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  1. Probably an idiot question, as I have never used a Shotcam, but is the red point of impact dot visible to you the shooter, as a point of aim ??
  2. Enjoyed both your videos and congratulate you on your camera work !! Just out of interest, I used Pigeon Power a couple of years back, and used to get some quite good kills for a light load. You may be interested to know that the cartridge is loaded with Eu 6 shot, which is an equivalent UK 5, so fewer pellets, but more impact. Patterns get a bit thin further out though !! Here is the text of an email from Lyalvale from when I enquired about the shot size: "Thank you for the email, in answer to your question yes we utilise a continental shot size in this cartridge which gives the combination of increased lethality due to shot size and speed." Anyway, if you like them.....use them 🙂
  3. Make sure the wings are broken at the shoulder joint so they are free to flap !!
  4. I only have a 6 "flocked" decoys out of a team of around 40 + shell decoys. I found they faded very quickly to a very light colour and became unrealistic (to me !!). So, I don't use flocked anymore.
  5. If you've got "tired looking " deeks, with the probability the white paint has worn away, I would get some white UV paint and freshen the neck and wing white bars. Did it to mine about 2 years back and an immediate improvement !! You will be able to see yourself how much better they stand out, without looking scarey. I used UV Paint from A1 decoys (no connections !).
  6. Is it not the indoor ones that won't work under 5 (or whateve) degrees ?? Just out of interest Motty, are you able to get rid of pigeons currently. The dealers on my side of the fens SE of Peterboro have stopped taking in any game as of about 3 weeks back. So my outdoor freezer currently has 120 inside :(
  7. When I bought a deepfreeze to use out in the garage for game/fish etc about 2 years back, I found you needed to choose between an "indoor" model or "outdoor". Think they use different refrigerants ??
  8. Just to expand on this - I was shooting on barley stubble on Sunday afternoon. The field is bounded on one side by one of our Fenland waterways. Weather was warm (22C) and quite humid, and numerous flies, butterflies etc around all afternoon. I checked shot birds for fly-blow as the afternoon wore on. I picked up at 5:30 when all went quiet, and not one bird had any fly-eggs or even flies sat on them !!
  9. I agree with Motty on this. Some days/some crops = lots of flies. Other day/other crops = no problem. Clearly humid, overcast days seem worst, but it does vary a lot. Either way I always have hessian sacks with me in summer, just in case.
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