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  1. Thanks, no I wish I had the patience and skills, that why I envy you. I took in part of a deal when I sold a Benelli semi auto, it just sits in the corner of the mancave unfortunately.
  2. Beautiful work Holloway, agree about the hens colouration working well, reminded me of mine.
  3. Stunning photo & bird. I once went a day titled “Flying with Golden Eagles” where they were flown on hares, a day I will never forget. Thanks.
  4. The 410 bundle is still available for any new 410 owners.
  5. Addictive watching, great video Simon.
  6. Briley Modified (1/2) extended Optima choke, absolutely brand new. Brought last week from CPG’s, then sold the gun on Saturday, cost over £60.00 delivered, only taken out of the protective tube for this photo. £40.00 Inc P&P. Rhino Light Modified (3/8) extended Optima choke, excellent condition. £35.00 Inc. P&P Both for £70.00
  7. I’ve just ordered this exact item and the bolt handle with the FDE Ceracoat finish from Dionne @ Chris Potter Guns, very helpful. They are expecting a Briley delivery in February, so that would be my suggestion as the main UK Briley importer.
  8. 12GA BERETTA OPTIMA EXTENDED CHOKES. Looking for either Light modified - Orange or 1/2 - Green or consider a set, so long as it contains one of the above. Thanks
  9. Just done mine, same in Wiltshire.
  10. Thanks Andy, found it. Only just missed out.
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