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  1. FreshFace

    Pcp foot pump

    Best Fittings would be a worthwhile visit, very helpful. https://www.bestfittings.co.uk
  2. Three (3) more since last visit. Total = 90
  3. I have the same as MB07, it hasn’t missed a beat with all the attachments, the hedge trimmer gets the most use from me and agree with Mark regarding the weight but it does come with a body harness to help spread the load, good for the muscles....
  4. Are the 40g you need in .204” or .224”? I have a few in 224 if any good to you, let me know, hopefully the photo has attached.......
  5. Very jealous, looks like a beautiful morning. What is the bird box in the right of the photo for? Seems like a big box with a little entry hole (No smut, you lot)
  6. Did the metal detector come up trumps?
  7. Another 4 since my last update with the 6mm/284. Total = 66
  8. Yes please Telf, pm incoming. Cheers Steve
  9. Your very welcome buddy, I’ll pop to the PO tomorrow, let me when it arrives.
  10. Very fetching 😀 CP, if you are still after a trigger lock and a keyed one suits your needs, pm me your postal address and I’ll send you one FOC.
  11. Great video Jacko, mine arrived last week but the weather's been to cr@ppy to get out with it. Good shooting buddy, loved the skimmer.
  12. One last night after a really slow start Total = 27
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