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  1. Interesting - that will be the market flooded pick-ups soon then lol.
  2. Forgot to mention - the Caddy's auto box is known for having issue so if you do go down that route, I'd go for a manual. Im tempted by a little ford fiesta van when the S/H market settles down - 67mpg urban isnt to be sniffed at!
  3. I think you'll see a lot of people going away from pick ups soon. The new models drove a lot more "car like" so people that wouldnt usually consider it bought them, plus with favourable lease deals. I had an auto caddy in the past and it was honestly the nicest, easiest thing to drive. Great economically and had tones of useful little cubby holes and store spaces. I have an l200 now and probably wouldn't if I wasnt farming.
  4. I would say if you spend a lot of time on road and towing the anorak is decent but if you'll be getting it muddy as well - hard to look past the hilux.
  5. In sure the townies and londoners will love them How you liking the jimny?
  6. Hi everyone. Was hoping someone would know of some good creams/ointments I could use on my lurcher who is forever getting little cuts and wounds on him - maybe something that could aid fur regrowth too. Someone mentioned camrosa ointment but heard mixed reviews. ATB
  7. Spot on. Don't think that's really JLR market these days tho.
  8. DannyS


    Yeah I read an article in the shooting times on boots and as soon as I saw the brandecosse ones I got a funny feeling in my downstairs area. Like the sound of dedito as supposedly they're pretty light which would be good as I want to wear them all year round - fed up with dealer boots and rolled ankles! Apparently brandecosse customer service is second to none Sam may have a call round.
  9. DannyS


    What high lace boots are everybody using these days? I'm with meindl still but fancy a change - particularly after seeing some Brandecosse boots. Anybody got any experience with them? Seen a fair few dedito boots now too, anyone put some hours into them?
  10. Just gone for the Puppy from the original line. What do you feed in the off season?
  11. Gone for CSJ, got a feed supply store not far that stocks their whole range and its very reasonable. Happy with that for now - hopefully the pup gets on well with it
  12. Thanks everyone - like the look of CSJ. Will probably look to raw feed in the future when I have a bit more space for an extra fridge/freezer or at least a half and half, with some tripe and lambs heads etc etc. I had heard some people mention they struggled to keep weight on their dogs raw feeding only, so a bit of kibble was always in the mix - again i guess it depends on the dog
  13. Maybe I've just been overthinking it. As long as the dog does well on it and what comes out the other end is good, im fine with that. Can pick it up everywhere at a good price too
  14. For those that feed it, what do you use? So many options out there I don't really know where to start. Was thinking skinners but had read a few poor reviews - same as Dr johns. It seems Orijen is the best but not cheap, hoping there was a happy medium. Thanks for any help.
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