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  1. Not exactly what your after but very similar and a great price. Pulsar HD 38s, cased and boxed with all original supplied items.recently serviced by Thomas Jacks, with additional DNV pack (2no rechargeable battery packs) Very good condition, the spring on the lens cap is only thing that is not working. £650.00 inc insured post. If of any interest, drop me a PM with an email address for photos etc. Cheers
  2. FreshFace

    Pard 008

    Hi NF, Drop me a PM with your email address and I will send you details and photos of a brand new , never even mounted Pard 008 lrf Cheers
  3. Responding well to the caller last night, another 5. Total = 629
  4. Very possible, I once saw 6 heiffers dead under a huge oak that was struck, very surreal.
  5. Another one fell to the 6/284, had some great news yesterday that the 20 Dasher will ready to collect next week 😀 Total = 620
  6. Another 5 from me over my last two outings. Total = 600
  7. One large dog fox last night. Total = 517
  8. Just in from getting soaked, only one. Total = 498
  9. Another triple to the 204 Ruger / WT 3 -1- 75 Total =483
  10. Do you have a link DB please. Edit - found it. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156527987613017&id=317289508016&anchor_composer=false
  11. Another two to the 204 / Thermal combo. Total = 462
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