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  1. Just to expand on this - I was shooting on barley stubble on Sunday afternoon. The field is bounded on one side by one of our Fenland waterways. Weather was warm (22C) and quite humid, and numerous flies, butterflies etc around all afternoon. I checked shot birds for fly-blow as the afternoon wore on. I picked up at 5:30 when all went quiet, and not one bird had any fly-eggs or even flies sat on them !!
  2. I agree with Motty on this. Some days/some crops = lots of flies. Other day/other crops = no problem. Clearly humid, overcast days seem worst, but it does vary a lot. Either way I always have hessian sacks with me in summer, just in case.
  3. Same as Motty, well down on 2016. 1474 for me, so think that makes PW total 5,489
  4. Countryside Alliance are firmly pushing the "do not sign this petition" angle. See here https://www.gunsonpegs.com/the-sportsman/why-you-shouldnt-sign-a-shooting-petition?ref=newsfeed_blog_new
  5. Had 620 off one barley stubble field in 4 visits, until it was cultivated a week or 2 back - AWESOME !! But JDOG, that is not a hide - this is a hide Best Nick
  6. Had a couple of young ones back in first week of April. Earliest I can ever remember seeing juveniles on the wing.
  7. Is that just HIM shooting or is that a team / guide score. Seems a huge average for 1 gun ?
  8. Did it go dark as they lifted off ??
  9. I use a 1'5 litre lemonade bottle - cut off the bottom of the bottle and fix the bottle mouth on the lofting pole. Bit of gaffer tape to secure, job done....! Gives you that few extra inches to capture the decoy hook end
  10. Not quite on topic, but for interest I painted all the white markings on my shell decoys with white UV paint last summer. It seems to have really improved the drawing power of the deeks. I usually put out about 20 shells, sometime around 30, with/without magnets, depending what crop I'm shooting over.
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