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  1. I’ve got an Arthur Turner 20 bore, BLNE beautiful gun / lovely condition in the makers leather case £475. Happy to RFD if needed.
  2. Stunning and agree with Walker 570
  3. Great video Simon, as always. Amazing footage of the cubs, especially the interactions with your lab, I’d love to hear more on how it all came about.
  4. Thanks Steve, PM’ed you.
  5. Steve, please put my name on one from your next batch, thanks.
  6. Thanks Das, Very tempted, that is a really good price too.
  7. Great looking gun Das, does this cycle 28g loads? Thanks
  8. Cheers Lloyd, I’ll drop you the same message on PM here in a bit. Thanks
  9. Hi Lloyd, I sent you a message via Gunwatch on the 3rd April, and never had a reply, did you get it? I was very interested as your not that far from me in Salisbury Regards Steve
  10. Absolutely beautiful gun, is it a 2 3/4” chamber?
  11. I’ve got a Wilson 204 Ruger seating die, if of interest drop me a pm. Cheers
  12. Had this stumpy tailed dog fox come into from around 500 yards to the vixen mating call last week and stopped up at about 240 yards, fell to the 20 Dasher / Thermion XG50 combo. This is the first docked tail one I’ve ever shot, any thoughts on how it came about, genetics, accident or fighting ?
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