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  1. Has your brain ever been right?? 🤣
  2. Power corrupts - Absolute Power corrupts absolutely??
  3. I met him shortly after he got the Witney seat after Shaun Woodward walked across the chamber. I went home and said to my wife that I have just met the guy to beat Tony B Liar - and I was right in a round about way He did a bit to assist us with our issue (MP's Surgery) but what he has done since becoming the PM and after that is quite atrocious.
  4. Sorry - I thought that was meant as in Cat Videos (and how the break the internet) - my apologies!!
  5. not too often though - it draws the police attention 😂
  6. discobob


    He done a cracking video over the weekend about Saturday night's television
  7. The trouble now is buying a PC as there is a world wide shortage in Graphics cards and prices both new and 2nd hand are quite silly. go for AMD as you will get more cores for your money although the 11th series i5 (non K) is getting very good feedback for price to performance although I don’t know how that transfers to laptop versions. or go Apple but that will blow your budget to get even a base model
  8. What a true Gentleman whose type will not be seen again - I feel for the Queen to loose her rock of over 70 years as well.
  9. There is a lot of (good) science fiction that does go on to become science fact. The best example currently is "1984"!!! But they do on somebody's books - that's why they are doing it and they are allowed to get away with it....
  10. I agree with you there - and treat my gun as a weapon if you get my meaning. One of the worst breaches on a clay ground that I have seen is an ex-officer. I pulled him down a peg on safety. Where is that as we are quite close by to each other
  11. My neighbour goes out once a month or so and picks the litter up off the lane/public footpath - they are a retired couple. Last year, I saw a guy on a bicycle that had two bottles of booze in his hand. Something was not right so I went onto the lane and looked down. About 100 yards away I could see something and it twigged, it was a box with the smashed remains of the contents of that box 😞 It took me ages to brush it up - a lot of people with kids and dogs use the lane (including ourselves). Neighbours went by (from the big houses at the top) or went through the estate to avoid tha
  12. I believe that it does on "date night" 😂 On a serious aside, tomato ketchup as well on treats for females
  13. That tickled me 😂
  14. He is planning holiday homes in multiple countries. He is begging for them to have a helicopter next time ala Cliff
  15. 5 arrests, 3 house searches, tens of thousands worth of equipment confiscated. Not one charge or Warrant. All at the behest of the BBC without any proof besides their word. He was supposed to be in court on Monday but has been put back a month (this happened today) I have donated to Alex as well as being on a phone in and it is a highlight of the week and one of the few thing the wife and I watch together. I wonder how we would cope with this type of harassment
  16. I work in IT and the company I work for engaged an external company to develop a new product and engaged very few “grunts” on it. Then it was released and it was a way of gifting things that could be personalised. I asked if the images being used were being run through any image verification system - er no was the response. I just said congratulations you have developed a distribution system for peado’s and left the company wide open to being done. it was silently dropped shortly after. as we are talking about security I will leave this here - if you get it you get it
  17. @ditchman it does indeed. There was a youtube video that showed a "petrol station" where they generated the hydrogren on site - as has previously been said, the amount of energy needed to generate the hydrogen is at the moment quite excessive which is what is holding it up tbh. I am holding onto my car for another few years. The trouble is that I feel come post 2025 that the road taxes are going to start shooting up for non-electric cars to force people into electric whereas a large number won't be able to afford to go electric (or the facilities aren't available to feasibly charge one) a
  18. Do you mean like "Town Gas" was - nothing new ever is there really 😁
  19. Never a truer word said (or typed) however I feel that because of the press and brain washing it will be the latter person that is in the majority 😞
  20. The first I heard of Billy Monger was immediately after his crash when my then 14 year old said he wanted to donate money to him which we did. We were lucky to meet him on his return to Motorsport at Oulton Park and have followed him ever since. I am just watching “Billy’s Big Challenge” and he just continues to amaze me. There is so much that a lot of people can learn from him.
  21. Have you got any photo’s please??
  22. I was going to suggest the same - luckily I am not working tomorrow - it could have been uncomfortable when I just went no when the bucket came round - I know where my donation is going!!!
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