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  1. Eyup, I was just wondering If anyone knew whether this shoot still happens on Sunday’s please?
  2. I've just checked the Snaith & Cowick Facebook page and the first post advises that the page with allegations against Park Lodge is a bogus page and is currently under Police investigation. It has been set up by someone who has a grudge against Park Lodge and they are asking people not to like the page.
  3. Myself and a few mates visited this shoot yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a cracking little shoot and very friendly! We will definitely be visiting again!
  4. Hi guys, I'm thinking of visiting this shoot this Sunday but was wondering whether anyone had a map to show where it was as I'm not really that familiar with the area. Cheers John
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome all. Weather permitting I should be up at Wortley this weekend with my Dad. We're going to try a couple of different Shotguns out (Beretta & Browning) to see which fits best then hopefully looking to buy before the end of this year. Cheers John
  6. Hi all, I've just received my Shotgun License through the post so just wanted to say hello. I'm off to try out a few different Shotguns this Saturday to see which feels best so hopefully I should have my own within the next month or two. Myself and my Dad have only been clay shooting a couple of times but we are both hooked! Cheers John
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