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  1. My sons 300 TDI Defender 90, his pride and joy.
  2. Last few weeks have accounted for another 10 for me. Total 225
  3. Am just across the border in Wiltshire, and always looking for a new place to embarrass myself. Will have to Google the opening days / hours. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Got a Beretta AL 390 30” barrel, with full set of flush chokes and 1 Teague 3/8 extended choke.
  5. 2 last night, christened the 20 Dasher 😀 Total = 176.
  6. Thanks & apologies, I missed that. Very nice.
  7. Did you import it direct or purchase through a U.K. supplier?
  8. Another 2 to add, both small vixens. Total = 150.
  9. Thanks Eddy, they look pretty robust have you actually used them on the magnet yet? How did they go.
  10. Thanks OB, I don’t manage to get out as much as I like, but with number one son now showing a keen interest, it was time to make sure the kits ready when needed. My sillosocks are a few years old and both have developed the same knackered wing nut issue, of which I made a bit of a hash of repairing one yesterday as the bolt would actually unscrew from the brass ferrule... hence why I was looking to replace. Thanks again.
  11. Hi guys, I have done a search and couldn’t find anything current relating to my question. Having just dusted down the pigeon shooting kit and carried out a few repairs to crappy wing nuts etc, I thought I’d ask as to what you guys recommend for starting off the magnet without having real birds to hand. I have a couple of flocked full bodied decoys but the wings are static and some Sillosocks that add plenty of movement but seem extremely fragile with the easily lost or damaged wing bar. What are your recommendations, the enforcer mk2 look good but from my limited search, I’m unsure
  12. I’ve got some if you still need some, .224” Vmax 145 no. and 240 no. Moly Coated.
  13. That made me chuckle, I also have a HPX / DSR and have lost track of the amount times I’ve heard that. Then they actually shoot it and are generally surprised.
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