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  1. Does anyone know where to get a flapper pole which will not spin in soft ground? Got myself a FF5 recently but the pole is straight with no cross bar on it to stop spinning, so pigeon nto only flaps but spins in 360's!
  2. Confidently describe this as in mint condition. Comes with box, paperwork, bikini cover and unused zeiss lens cloth
  3. 3-12x50 non-illuminated £500
  4. Saw your wanted ad for a Swaro 8x56. I have the illuminated dot version that I'm willing to sell. The lenses are as new and the body has one small mark( I'm very fussy),otherwise immaculate. Comes with box and guarantee. 

    Message me if you're still looking for one. Cheers


    1. HDSharks

      Swaro 8x56 kurz

      Any going at the moment?
    2. Very fair price. These are 1 inch tubes aren't they?
    3. Open to offers and happy to sell rifle separately
    4. 2h + to the Solway if I'm feeling Goosey, or 40ish minutes to my nearest duck spot. The joys of living in a City!
    5. Is there any chance of actually finding your own permission these days in central Scotland? I only ask as I've been turned away from anywhere I've asked on the basis that they have an agreement with guides in the area. One of the places was overrun with pigeons, but still wasn't interested. Looking into it, between all the guides there seem to have thousands and thousands of acres hogged to themselves. Is there anywhere left? Will some people let you on regardless, on the basis that the guides can't cover all of the land they 'have', or are they all exclusive agreements? Feeling frustrated, and have actually booked a guide day out of desperation, so probably part of my own problem! Oh and just to say, this isn't me looking for someone to take pitty and take me out - I'm just looking for a success story in the area to give me the drive to keep knocking!
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