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    Christmas & Christmas Dinner!!

    Im at the out-laws this Xmas and believe we're having turkey - shes a fantastic cook so will be lovely. I'm a goose fan tho, get ours from the local butcher and its amazing and that fat makes the best roasties! Me and the old man usually get up early boxing day and make a fried egg sandwich but instead of butter in the pan, a dollop of the goose fat and its lovely lol. My butcher did say if ur up for a no fuss meal and have deep enough pockets beef wellingtons a winner - just egg wash and stick it into the oven for 50 mins.
  2. DannyS

    im no expert...wine

    Lovely wine. Me and the girlfriend always pick one up when we go shopping.
  3. DannyS


    Me and the girl like our gins. Had a few good ones of late - Rock Rose and Agnes Arber probably the faves. Waitrose have got Roku a japenese gin for sale at the mo, £25.00 and pretty nice. Not a big fan of gut rot but did really enjoy Oban thought it was very pleasant.
  4. DannyS

    Brew dog Beer

    Dont mind one of them, think its called Dead Pony Club. Wouldnt buy it myself, seen too many lads with shocking hangovers off the stuff.
  5. DannyS

    Yokel Mobile

    1975 Ford F250 Highboy. Always been jealous at some of the cool old trucks they've got
  6. DannyS

    Horse fly bite

    Anything that draws blood on a horse is gunna hurt you lol. Dont seem to leave a mark on me anymore but i getting bitten a bit being around horses so maybe theres some kid of immunity built up. Having said that ive recently come back from Italy and me and the girl got mullered by something out there leaving huge read welts.
  7. DannyS

    Fight night.

    I just read that apparently Wilder has agreed to fight in the UK. How true that is I don't know but if true, could mean a fight in the summer?
  8. DannyS

    New kitchen

    20% - 30% deposit, balance on completion. Would steer well clear of anyone that demanded full payment up front - they do that for a reason.
  9. DannyS


    Haha this the thing with Aldi, you go in for a food shop come out with a fire extinguisher, 3 axes, a washing line and a Storm Trooper clock.....well, i did any way
  10. DannyS

    Richmond sausages.

    Living the dream, rimfire.
  11. DannyS

    Felt like I'd been robbed.

    Absolutely, Im not getting stung like that haha.
  12. DannyS

    Felt like I'd been robbed.

    Its the "gastro" pubs that **** me off. Cost you a fortune for average food. A place near me charges £23 for a Sunday roast! Unfortunately in the southeast that seems commonplace. You'll pay £4.50 minimum for an ale and as much as £6.50 for lagers. I blame the londoners
  13. DannyS

    Worrying, but not surprising on BBC news.

    I thought our land couldn't sustain that amount of crop growth anyway as it strips the soil of so much nutrients. and dont farmers use livestock to replenish the nutrients, so people could still inadvertently be supporting livestock farming when they think their not?
  14. DannyS

    Holidays recommendations

    Depends on ur budget but Amalfi is bloody expensive. Particularly Capri but it is stunning. I like Tuscany, hire a car and mooch about, Florence is really nice for doing all your site seeing
  15. DannyS

    Chainsaw recommendations

    Personally, as an all round saw I dont think u can go far wrong with the 550xp. Light and manoeuvrable so if your in the woods all day its not killing ur back. I did hear once that the saw doesnt seem to like bars bigger than 16" so a 14"-16" should be fine if uve got access to a bigger saw. Sorry, u clearly say in ur original post it will be for work use and felling....dont know what i was reading