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  1. Brilliant mate, hope he enjoys it!!
  2. stoat

    . 410 o/u

    Or even a 28g, cart's Go down to 16grams so Ideal for a young un
  3. Hi lads, I'm in the market for a new scope and was wondering what the vortex vipers were like?? Cheers
  4. If you still have these, I will have it mate
  5. titan Manitou, imho the best precharged airgun made!!!! good luck with the sale,if I had the funds I would have ripped your arms off for that !!!!
  6. Its in the hands of the gunsmiths now, so it should be right when it comes back
  7. Ive had em since march,but ive not been very happy with the grouping since i got it!! Ive been trying different brands and weights of bullets but the last few days have been frustrating!then it broke, so back it went to swillington , which i can say have breen very good about it to say its a second hand gun!!!!
  8. Ive been out with the gun this morning and the mod totally collapsed on me !! As i tightened it up again, i felt it give and it went slack.. it turns out the thredded piece has sheared off , and the mod is stuck on the gun !!!!! I think it has been defective since i got it, and it explains an awful lot of wasted bullets.. ive taken it back to the place i bought it and he has promised to sort it. So fingers crossed!!!!
  9. thanks mate,i think ill try the fibre washer!!
  10. Hi lads, im new on here, but im having bother with my moderator coming loose after only a couple of rounds. Its a browning a bolt in 243 and its a viper mod !! Is there anything i can do to stop it from happening ? Thanks
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