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  1. Mine is standard and spot on, a keeper.
  2. I spoke to them on Monday, I was intrested in the GSX 200, I asked a lot of questions and was not inspired, seems to me there having trouble getting dealers to stock them, I was also told yesterday in an rfd some are going back with problems, imo there a nice rifle but over priced for what they are, there are guns as good for less money.
  3. Great info evo, going to try AAs in my wolvey tomorrow over the chrono see how it goes, also I was in Valley arms in Bangor a couple of weeks ago, nice little shop I thought. ATB.
  4. Hayes


    Hi mate, I've not heard about them, Voymir stocks a lot of H&Ns and there not on his site, could these be the new one's people are talking about, atb.
  5. Full length .177 I get around 110 plus.
  6. Enjoy the jokes section until it comes through mate, atb.
  7. Hayes

    Bsa r10

    Just as a matter of interest the Vanguard bipod on the bay is sold by Voymir, an excellent company from where i get my pellets, by using them direct everything is cheaper and free delivery, worth checking out. Thumbs up.
  8. That's what I call brilliant service, shame other rfds arn't as good, well done enjoy your new rifle. ATB.
  9. Sounds like a duffer to me mate, hope you can sort it.
  10. I have a TX200 and would not swap it, its very accurate and a pleasure to shoot, but I shoot with guys who have the weihrauch 97 and the walther lgu and they also perform very good. If you can handle one or two you will know what feels right. ATB.
  11. Very nice Zetter, I'm thinking about a daystate in a couple of months, enjoy it. ATB.
  12. Hi I use JSB exacts in 4.52 in my HW100 and they are superb. ATB.
  13. Welcome Bear hows them Staffordshire oatcakes ?
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