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  1. Good morning, just been given sole responsibility of shooting the foxes on the estate I get my free pigeon shooting for so I need to do a good job. But I've only ever been lamping at night with mates but I'm not allowed any one on this permission. So I'm wondering what's the best method of lamping on your own I've been looking at a second hand quad but there rather expensive but would come in handy pigeoning. I've also been looking at a jimmy but is it hard to lamp shoot and drive all on your own? Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks
  2. So you would recommend them ? They look great pieces of kit I just want it for feeding and lamping it won't get used a lot so I might just go and have a look. What are the quads like ?
  3. Going to Cheltenham next week and after a nice tweed blazer any good shops to look at ?
  4. Just been looking at buying a quad for the shoot and originally was going to buy a quad with around 6000-7000 to spend but have seen you can buy a quadzilla tracker for the same price. Just wondering have quadzilla got a good reputation and reliability ? it comes with 2 years warranty. Would you go for a trusty Honda or have the luxury of not eating rained on ? Not many reveiws around on them so any advice would be appreciated thanks
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