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  1. Started on laid barley patches round here. Heavy rain storms brought the barley down. Also pigeons picking up grit 2 weeks ago gave a good clue. Shot my first few yesterday.
  2. My Android updated 16 June, no such App installed !! Just found this on-line: Emergency Alerts 2 planned tests Tuesday 22 June and Tuesday 29 June About Emergency Alerts Emergency Alerts is a new service from the UK government. It’s expected to launch in summer 2021. Emergency alerts will warn you if there’s a danger to life nearby. In an emergency, your phone or tablet will receive an alert with advice about how to stay safe. What happens when you get an alert Emergency alertThis is an example of whatan emergency alert will looklike on your phone. It willalso make a loud sound. Reasons you might get an alert The government and mobile phone networks are testing emergency alerts. You may get an alert if you live in, or travel through, a test area. Other reasons you might get an alert How it works Emergency alerts are broadcast from mobile phone masts. Every compatible mobile phone or tablet in range will receive an alert. The government does not need your phone number to send you an alert. How emergency alerts work Help us improve GOV.UK Give feedback about Emergency Alerts
  3. Agree with you on this - if police/military etc were to do this, they would be behind bars sharpish. I would expect that Cummings must have been cleared to a reasonable level in order to advise PM on strategies etc etc.
  4. Well done !! A great day with your Dad. Well shot both - I'm very envious as very few birds round my area(s) !!
  5. Don't forget to go up 2 shot sizes in steel. 7.5 may be ok for clays but I think you will need 5s + for pigeons You won't get enough hitting power from small steel.
  6. The "new" Airflo 40+ head and integrated shooting line is very good. I have fished with 2 of the 40+ predecessors, and this is the best. I use a full floater for use off the bank at Grafham and Rutland, and a suitable Polyleader, according how deep you want to fish. Using just an Inty poly and fluoro it gets pretty deep on a slow retrieve, ideal for dam work with buzzers, shrimp etc. Round the banks maybe a floating poly and favourite nylon is enough Tight lines
  7. Have you contacted the CPSA ? I'm sure they will advise you on who/where ??
  8. Please forgive me if I am wrong here, but IM is Improved Modified ?? So equivalent to 3/4 choke English
  9. Salmon Fishing Forum covers all types of fishing for salmon/sea trout/trout and they also cover forums for most other aspects of other styles of fishing. Free to join
  10. Depends how far you are from them, but only £16/1000 to deliver - 2/3 days
  11. Had one ! My first O/U, had it from new in c1978, and used for ISU skeet and game for quite some time. Nice gun.
  12. Without doing any research on the legal issues current (!) to this type of case, I was brought up on a dairy/sheep farm in mid-Wales in the 60's. We, and neighbours, had considerable problems with a pack of dogs from the local village(s) which came up to our hill farms and chased and killed/ate sheep. The Law at that time was that the farmer needed to post a statement of intention to kill these dogs in the local paper and local Post Office, and that was all that was necessary. I went out a few times at night with my brother, usually it was windy and we could hear these dogs barking and as you got closer, growling / fighting over a kill. This used to happen maybe twice a month, mostly in lambing season. A few dogs were shot and buried - but, for a teenager, it was a scary and not very pleasant experience/fact of life. I guess the problem must be 10x more difficult in these times.
  13. There seems to be a lot of that happening ! In my area it seems the farmers are getting some very good field preparation and the drillings is going very well with very fine soil. With modern drills there is very little grain etc left on the surface for the pigeons. So a flock arrives from perching on power lines after they see the tractor activity, scope out if there's anything for them, and then off to the next field etc etc. The crows are a bit more canny and can find a drill line and follow it and dig a bit deeper.
  14. Hi Connor Did the National Game Dealers Association consult with BASC before making and advertising their decision that their members would no longer take game shot with lead after Jul 22 ?? The net result is bound to be that most "commercial" shoots will have to insist on the use of non-steel loads for the season starting Aug 22 - and many thousands of shooters will be required to change away from lead, some 3 years before the voluntary transition away from lead. The impact on the bigger shoots specialising in "hi" birds is going to be profound, and surely shooters will not pay the premium prices (£60/bird) to shoot average birds with steel /non-lead. The end is nigh 😞
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