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  1. Just gone for the Puppy from the original line. What do you feed in the off season?
  2. Gone for CSJ, got a feed supply store not far that stocks their whole range and its very reasonable. Happy with that for now - hopefully the pup gets on well with it
  3. Thanks everyone - like the look of CSJ. Will probably look to raw feed in the future when I have a bit more space for an extra fridge/freezer or at least a half and half, with some tripe and lambs heads etc etc. I had heard some people mention they struggled to keep weight on their dogs raw feeding only, so a bit of kibble was always in the mix - again i guess it depends on the dog
  4. Maybe I've just been overthinking it. As long as the dog does well on it and what comes out the other end is good, im fine with that. Can pick it up everywhere at a good price too
  5. For those that feed it, what do you use? So many options out there I don't really know where to start. Was thinking skinners but had read a few poor reviews - same as Dr johns. It seems Orijen is the best but not cheap, hoping there was a happy medium. Thanks for any help.
  6. I spoke to the owner at a "country store" recently and he said avoid chams as they've moved production to Morocco and the quality has plummeted. He said Aigles are the only way to go but everyone has their favourites. A friend of mine bought Solognac wellies from decathlon and swears by them
  7. I had heard good things about the Michelin Latitude Cross tyres, apparently a good All Season tyre thats quite capable off road and still rated C for fuel efficiency.
  8. Ah brilliant, will give them a call in the morning. Thanks!
  9. Yeah forgot to say, 245/65/17 A/T. That sounds good for M/T
  10. Anybody recently bought some? Have found a price for £150.00 per tyre inc fitting - seems to be the cheapest I can find but just wanted to double check with everyone before I went rushing in. Cheers
  11. Im at the out-laws this Xmas and believe we're having turkey - shes a fantastic cook so will be lovely. I'm a goose fan tho, get ours from the local butcher and its amazing and that fat makes the best roasties! Me and the old man usually get up early boxing day and make a fried egg sandwich but instead of butter in the pan, a dollop of the goose fat and its lovely lol. My butcher did say if ur up for a no fuss meal and have deep enough pockets beef wellingtons a winner - just egg wash and stick it into the oven for 50 mins.
  12. Lovely wine. Me and the girlfriend always pick one up when we go shopping.
  13. DannyS


    Me and the girl like our gins. Had a few good ones of late - Rock Rose and Agnes Arber probably the faves. Waitrose have got Roku a japenese gin for sale at the mo, £25.00 and pretty nice. Not a big fan of gut rot but did really enjoy Oban thought it was very pleasant.
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