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  1. Awesome day for you and your mates - thanks for posting. Question for you please - what camnet material do you use please, it always looks appropriate to the many backgrounds you use 👍
  2. Been using Fiocchi Pigeon 32 6 shot for all my pigeon shooting for about 8 years now. Super load, does the business. I use the same on "average " driven partridges and pheasants and am well pleased.
  3. Used White UV paint (from A1 Decoys) for neck/wing bars on mine - great result - I can see the decoys and the pigeons certainly can !!!
  4. I use 3/8 and 5/8 Flush Teagues for most of my shooting, apart from very hi birds, when its 5/8 or 7/8 and full. Used to be Imp and 1/4 for most things, but I seem to get better results now with the slightly tighter combination 🙂 I used to use plastic wad cartridges, but switched to mostly fibre a few years back, and I suspect the fibre needs that bit more choke to achieve the previous "plastic pattern".
  5. Old Boggy - could you say that again please !!! Seriously, I have a similar problem set. I too use NHS ones but still suffer the same issues that you have described, particularly in hard-wall environments and/or multiple people speaking. They are far better out in the fresh air !! I have 2 programs on mine based upon the testing they did (about 3+ years ago), and each program has about 6 different volume settings. Its a game to find the right settings for the environment !! I use MSA 75302 over-ear muffs when I'm shooting - just turn the in-ear system down a bit. This combination is really good, particularly at hearing people talking after a drive etc, but you would look a bit silly in a pub !! I dont really know what better solutions might be available......
  6. You buy by the 100 litres ?????
  7. Out of interest, I needed to renew my SC with Beds, Cambs & Herts team for 1 Oct last year. The paperwork I received regarding my medical status came with the renewal docs, which I passed to my GP. They did their stuff and returned it to me. I simply attached it to the other pages and sent via tracked delivery. I didn't receive the new licence until 14 Oct mind, but amazingly it was "signed" 1 Oct
  8. Hi Jonnythefox Have a look at the attached file here https://www.invaluable.com/artist/mason-roy-martell-vpmj9azchy/sold-at-auction-prices/ It has a large number of paintings by Roy Martell Mason, sold at auction. Scroll down to Lot 248 and Lot 249 and you will see his signature is very much as per your painting. He seems to have been quite a busy painter (!). Values are shown on his works, so will give you some idea. Good luck !! P.S The only thing is that your painting seems not to follow the type of works he created, lot of waterfowl, shooting etc, and very American settings. Your painting looks more like the European Alps to me ! Maybe he was on holiday
  9. Correct for Cambs / Beds / somewhere else
  10. Many years ago I was based in Germany, and had a Jagdschein (hunting licence) together with necessary German insurance cover. Pigeon shooting one afternoon I managed to shoot through a power cable, part of the local village power supply, which fell to the ground swirling and spitting sparks and just missed me !! The village was without power for several hours until the cable was replaced. To say I learned a lot about (not) shooting near cables etc is an UNDERSTATEMENT, and 40 years later I will not shoot anywhere near any form of cable !! The positives......the Insurance paid up !!!
  11. Well done !! Looks like the beans are re-sprouting ??
  12. From Eley's website: "As a ‘Standard CIP Proofed’ load, the Eley VIP Steel Pro Eco cartridge is also suitable for use in most guns on the market. To check if your gun is suitable for steel shot please check the British Proof House Equivalency Table or consult your local gunsmith." LOAD (GRAM)SHOT SIZEWADMUZZLE VELOCITYBRASS LENGTHCASE LENGTH 323PRO ECO375 mps • 1230 fps (V1 READING)16mm70 mm • 2 3/4 inches 32 5PRO ECO375 mps • 1230 fps (V1 READING)16mm70 mm • 2 3/4 inches
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