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  1. Thanks for the replies. Mainly I was wondering if it actually was unintentionally proofed to steel pressure with being rated for 1200 bar, which I believe is quite a bit more than the standard, albeit before steel was really a thing. Has been bored out to 1/2 & 1/2 already, so no issues there. Shot well with the gun tonight using the standard steel on foreshore ducks, so may just persevere with that for a while. until the geese show up.
  2. Got hold of an old AYA No3 'Magnum', which I fancy using on the foreshore this season, just for a change. Barrels are marked '1200 bar' which seems like quite high pressure, although not sure if this is what they are tested to, or a working pressure? Ideally would like to use the gun with 3" high pressure steel, but from memory they require 1300 odd proofing. Obviously no fleur de lis marking given the age of the gun. Anyone know the score here? Obviously not hugely keen on blowing my barrels up!
  3. Yeah sorry, has a bit of a cigarette smoke smell to it
  4. ve just purchased a pair of Leicas, so moving these on. Boxed with all accessories. Fantastic condition and under a year old. Rubber unfortunately has a slight smell of smoke to it from previous owner. It's not bad, I've not even tried to clean it out. £800 inc
  5. Looking to move to integrated rangefinding binoculars, so letting this go. Boxed and with soft pouch. Around a year old and in perfect condition, minimal use - still on first set of batteries.Also see my ad for binos.£320 posted.
  6. Does anyone know where to get a flapper pole which will not spin in soft ground? Got myself a FF5 recently but the pole is straight with no cross bar on it to stop spinning, so pigeon nto only flaps but spins in 360's!
  7. Confidently describe this as in mint condition. Comes with box, paperwork, bikini cover and unused zeiss lens cloth
  8. 3-12x50 non-illuminated £500
  9. Saw your wanted ad for a Swaro 8x56. I have the illuminated dot version that I'm willing to sell. The lenses are as new and the body has one small mark( I'm very fussy),otherwise immaculate. Comes with box and guarantee. 

    Message me if you're still looking for one. Cheers


  10. Any going at the moment?
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