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  1. Richmond sausages.

    Living the dream, rimfire.
  2. Felt like I'd been robbed.

    Absolutely, Im not getting stung like that haha.
  3. Felt like I'd been robbed.

    Its the "gastro" pubs that **** me off. Cost you a fortune for average food. A place near me charges £23 for a Sunday roast! Unfortunately in the southeast that seems commonplace. You'll pay £4.50 minimum for an ale and as much as £6.50 for lagers. I blame the londoners
  4. Worrying, but not surprising on BBC news.

    I thought our land couldn't sustain that amount of crop growth anyway as it strips the soil of so much nutrients. and dont farmers use livestock to replenish the nutrients, so people could still inadvertently be supporting livestock farming when they think their not?
  5. Holidays recommendations

    Depends on ur budget but Amalfi is bloody expensive. Particularly Capri but it is stunning. I like Tuscany, hire a car and mooch about, Florence is really nice for doing all your site seeing
  6. Chainsaw recommendations

    Personally, as an all round saw I dont think u can go far wrong with the 550xp. Light and manoeuvrable so if your in the woods all day its not killing ur back. I did hear once that the saw doesnt seem to like bars bigger than 16" so a 14"-16" should be fine if uve got access to a bigger saw. Sorry, u clearly say in ur original post it will be for work use and felling....dont know what i was reading
  7. Chainsaw recommendations

    Re the echos, know a lot of guys that use the top handles for tree work and love them. Seem to be able to run all day and are half the price stihl/husky, but I dont know much about their bigger saws. I prefer Husky's but thats just my personal preference, 550xp is a fantastic saw. Will you just be using it for firewood and in the garden use? Might be a bit of over kill as its a real yob of a saw but at least you'll have some peace of mind regard it's reliability and cutting ability compared to cheaper alternatives.
  8. Release the Kraken - Rum Drinkers

    Do i spy Bathtub Rum in the back there Harry? Got some of the gin but not rum, any good?
  9. Dog killed by pit bull type in Manchester

    Apparently the person filming was a passer by who tried to help and only started filming after it was too late, which is probably a good thing as now the owner and dogs can be properly identified. I heard someone else has come forward saying their dog was attacked by them not long ago but could't ID them, so that wont help any defence. What can you do about these things though? Have a blanket ban on all bull breeds for say, 10 years? See if it can bring their numbers down and see if there is a fall in the number of these kind of attacks? Would probably reduce the amount in rescue centres - or do people just move on to different breeds and the cycle continues.... Well, if it was between getting bitten by a staff and a jack russell i know what i'd choose lol
  10. Joshua vs Takam

    Takam had a full training camp, he was a backup fighter and they're given a full training camp just incase there's a dropout and can step in. So, if anything its harder on AJ as he has to change his whole stratergy which theyd worked on for the last however many weeks and I think it showed in the fight. I think i'd like to see AJ fight Ortiz probably one of the more skilled HW atm and it might win over some fans that are getting exasperated with all these meh fights. Not a fan of Wilder and dont think he deserves a shot yet. Had 40 fights and none of them with decent oppo, obviously his team are scared to step him up in quality as they know he'll get found out and are waiting for the biggest possible payday, which is AJ. AJ seems to be getting a lot of hate on social media which i thinks harsh.....
  11. Joshua vs Takam

    Whats peoples thoughts? Hard to see past Josh again? AJ weighed in at over 18 stone which is his heaviest ever, so i would guess hes just gunna go in and try to blast him out in the first few rounds. He gassed pretty quick against klich and wasnt as heavy so could be dangerous. I dont no why but i fear an upset, if he doesnt get rid of Takam in the early rounds it could be trouble... Whats everyone's thoughts?
  12. Fury v Parker

    IMO if you're the contender trying to take the belt, you cant fight off the back foot, you've got to go out there and take it! Like you said Sako, Fury is a very skillful fighter which is refreshing for the HW div but his lack of punching power is always gunna be an issue in the div. Cant wait for Loma - Rigo, should be fireworks!
  13. GGG V Alvarez Countdown,Sept 16th.

    Had to put this on here bcos i did chuckle when i saw it. the look on Canelo's face of....****. Same punch that snet Amir Khan to bed.
  14. VERY novice recipes wanted

    I always found pasta/rice dishes the best when i first learnt to cook. Pretty simple and ingredients are easily interchangeable. Can add whatever meat you want, change the pastas/spaghetti, tomato sauce or a cheese sauce. (just buy tinned tomatoes and add to a hot pan or cheese sauce in a packet) Always cook the meat off first and put to one side. Then dice an onion and add to a hot pan with olive oil/butter, then add whatever you like - mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn, peas, garlic, chilli, courgette, whatever you like really. Cook them until soft - i find that if you put the lid on a pan when cooking, it stops them burning, like the onions and garlic. Add your tomato sauce from the tin ( can even use baked beans if you dont have any) return the meat to the pan, season with pepper, salt, oregano (can buy it dried in a jar from most super markets) then leave it on the hob to heat through for 10-15 mins. Bosh your pasta/rice on at the same time on a medium high heat and they should be ready at the same time. Sorry if someone has already suggested something similar i did read through but may have missed. If you want something a bit more diffcult, try one of these; Love a Lancashire hot pot, really nice and warming when the nights start to draw in. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/9099/lancashire-hotpot Or this, big fan of this. Pan Fried Partridge with pearl barley, bit more difficult but worth it if you pull it off!! http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/pan-fried-partridge-with-a-delicate-pearl-barley-pea-and-lettuce-stew-recipe-1909836#reviewsTop
  15. GGG V Alvarez Countdown,Sept 16th.

    Really difficult one to call. I think Canelo is the more complete fighter but you cant rule out a guy like GGG as his power and ring craft are devastating. Canelos gunna be ripping body shots and upper cuts but i fear the extra muscle and weight will slow him down and its just a question of how quick he will slow down from GGG's pressure, timing of the jab and that left hook! GGG's is at his natural weight and i think will be more comfortable.....I'm swaying towards a late stoppage for GGG. But, for the sake of boxing id love to see Canelo out box him and put on a boxing master piece and get a Canelo vs GGG trilogy lol