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  1. To me, as a non-farmer, that's an unusual way to drill into bean stubble. Round my area they tend to wait until the beans have softened and put out shoots/volunteer crop, then disc and drill. I would think much of those wheat seeds in your piccy will be lost as the beans re-grow and smother them ?? Either way, should be a good feed meantime
  2. Adblock Plus - free and removes all adds on PC or phone. Simples Its currently blocking 5 ads on this page on my PC
  3. The one in the middle is different to the others 😉
  4. 70 miles out - birds unlikely. Maybe inter-ac impact during air-to-air combat that went wrong. Anyway, God RIP someone doing a very skilled task that clearly went wrong.
  5. Well, all worked out on Monday 141 to me and some more to a friend. Lots of birds, but think they were coming some distance to our fields. Not a lot of pigeon-favourite food around at the mo
  6. Well done Motty - great post and some good shooting there !! Hopefully get a few myself in the next few days - same flat lands as you frequent Nick
  7. Pigeon 32 are 2.6mm = English #6. Printed on the25- box and slab box 😉 Been using them for 5 years plus. Great on pigeon, partridges and "average" pheasants !!
  8. Well done muncher 👍 I was out on Wednesday afternoon on peas. A much "smaller" do than yours, but nice to be out again. Had all my dead birds out as decoys and was pleased to see none were fly-blown when I picked-up - and I then realised I had not seen anything buzzing about all afternoon . I guess this may be due to the very dry air / ground at the mo, but I have certainly had to sack pigeons during the day at this time of year previously.
  9. Probably an idiot question, as I have never used a Shotcam, but is the red point of impact dot visible to you the shooter, as a point of aim ??
  10. Enjoyed both your videos and congratulate you on your camera work !! Just out of interest, I used Pigeon Power a couple of years back, and used to get some quite good kills for a light load. You may be interested to know that the cartridge is loaded with Eu 6 shot, which is an equivalent UK 5, so fewer pellets, but more impact. Patterns get a bit thin further out though !! Here is the text of an email from Lyalvale from when I enquired about the shot size: "Thank you for the email, in answer to your question yes we utilise a continental shot size in this cartridge which gives
  11. Make sure the wings are broken at the shoulder joint so they are free to flap !!
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