rise in sea levels but there is cost at the root of it
  13. This village is actually below sea level at the moment with only a sea wall protecting them. What the Gwynedd council are doing is stopping maintaining the wall because of the cost.
  14. + 1 from me - Open Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings - take the old road through Episkopi garrison. Coming from Paphos you go through Happy Valley (Down and Up), past the camp and then there is the loop - the EGG club is a left turn off the loop. Coming from Limassol direction you will pass the SBA police station then hit the loop - it is a right turn off there. I shot there a couple of times on my last holiday in Cyprus. License is needed - and they have a number of guns that can be hired - mine was a 325. One of my biggest regrets was that I was stationed at Episkopi for 3 years (92-95) and never went. Back then I was into Windsurfing - although if I tried to do it now I think I would need the QE 2 rather than a board
  15. is this going to turn into Oh Dear!! 2???
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